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I remember when I was a little kid at the old apartment in Malden, MA, sitting on my family's old couch next to my dad, while watching a Boston Red Sox game.  It was back then when Scott Cooper was the shortstop for the Sox.  Just sitting there, my dad reminds me of when they last had a championship, which was 1918 at that time.  As I grew older, I've seen our local teams take that extra step towards their ultimate goal, but failed either in the first round of their post season play or not making a spot at all during the regular season.  That was during the 1990s when everything was so simple for my young self, when the Toronto Blue Jays were back to back 1993 and 1994 MLB World Champions, and when the Sox had Nomar Garciaparra.  It seemed like Boston was trying to expose itself to the world as a city with at least one championship team.  But it seemed to fail behind in the 1990s.

I was in the Philippines visiting family when the New Year's Eve countdown was ticking away for the new millennium.  Before the clock ticked to midnight, I felt that the old was dying off, and a fresh new beginning was about to happen for all of us, especially for Boston's sports teams.  While we were facing a new beginning, a major horrific event happened that changed the world today.  On September 11, 2001, terrorists flew 4 planes as weapons of destruction - killing thousands of people.  With the world, especially the United States on the edge, the sports world tried to continue with their seasons.  But one team went beyond their expectations - the New England Patriots.  Riding with the American colors (red, white, and blue), the Patriots become America's team during the 2002 Super Bowl vs. the Rams.  With Patriotism in its highest point, it felt right that the Patriots won their first championship. 

That was the start.  In 2004, the Patriots earned another ring and trophy to their trophy self, while the Boston Red Sox showed their pride and strength with their first World Series Championship in 86 years.  In 2005, the Patriots again added another championship under their belts.  In 2007, the Boston Red Sox won their second World Series title in 4 years, and now the Boston Celtics are World Champions for first time in 22 years. 

What does that tell you about our Boston teams?  With a total of 6 world championships in 7 years, the strong sense of hope began to emerge.  Our teams showed that through the thick and thin, there is a way to reach your goal. There will be sacrifices, heartaches, and downfalls during the process.  These negative consequences should not bring down your mind, heart, and soul - these should help you become stronger.  Like I said many blogs ago, there are no obstacles.  Look at the Boston Celtics for example.  Last season, there were the worst team in the NBA with a total of 20 (or maybe less) wins.  Paul "The Truth" Pierce still kept his head up through the season and the rebuilding process (the addition of Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett).  He had hope for the future, especially when many people (like sports critics) believed that it might take a long time for the team to build chemistry and become a championship caliber team.  Look at them now; they are on top of the world with their 17th championship win - the most in NBA history. 

The Boston Red Sox also showed this sense of hope.  Down three games to none, the Boston Red Sox came back against the New York Yankees to beat them in four consecutive games for the American League Championship.  This hope and motivation helped them sweep the St. Louis Cardinals for the World Championship.

I can go on with examples but it is pretty evident -  without hope, there is no chance for survival in this tough world.  If there is no positive outlook, you might live a depressing life.  Hope gave our teams championships.  Hope can give you your own championship - graduating college, getting a new job, having your own family, etc.   Don't give up.

Stay hopeful, be hopeful, and you will succeed.

- Christian


It has been exactly 10 days since my last final, and the start of my summer.  Honestly, it feels like its been a few months since my last final.  It feels like this because I've been working a lot already... and being lazy at home.  I've made a few plans for the summer already, which includes finding a new job - most particularly a physical therapy aide job or anything along the lines, coaching my baseball team to the playoffs (we're in 3rd place), continuing my UML blog, study for my certification for the strength and conditioning specialist, and taking a trip somewhere.  While it seems like I'm going to be very busy, my definite goal is to relax, take it easy, and spend some time with my family and friends.  I'm going to spend some time playing my guitar, record some music, try to start an art piece, spend some time at the beach, and just enjoy nature with hiking or mountain biking. 

Remember, the summer time doesn't mean your learning ends for 3 months.  If you are "behind" with classes (like a lack of General Education credits) or you want lessen the load of your semester, you can take one or two summer classes.  Last summer, I took Human Biochemistry for the whole month of June, so I can lessen my load for the fall.  Sure, the issue of commuting to campus, such as high gas prices, or the urge to just sit in the beach may be an obstacle, but I think that its worthwhile.  Maybe its just me, but summer classes are more laidback and less stresful.  I think this is so, because I didn't have to take my normal class-load (5 classes), and I had more time to study. 

High schoolers, please don't look at summer classes as "summer school."  It's not a punishment!  It is a great way to stay on track for graduation, or even get a head start! 

Well, the Celtics Game 6 game is distracting me right now - the current score is 74 - 74 in the 4th quarter with 5:25 to go.  Pierce just got fouled with a 2 pointer.  He has a chance to give the Celts a one point lead... okay I better stop now before I end up writing a whole blog about the game!!

Have a good day!


3 Down - 2 to Go

Hello everyone,

The battle continues.  Three classes down (Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships, Introduction to Gerontology, and Exercise Physiology II Lab)... Two classes to go (Abnormal Psychology, Exercise Physiology II Lecture).  This is when the college student has to strap down and get ready for a strong ending.  Many college students would start to slack off after a few finals because the sense of summer is around the corner.  Try your best to stay strong!  Don't let your guard down!  At the same time, try not to stress out about it.  From personal experience, more stress would decrease your concentration and you'll probably won't do as well as you could have.  Just relax, stay focused, and you'll be fine.  The past few days I've been studying with buds at Panera Bread (3 days, 3 locations haha).  It helps me stay relaxed, less stressed, and you can go over notes and stuff. 

Right now I'm taking a break from studying... watching the Celtics game... hmmm... I'm not liking what I see. 

Go Celtics!


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