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I've been keeping kids off the streets for almost six years already.  I have these kids for a good two to three hours on scheduled days to do two things:  play baseball and have fun.

A lot of people ask me if I get paid to coach baseball.  I tell them no.  I think teaching my young players life lessons, how to handle rough situations, and most of all how to play the greatest sport in the world (under my book) is good enough for me.  Money cannot match the price of coaching baseball.  Heck, I think it's priceless.  Giving back to the community is something that I have enjoyed for many years.  I just have a great feeling inside.  I honestly can't explain that feeling, but I know for a fact that I'm doing something good, and making a difference to my players' lives.

I can tell you straight out that the world we live in is very different than what it was two decades ago.  Nowadays, you see gangsters walking down the street, giving other people bad looks, swearing their heads off, and being complete punks.  If you give them a bad look, you are a potential target.  These gangsters grew up without anyone to look up to.  If they had someone to look up to, it must have been a gangster himself/herself.  Bad influences causes kids to jump into the wrong path, which leads to a bad life.  As a coach, I want to change that and prevent these kids from making wrong decisions earlier in life.  I want these kids to grow up to respectful young men, who is not a drunk, a druggie, or a criminal.  Sure, I can't hold their hands 24/7, but I believe that distracting them from the hardships of life 3 hours at a time can make a huge difference.  Instead of hanging out in the streets and learning how to beat up a kid, the kid can learn something new and POSITIVE.  It does not have to be baseball, or sports in general.  Taking dance lessons, drawing, hanging out with the family, reading, or playing a musical instrument can pull kids away from the "hard knock life."

That's why I'm here.  That is why I give up 6-8 hour work shifts.  That is why I give up studying hours.  I want to be there for the kids and to make a difference in their lives.  I want them to learn how to play the game correctly, how to handle situations, how to be better people. 

I'm proud to be a baseball coach and this is my call to all of my readers.  If you want to make a difference, go out of the box or "plus ultra."  Show your true colors without money or fame in your minds.  Take time to give back to your community.  Every community needs a hero, and you can be one.

- Christian
35 days until graduation.
18 days until my last day of classes.
5 days left of the Exercise Physiology Practicum.
... And the work just piles on.

I can almost taste the sweet victory on May 30th, my graduation day, but it just seems too far to reach for now.  I still have tons of projects/presentations/papers to do before I can finally exhale.  I can definitely tell you that the sudden burst of summer weather is not helping my cause!  My house is pretty warm and it's making me very lazy and sleepy, which is a major stinker.  I seriously have to push myself through the "spring fever" if I want to get things done on time. 

There's only one thing that's keeping me going: BASEBALL!!!!

I bet that you rolled your eyes when you saw that word, ha!  The baseball team I coach has their first scrimmage game tomorrow and I'm siked.  My team is very young, which might be a fun challenge for the coaching staff.  The challenge is actually motivating me outside the baseball field. I guess the whole trying to figure out what kind of team I have, trying to find the strengths and weaknesses of the team, and my new role as "the manager" has helped me in many ways.  It's good to think that these kids are looking up to me to help them become baseball players.  I guess that itself gave me a warm feeling inside that I can't really explain.  :-)

- Coach Christian

As a baseball fan and a strong supporter against drunk driving (and drinking in general), I feel the need to step away from my series of UML-related blog posts and talk about something that really hit me hard this week. 

On April 9, 2009, a future baseball pitching star and two other people were killed by a drunk driver.  Nick Adenhart, the 22-year old Los Angles Angels starting pitcher, and two other people affiliated with the team were driving through an intersection in the wee hours of the morning.  Suddenly, a minivan, which was driven by a drunk Andrew Thomas Gallo ran the red light and struck Adenhart's convertible.  The impact caused their car to collide with a telephone pole killing them instantly.  The minivan tried to speed away from the scene, but was later caught by police.  Gallo is charged with DUI, vehicular manslaughter, and murder.  Gallo had a history with drunk driving and also had his license suspended. 

Earlier that day, he told his dad this: "You better come [to Wednesday's game]. Something special's going to happen."  On that same day, a few hours before the tragedy, Nick threw 6 shutout innings against the Oakland Athletics.

