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I heard that this is the worst time to graduate... thanks to the faltering economy.

Before I entered the spring semester of my senior year, a growing sense of worry filled my head.  Watching the news, reading newspapers, and visiting info websites about the economy and the job market did not help at all.  I thought in my head... "Will I find a job after graduation?  Will it be tough finding one?"  Luckily for many of my friends, they already had a job lined up from practicums, clinicals, or connections.  I, on the other hand, did not have anything lined up, even when I applied for a few jobs well in advanced.

So as of June 22, 2009, I did not find a job yet and I'm discouraged.  I do like to say that there are a good number of opportunities out there, but what throws me off is this:  "We are looking for someone who already has 3+ years of experience" of something, such as exercise testing, personal training, etc.  Now here is my question.  How can a college graduate get experience for a certain thing if no one will give him/her a shot? 

Ideally, I want to work at a cardiac pulmonary rehabilitation clinic, but the places that I applied to have no responded at all.  The same goes to personal training.  I applied, passed in my transcripts, and waited.  No response.  I plan to call them as soon as I get this blog done to know the status of my application and to see if I should just give up hope on that location.  I hope they are still considering me.

Most people have told me that I'm pretty lucky to still have my retail, blogging, and physical therapy aide jobs, even if their hours are somewhat slim.  There are a bunch of graduates who don't have a job prior to graduating, or had one that sustained the 4 years of college.  One person (who is very famous and known by all in the Boston area) said that we all have to start at the bottom of something, like the bottom rung of a ladder.  We need to grab it and climb it to reach the very top.  It's all up to me to grab on to it and hold it tight, hoping I can climb the ladder.  The whole "ladder climbing" metaphor reminded me of my recent college career.  I was a freshmen at the bottom of the ladder.  I pushed myself hard to climb that ladder.  Now, I'm a UMass Lowell alumni. 

I just need to take that approach and hold on to what I have right now, because one day I will get a shot to climb the ladder.  Like I tell my baseball players, "We need to keep our heads in the game.  Focus and have fun.  It will take you somewhere."

... Dang I need to listen to myself more often (Ha Ha).

- Christian

Yesterday, I was looking through my fellow co-bloggers from UML, and one blog caught my eye.  It was Jimmy Martin's blog post, "Relationship, Job Hunt, Soccer, Oh My! (  I know that post is probably a few weeks old, I still like to respond to it.

Here's a response to your blog, buddy.

It is great that your girlfriend found an internship in New York that relates to something she wants to do in her future.  It seems by your response that you care about her a lot and respect the fact that she is persuing her dreams to become an editor.  Seven weeks may sound like a long time to you (and to a lot of people), but those weeks will definitely fly by.  You said that you have a close relationship with her and you probably miss her dearly.  I had a very close relationship with my ex-girlfriend of 4 years, and just being away from her for a day or two stinks!  What I've learned from many (older) individuals is that separation makes love grow fonder.  For me, I never understood it at all... I guess from experience that when a person cares about someone so much and they are separated because of a job, and not because of a fight, just the simple fact of missing each other will help your relationship.  I don't know, something like that.  Even if she is 300+ miles away from you, she probably would appreciate a few phone calls here and there to show your support and love for her.  Maybe surprise her with a Hallmark card or something. (OH NO!  HALLMARK BRAINWASHED ME!).  Just be (positively and G-rated) creative if you want to send her something.  And if you are feeling down beause she is away, trust me, your relationship will get better and better everyday.  You will see her again in 7 weeks.  It's only a short term long distance relationship. 

Okay, about the Job Hunt.

Dude, it stinks out there.  I spent weeks trying to find a job, and what just adds on to this sarcastic fun is that the jobless rate is increasing, and our economy isn't good right now.  All I can say is to continue getting more applications, filling it out, and send it back.  I have a good website for retail jobs -  It's a great website that lists most retail job opportunities in the area.  To be honest, especially when I'm starting a new job, I'm still considered in the job hunt.  I'm still in the hunt for that physical therapy aide (or anything close to that) job out there.  I would like to get paid more so I can be "set" for gas, cell phone bill, college expenses, etc.  Don't give up, there will be openings out there.  Besides, if you don't want the job your cousin is offering, I'll take it. (Just kidding!!)

Well, since that blog was a few weeks ago, you probably have a job already, and the long-distance blues aren't hitting so hard.

- Christian



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