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Before I talk about UML's relationship with social networks, I would like to inform you all that this will be one of my last UML blog posts.  For those who have been following my posts, I graduated from UML on May 2009.  With graduation behind me and my plans of taking a year off from school, I decided to end my UML blog posts.  This will allow a current student to take my place.  This does not mean I'm going to be away from UML.  Going to graduate school in UML is still a go, even if my plans of going to back to school this fall died.  Right now, I plan to head back next Fall (2010).  If all goes well, I may be able to blog again for UML.

Thank you all for following my blog posts!  It's been a pleasure blogging for the university!

(Now to my blog post...)


You can say that UMass Lowell has an extraordinary relationship with social networks and other similar "we-can-reach-you" technology.  Their relationship is pretty simple and romantic: UML gives it's spouse up-to-date news about the university and the social network gives back by sharing it to its millions of users.  How simple is that relationship?  It's perfect. 

For those who have not noticed yet, UMass Lowell is everywhere internet-technology-wise.  Umass Lowell has its own Facebook, Twitter, email system, text message system, blogs, and even a Youtube!  UML uses these communication facets so they can easily reach their students without using the good ol' email system (yes I said old).  I've recently added UML's facebook page and Twitter, and I can definitely say that it's a great way to read what's going on in the university since my eyes are glued on those two sites. Youtube is also a fun way to see what's going on in the University.  Most of the time, UML video-cams their events, such as meetings and sports.  Also, tons of student projects (class-runned or privately done) are also showcased on that website.  What's pretty cool about that is the posting of UML's 2009 Commencement videos!  You should look for me in the School of Health Environment video! 

In terms of text messaging, UML's text message system is used for emergency uses only.  If you sign up for UML's text messaging system, you will be notified about school closures, delays, and other emergencies.  I find this system EXTREMELY handy, especially those who are commuters.  Instead of waking really early in the morning to see if school is canceled on T.V., you can simply wait for a text message that says its canceled.  The system is fast and easy.  What's also cool about this is the email and phone call options.  You can receive email or phone call updates if text messages aren't your cup of tea.

Now, how do you get these services?  The following information is a quick run through to get yourself updated! 

Here is how you can get UML as a "Fan" on Facebook.

- Log-in to your Facebook account or make one! 
- Simply type in "UMass Lowell" in the Facebook search bar (the upper right hand corner)
- Click on the little magnifying glass.  It will take you to the "new, more useful Search page."  - On the left side, there is a menu.  Click on the orange flag that says "Pages." 
- You should see "UMass Lowell" at the very top of the middle list. 
- Click on "Become a Friend" which is right next to the picture. 
- You are UML's fan!!

Here is how you can follow UML on Twitter:
- Log-in to your Twitter account or make one!
- Click on "Find People" on the right hand corner
- On the search bar, type "UMass Lowell"
- UMass Lowell has tons of Twitter accounts based on colleges, etc.
- Click on "Follow" on any of the UML accounts (ie. UMassLowellBlogs)!
- You are following UML!

Here is how you can subscribe to UML on Youtube:

- Log-in to your Youtube / Google account or make one!
- Type in "UMass Lowell" on the search bar at the top of the page.
- Look at the very first video at the very top.  Right next to word and number of viewers (ie. 866 views), there should be a blue word that says "umasslowell."  Click on it.
- You are in UML's Youtube Page.  Click on the gold button that says "Subscribe."
- You are subscribed to UML!

To get UML Emergency Notifications, go to
To check out our UML HawkTalk blogs, click here:  UML HawkTalk!

I hope that you will subscribe, follow, become a fan, and sign up with UML!

- Christian '09

Around lunch time, I was doing my regular news check on  "This happened, that happened, oh another gas leak, cold weather, la la di do."  Then something caught my eye:  Catholics Urged To Give Up Texting For Lent.  At the same time, my cell phone went off saying I got a new text message from my buddy Meg.  Then two questions came up in my head: "Is this a sign?  Should I as a Catholic, give up texting for Lent?"

Absolutely not. 

So I guess the Vatican wants us to "give up" using high tech gadgets (such as an iPod, Blackberry, etc), and non-traditional forms of communication (such as texting or emailing) during Lent.  According to the article, these gadgets are drawing us away from "conrete [non-virtual] relationships."  In other words, the Vatican (or those in the Vatican who support this no-technology abstinence), wants us to take these technological distractions, throw them away for 40 days, and create or maintain healthy social "face-to-face" relationships. 

Okay, I think there's something hypocritical about this.  The Pope obviously praises facebook and myspace because they bring us together in a virtual-sense.  Funny enough, he also has his own YouTube Channel.  And now, bishops in the Vatican are saying we should give up this techno-junk for 40 days?

Listen, I understand the whole logical sense behind giving up this new technology.  We're getting way too distracted by our iPods, Game Boys, Wiis, laptops, Blackberries, and other stuff.  This distraction is pulling us away from important stuff like doing homework (and I confess that I'm doing my blog JUST to delay me from doing homework).  But come on, you can't urge us to stop texting.  Many people use texting as another form of communication that is less distracting and time-consuming like a phone call.  Let's just use me for an example.  My semester is very busy from classes, work, and clinicals.  I really don't have enough time to make a phone call to someone and talk to them.  Heck, sometimes I can't even hold a whole conversation without an awkward "so-anyways" pause.  That is why I use texting.  I can communicate with my buddies who I normally don't see every week thanks to my busy schedule.  What's even better is the whole fact that I can communicate with multiple friends at once through texting.  So there is no way I can give up texting for Lent.  If I gave up texting, then my connections with friends will die (for 40 days).  My social life is doomed (sadly enough).

So there has to be another thing I should give up.

Here's a list of things that has been lurking in my mind:
Driving to Lowell
Taking a Shower
Taking exams
Writing Essays
Going to classes
Blogging for UML

... okay Elaine.  I was just kidding about the last one (ha ha ha).

- Christian

2009 Poem

It's finally a new year
And I'm ready to start over again with
A new, clean piece of lined paper.
I'm holding a "clicky" pen
That contains 4 colors
and green;
I'm not a monochromatic individual,
you know?
I like to add color to my story,
so that means I'm not
that boring person who makes
everything restricted and boring.

You know what?

Let's bring in
the watercolors,
colored pencils,
and even the crayons.
Let's make this story creative,
and worthwhile -
let's add all the mediums
into this work.

Remember, this is the
whitest piece of paper -
no dirt,
no smudges,
no flaws, nothing.

It's clean.
It's mine
and I have the ability
to create a picture
so unique
that no one will ever
recreate it. 

That is what
the new year is to me -
a work of art. 
A piece that is
so elaborate,
yet abstract -
a piece that contains
a deep meaning,
yet is so simple -
a piece that is
established through
a single first person
perspective, yet
can be viewed
through the eyes of
It's my work of art
and I'm going to
share it with you.

Here's to 2008 2009.

- Christian J. Tiongson

I still promise to continue my Winter Fun blogs - just a little break from formalized casual writing (if that makes sense).  Plus, I was in a poem making kind of mood.  Happy New Year! - CT

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