This is a heartbreaking story.  I felt my eyes watering up when I found out that this young and talented baseball player who had a great future ahead of him was killed by a reckless individual who decided to get drunk and drive.  Another drunk driving death.  Another life lost.  Another day of mourning.  When will this ever end?

I remember a similar event a few years ago.  My friend's sister, who was in high school, and her boyfriend were driving down a bypass road in Everett, MA... I believe they were on a date or something.  A drunk driver, who also had a suspended license, sped down that same bypass road, steered onto the opposite side of the road, striking their car, killing my friend's sister instantly.  The day after, there was a huge candlelight vigil for her at the crash site.  Everyone cried.  Those who were tough as a nail sobbed like there was no tomorrow.  You can feel the sadness in the air as everyone mourned the death of an innocent person.  Even if I didn't know her well, I felt the pain from her family, friends, and those who knew her... It was hard to take in... especially with blood stains on the road... 

It's hard to type about a topic like this.  It's hard because you know that life wasn't suppose to end for the people I knew and for the people I hear about in the news.  Stupid decisions, drinking alcohol as a way to have fun, and other stuff can cut a person's life in half... One person's trageic death doesn't only hurt his or her family... it hurts their friends... their teachers... their bosses... everyone they've touched... and everyone else who gives a care about the world around us. 

So when will drinking and driving end?  When will drinking to get drunk for fun stop? I'm sick of tragedies like this... 

Rest in Peace #34.



- Christian


Okay, I'm just kidding.

I'll still be your friend if you dislike baseball.  If you hate baseball, then there's a possibility...  But I'm told that I'm fair and that I'm a nice guy!

So here we are again.  Back to the old groove.  The baseball season is on its way. 

The Boston Red Sox will have their home opener this Monday at Fenway Park vs. the American League Champions, Tampa Bay Rays.  This will be the first time the team opened their season at home in 7 or so years.  That's a long time, ya know?  It will be the Sox ace Beckett vs. Shields.  I cannot wait to start screaming at the T.V. screen (and oh, you didn't know I was that passionate about my good ol' Sox?!?).  You know that my blog would stink if I don't mention my Sox!

Hey, I have to mention the team I coach too!  Today was my baseball league's tryouts at the city's high school.  According to registrations and my 2008 Roster, only 2 players are coming back this year... you know how much that stinks?  It's ridiculous.  That means I have to pick up 11 new players.  That means I might end up picking up rookies for my team.  That's not too bad actually... When I first coached my Babe Ruth team, I had a bunch of rookies.  At the very end of the season, we won the city championship!  So I'm looking forward to this new challenge.

Tomorrow, I will be attending the Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and College (**takes a deep breath**) Brunch and the Omicron Delta Kappa Induction ceremony.  I'm happy to say that my community service and my good grades helped me get inducted into these two student organizations. 

I'm sorry that my blog is lacking punch today.  I'll blog more about my induction day and about clinicals next week. 

- Christian
It was difficult...

It was difficult to watch that last out.  There was a man on first base and there was already two outs.  That meant the Sox had one chance to redeem themselves.  But that didn't happen.  There was a grounder to second, and with three steps, the Red Sox Dream was over.  When I saw that happen, my heart dropped to the ground...

It was difficult to sink in that last play a half an hour after it actually happened.  Why did it happen like that?  The Sox came back from behind 3-1 with a destiny to win, but the Rays stopped it from happening.  So what now?  The Sox are back in Boston empty handed.  The World Series have already started and the score is 2-0 Phillies. 

So what now?  It's all over right?  Time to curl yourself in a ball and hide on a corner somewhere?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!

For those who still have their heads down from the Sox elimination, you should be ashamed!!! 100% ashamed with yourself!!!  The Sox did not lose because they beat themselves up!  No the Sox lost fair and square.  They lost to an obvious better playing baseball team.  Look at the Rays during the season.  They stayed on top for quite awhile.  They went from a 9 year last place team to the 2008 AL Champions.  You can't say that these guys "stunk" (not using that other word).  And you can't say the Red Sox "stunk" too.  The Sox showed us something very very important.  You never ever ever should quit when you are down.  Never say die.  Never give up faith.  Never give up on something that is good.  After getting blasted by the Rays in Game 4, the Sox fought back from a 7-0 Rays score to win 8-7 in Game 6.  It is now considered the greatest single-game comeback in MLB postseason history.   Then they won the next game.  That should at least give you a hint for that life lesson right there.  Even when your heart is breaking oh so slowly, it doesn't mean its over.  There's still a little bit of heart left, and that little bit of heart is enough to change everything over.  Even when the Sox lost Game 7, my heart for the Sox didn't break at all.   It was hard to see another team celebrating the win, but my respect for the Sox grew after their major comeback to tie the series.  I'm never going to forget that.  Personally, I was going through a rough time during that series.  When the Sox were losing, I was losing my battle with conflicts.  Their comeback in Game 5 shed some light in me, telling me there's no way I'm giving up.  Even when the Sox lost, I feel more confident with a stronger wall. 

So thank you Red Sox for making us believe again, in ourselves, in the team, and life.  This season was one heck of a ride.  No one should never forget this one. 

One last time until Spring Training (in 4 months),

LET'S GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!

- Christian

Last night, between 8:30pm - midnight, Dice-K pitched one of the best performances in his life.  He pitched a masterful 7.0 Innings, gave up only 4 hits, did not give up any runs, walked four (which most of them occurred in the first inning), and struck out 9 batters.  To add the perfect topping to that fantastic, sweet pie, Dice-K flirted with a no-hitter into the 7th inning.  Let me say that again... he flirted with a no-hitter into the 7th.  For those who don't know what a no-hitter is... well... Dice-K did not give up any hits at all!!!!!!  All I can say is that Dice-K DOMINATED the Rays.  100%.  Absolutely.  He gave the Red Sox and the Nation the extra step towards GLORY, THE MOTHERLAND, THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

Think about it.  We have 7 more games to win and we can go around saying we have back-to-back World Champions!  But that's too far to think right now.  Today is Game 2 and the injured Josh Beckett is on the mound.  Like I said in my previous blog, the Sox are looking for a good outing from J-Beck.  He is under the dome and he's not exposed to the cold air so that's going to give him a better advantage than Game 3 of the ALDS.  The warmer air won't stiffen him up as much as the cold air did during his last outing.   Everyone has to remember this.  Josh Beckett has the potential to be ace-material like he was during the 2007 Playoffs.  We got to put our faith in him and also totally forgetting our last pitching performance.  There are no such thing as records in the playoffs.  Every round you enter, think of your 0-0 record not your 4-1 record.  It's a new slate each time you climb the ladder.  Thinking this way will let all the pressure of you.  Look at the Colorado Rockies for example.  They swept every team in the playoffs EXCEPT for the Red Sox.  I guess you can say that the pressure of staying undefeated in the playoffs destroyed their chances (plus they faced a very very very good team). 

Well there is nothing much I can say about yesterday's game other than it was a close to perfect outing for our Sox pitchers and a "clutchy" way for our hitters.  It was very enjoyable to watch.  I guess it was one of those games that was so incredible, you had to be on front of a T.V. (or there in Tampa) to really know how "perfect." It was perfect to me.   


- Christian

By the way... I'm leaving you the link to Jacoby Ellsbury's Blog on my page so you can read all his experiences, thoughts, and feelings about the playoffs!!! 
Jacoby Ellsbury's Blog:  


That was some pretty suspenseful and intense game of baseball!!  The L.A. Angels and Boston Red Sox were basically battling out with two causes:  The Sox are fighting to advance to the American League Championship Series and the Angels are fighting a sweep and trip home with thoughts of next year.  And what a fight it was!

I felt bad for my good friend, Kristin who won tickets to the game last night.  She basically sat through a very tense game in the freezing cold and watched them lose.  Poor Kris!  I'm happy to say that she still felt good after the game because, like me, WE LOVE THE RED SOX!!  Hey, at least she get to see her favorite player  future husband, Jacoby Ellsbury, make history last night;  he is the first hitter in history to have 3 RBIs in a one single.  Boys, that's the reason why you run hard when you have 2 outs under your belts!!!!!!!!!!! 

The Angels were being patient at the plate and taking advantage of Beckett's mishaps and defensive mistakes.  They keep their cool the whole game and held tight to that 4-4 tie for a good 6 innings (from the 5th to the 12th inning).  Angels pitching was dominating last night;  they were 100% different than Games 1 and 2!  They kept the Sox in check with "sure-out" pitches and got out of jams without any problems.  And I'm not saying the Sox bullpen wasn't great.  They also showed their strengths throughout the whole "tied" span of the game, but the Angels got the best of the Sox in the 12th inning against Javier Lopez.

To be absolutely honest with you, I didn't like Lopez falling into that relieving spot in the 12th.  I'm not saying that because he allowed the game-winning Angel's run.  It seems like everytime I watched Lopez pitch (except for a good 1 or 2 times), he either gets racked (gives up tons of hits and runs), or walks a bunch of people.  Maybe it was just me...  Also I believe in the whole concept that submarine pitchers are easier to hit than overhead/ three-fourths / sidearm pitchers. 

Here's my theory of submarine pitchers:  Most of the time, submarine pitchers throw a fast ball that drops.  This drop is usually caused by the arm motion of the pitcher, the way the pitcher holds it, and the release of that pitch.  All those factors would cause the ball to have an extra spin.  Plus (using physics), the pitch is more likely to go against gravity in a diagonal path, like a very lean geometrical right angle (even if gravity wouldn't have as much of an effect than air resistance, the spin of the ball, and the release point).  This would cause the ball to drop in like a batting practice pitch that is going a good 90mph.  Usually when hitters see that predictable drop, their eyes light up, and they turn on it (or in lame man's terms, they hit the ball really hard).  That's what I thought about when the Angels scored that final run to win the game.  And don't get me wrong!  I don't hate submarine pitchers!  They are awesome pitchers who give that extra spice to the pitching pen/rotation.  I just believe that since the Angels are one dangerous group of hitters, I would've went with the over the umbilical Paul Byrd. 

Jon Lester No Hitter.jpg
Photo from South Carolina Sox Fan Blog

But the past is the past, and today's game is a new game!  We have our Game 1 hero Jon Lester on the mound and the Sox will use all that frustrations and vent it against the Angels!  I'm not worried about last night's game, because I have faith in the Sox!!  We can do it!  We have the talent, the speed, the hitters, and the drive to win another championship!


- Coach Christian Tiongson

Hey everyone,

As you all know, I'M A HUGE RED SOX BASEBALL FAN!!!!!  So most of the blogs from now on until Halloween will be about baseball, most particularly all about the playoffs.  There will be a few "rest" blogs in-between my baseball ones about other stuff from current news to stuff that happened on campus... we'll see how that will work out! 

To start off my baseball blog series, I'm going to post the Official Red Sox American League Division League Series Roster:

Jon Lester
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Josh Beckett
Tim Wakefield
Paul Byrd
Jonathan Papelbon
Hideki Okajima
Manny Delcarmen
Justin Masterson
Javier Lopez

Jason Varitek
Kevn Cash
David Ross

Kevin Youkilis
Dustin Pedroia
Jed Lowrie
Alex Cora
Mike Lowell
Sean Casey
David Ortiz

Jason Bay
Jacoby Ellsbury
J.D. Drew
Coco Crisp
Mark Kotsay

From just looking at the roster, you can tell that we have a very good balanced baseball team.  Offensive-wise, we have a nice contact hitting squad with our obvious patches of power (which showed great success in past playoff games).... Defensive-wise... heck do I need even need to go on about analyzing the defense and pitching?  The Red Sox definitely have a championship caliber team!  Even with this cocky attitude, I'm still a bit worried about our injured trio - Beckett, Drew, and Lowell.  According to the Boston Red Sox, the trio are "healthy enough" to play in the postseason.  Let's hope that the Sox are right about that.  Any more unwanted injuries or letdowns can lower our chances in repeating our title.  But with that side story aside, the Red Sox are absolutely ready to defend their title as World Champions!

With baseball flowing in my blood right now, I recorded a Red Sox song yesterday during my day of from classes.  I covered the fan-favorite "Dirty Water" by The Standells.  Please, please, please listen to my new song at my music myspace site: or add my facebook page (search "Sir Christian Tiongson Music").  I would definitely appreciate the extra ears!!!  Add me if you like it!

Well time to let you all go, so I can prepare for a great game!!!!!!  By the way, I just saw Manny Ramirez get hit into a double play!!!!!  That's what he gets for saying he wasn't happy in Boston! (Yeah, I'm mean Ha Ha!)

- Christian 

During this time of the year, the leaves on the trees around you change colors from a sunny green to an array of oranges, yellows, and reds.  The air seems cooler and your breath is visible against the setting sun around 6 p.m. in the evening.  The stars at night seem to shine more as the crisp cool air wraps around your body like a blanket.  This is the time of the year when you decide to put on your heat in the car to keep yourself from getting goosebumps and the "shivers." 

Do you know what this reminds me of?

It reminds me of baseball, the end of the long season, and the start of a new beginning where records don't count, where heroes are born, and when a champion is crowned.  Fall reminds me of the MLB Playoffs. 

While apple picking, football, and pumpkin carving are floating around my mind, baseball still dominates those plans, thoughts, and ideas.  A lot of people think I'm crazy that I'm still holding on to baseball even when the season is close to its end.  I just love the sport a lot and this time of year is the "Prime Time" of the baseball world.  This is when the world's greatest baseball teams compete for the ultimate prize - the MLB World Championship.  All of this excitement for the Red Sox reminds me of the 2004 and 2007 baseball season when the Sox took it all and showed the world that they are the best of the best.  Oh man, I remember those long nights in my family room watching every game of the playoffs wearing my Sox cap, my Red Sox jersey, and my Red Sox PJs.  I was literally on the edge of my seat watching with suspense, anxiety, and joy.  Seriously, I enjoyed every moment of it.  That's what baseball is all about - bringing your family and friends together to cheer on your home team, boo at the opposing team, and praying for a win.  And I'm a huge Red Sox fan.  Heck, I'm a huge baseball fan.  Some people look at me and say that I'm a quiet, conservative person who doesn't have what it takes to yell... Ha!  When it comes to baseball, I'm probably the loudest and most rowdiest person out there!  Every out, every homerun, every run, every pitch, I go all out!  I remember last year when Papelbon was partying it up with the AL Championship Trophy.  My brothers and I did a dang Irish Jig and just danced and shouting the night away.  Man!  Just imagine us going all "Papel!"  You have no idea!  Funny enough I don't drink so no one can say that I was drunk during the playoffs!! 

So this year, I'm looking forward to a huge run for the Red Sox, more dancing for me, and more celebrations!  Be prepared for more Red Sox blogs!! 

LET'S GO!!!!!!!!


- Quiet and Conservative,

While at work, I was thinking about the first few weeks of school and something hit me. I just realized that those who just started reading my blog posts don't really know who I am as much!  It might be a pain to search for my first blog post, so I mind as well give you an update about myself!


My name is Christian Tiongson and I'm (finally) a senior Exercise Physiology student at the University of Massachusetts - Lowell.   I'm a commuter student who travels from Malden, MA to Lowell, MA every day.  For those who don't know how far it is, the round trip drive is approximately 60 miles.  So basically my drive up to Lowell in the morning is approximately 30-45 minutes depending on traffic and usually 45-60 minutes going back home.  Fun stuff, huh?  About 99.9% of the time, I drive my 2005 Mazda 3, which has brought me up and down the state through every kind of weather (snow, rain, sleet, wind, sunny, etc).  It is also really great on gas with an approximate 30 mpg.  In other occasions when a snow storm buries the roads in Malden and not in Lowell, I take the commuter rail up to Lowell and take public transportation.  Not bad, but somewhat pricey.

Picture 793.jpg

As of now, I'm planning to attend graduate school to become a doctor in physical therapy.  But I feel that there is something else for me out there, like becoming a certified strength and conditioning specialists, an exercise physiologists, or do something else that relates to sports.  So right now, I'm still in the undecided state (unfortunately).  I really hope that something pops into my view that catches 100% of my attention and later pursue it.  Let's see what I find through classes and life... I am part of Alpha Lambda Delta, which is the Freshmen Honor Society, and planning to become part of Omicron Delta Kappa, which is the Leadership Honor Society.  Alpha Lambda Delta haven't been doing much lately, so I plan to devote more time with Omicron Delta Kappa.


When I'm not busy with studying, I'm either hanging out with my friends (and that special someone), hanging out with my family, playing baseball with my brothers (and sometimes sister), doing artwork, playing guitar, or just playing around with my laptop.  Most importantly, I am the coach of a Babe Ruth Baseball team in my city.  I've coached for 6 seasons (3 years in Little League and 3 in Babe Ruth).  This brings you to my next point... I LOVE BASEBALL!  I relate everything in life to baseball from problems to love, etc.  It's part of my life.  I can't explain how much I love the sport.  In the winter I get really depressed when it's done.


I also write music although not professionally but as an amateur musician.  My music name is "Sir Christian."  I don't sing at all, yet I do try (and I have a few fans out there who love my singing).  When I'm not up for singing, I'm just jamming out on my guitars.  You can listen to my stuff on my music myspace, .  The sound quality isn't that great due to the lack of equipment, but I believe that it's good enough to be on that site.

Well I think I basically told you my life story.  I'm happy with what I have right now and who I am.  If you have any questions about the commuter life or stuff, just email me: or add me on facebook!

Leave some comments!

- Christian Tiongson '09 


"Bay State!"

"Back (Back, Back, Back) Bay!"

"Bay Day!"



There are many ways to say that Jason Bay, the former Pittsburg Pirate and new Red Sox player is freakin' great!  Bay gave Red Sox Nation new life and a new feel of a championship caliber team.  He showed us that we don't need a hot-shot hall of fame slugger to win some games.  He is the new ticket for the playoffs.  The Sox now have more speed on the bases (triple in extra innings during his first game as a sox), a better defensive player (game saving sliding catch in left field and an outfield assist), and a dangerous offensive lineup (hitting .328 so far with 4 hits, 1 HR, and racking up 6 runs in 3 games).  Sure, Bay is no Manny Ramirez, but he has a good enough bat, glove, and speed to make him an all around player.  Honestly, he is better defensively than Manny.  Manny does have a "gun" from left field, but Bay is not a lazy player.  He'll sacrifice his body for the ball like a true outfielder. 

Mr. Jason Bay, you deserve a pat on the back for giving the Red Sox and its fans a new life.   We felt dead through the crap Manny has put us through.  It felt like we were in a swamp in Manny's backyard.  Now we're out of that swamp and fighting for the ultimate goal - a World Series win.  Thanks for showing us that you are a great baseball player!  Fight on!



- Christian

Manny said that he was tired of Boston.  Manny said that he'll be okay with a trade.  Manny doesn't like how the front office is handling his contract.  Manny said that the Red Sox doesn't deserve him at all.  Manny this... Manny that.  It's just Manny being Manny again.

Manny, I really hope you stumble upon this blog post one day.  This message is for Mr. Manny Rameriz of the Boston Red Sox.


Dear Mr. Rameriz,

My name is Christian Tiongson and I've been a life long Red Sox fan.  The past few months, I've seen the conflict between you and the Boston Red Sox grow everyday into this large and nasty weed in the middle of the ballpark.  It has gotten to a point that the weed is strangling everyone in Red Sox Nation.  You are probably sick of hearing the fans boo at you, because of the comments you have said to the media, such as "I tired of the Red Sox and the Red Sox are tired of me" or "I'm okay with a trade" and other stuff like that.  We all know how you are Manny.  That is the why we have the saying "Manny Being Manny."  You are who you are.  You are a laid back individual who just let things pass, yet you are a great ballplayer and an obvious future hall of famer. 

Think about it Manny.  Through the 7 years you've been with the Red Sox, how many World Series championships we got?  The answer is 2.  And are you are a big factor in our championship wins?  Of course!  You were the World Series MVP for 2004.  You gave us the game winning home run against the L.A. Angels against one of the game's greatest closers.  Heck, there are tons of other accomplishments, like your 500th homerun... your nasty plays off the Monster.  You are a big contributor to the team.  And now you want out?  I know the front office has some problems and there are other internal "clubhouse" problems but why do you want to leave us hanging?  "Us" meaning the Red Sox and it's nation.  

I want to tell you that no one can replace you as the Sox's 3rd spot hitter.  No one.  Not even Jason Bay or 3 prospect's combined.  You give us those clutch hits, those "bombs" over the fence, and those weird plays (like the over the head catch and jumping the fence to give a Sox fan a high five).  Dude, you keep us on the edge of our seats.  You are very entertaining.  You just make this game fun for us to watch.  If the trade comes down to your decision to go or not, I hope you don't go.  We're going to lose a valuable player and a large part of Red Sox Nation.  We're going to lose the face of the team.  It's like losing a family member or part of a puzzle.  Think about the memories and what your fans are going to think.  I think we will be a lot happier if you stayed, kept your head in the game, no more media conferences about how much you hate the Sox or anything. 

What is baseball to you?  Is it money?  Is it the love of the game?  Is it just to please the please the fans.  Remember the first time you held a baseball or your first baseball game.  Seriously baseball now is all just money, fame, and other less important stuff.  What happened to just playing baseball to the greatest team in baseball?  What happened to the love of the game?  Manny, I know you have problems with contracts or anything, but can you put it aside and look at the game on front of you?  It's the game that brought you to Boston.  It's the game that gave us our first championship in 86 years.  It's the game that brought us our second championship in 3 years. 

I really hope you do stay Mr. Rameriz.  Actually I really hope you retire as a Red Sox (but that's a stretch).  I can't imagine you with a Marlins or Pirates uniform.  I hope this message helps you decide if the decision is up to you around the 4pm deadline time.

- Christian J. Tiongson


I will blog about what comes out of this trade situation.  Even if this message was sent to Manny, I still have a feeling that the Sox will trade him.  I think they had enough.

Waiting anxiously for 4pm,

- Christian


Gone Just Like That

Have you ever had the feeling... the feeling that you can reach the ultimate goal but fall back to step 1?  I had this feeling when my baseball team lost in the semi-final single-game elimination playoff game.  It wasn't a pretty win at all either.  We only had one hit going into the last inning.  I just wish I can go out on the field myself and make the plays, but only my players can change the way of the game.  All I can do is make the changes in the lineup, positions, and give them encouragement.  When the last out was recorded, my heart just sank not just because of the playoff lost and the elimination, but watching my team together as one for the very last time.  The majority of my team are veterans and future graduates of the league, so they won't be coming back next year.  These are my "15s."  They have been with the team for 3 years.  They all experienced the high points (the league championship when they were 13 years old) and the low points (our 2-13 season last year).  They made my coaching experience worthwhile because I saw each player positively develop as a baseball player and as a person.  I'm proud of their dedication and love for baseball. 

Now, for my 13s and 14s, most of them will be gone also.  I can definitely tell you that I have very talented rookies.  They are so talented that they are most likely (or maybe 100%) going to the Division I league next year.  So if you think about it, I only have 2 returning players out of 13, which will stink for another playoff potential season.  Who knows?  Maybe we'll get a bunch of talented rookies who can bring us to the "motherland" again.  All I can say is that I'm looking forward to next year's season of challenges. 

As I sit here pondering of what should and shouldn't have happened, I look back at the season and think, "wow, this has been one helluva ride."

It's time to hang up the cleats, put all the equipment away, and look at the rest of my summer... I could smell college around the corner.

- Coach Christian
Hello Bloggers,

It's 11:16am on a beautiful Tuesday morning.  Last night, my baseball team won in a blow out against another playoff bound team, 26-10.  Yes, 26-10 and it's not a football score.  In football terms that is 3 touchdowns and 2 field goals.  My team showed yesterday that they have what it takes to advance to the next level in the playoffs.  Tomorrow, my team will play the second best team in the league.  During the season, we are 2-1 against that team.  I can tell you that they can be beaten.  We just have to stay tough, swing away, and show the other team and our fans that we have faith, hope, and will never ever give up.  I always tell the kids that.  If we win that game, then we are heading to the championship for the second time in three years.  Every year we have made the playoffs, which shows that we have the potential to compete every year.  I can tell you all that I can feel it... I know we are one of the best teams in the league.  We have hard throwing pitchers, a great infield and outfield, and awesome baserunning... but the trophy is too far to reach right now. 

Time to make a game plan for a win,

- Coach Christian

Down to the Wire

"Okay, here's the situation boys and girls...  As you can see, we worked pretty hard this season, and I, and the coaching staff, could not ask for more.  We played a lot of great teams with tons of talented players, but through the thick and thin we definitely showed that we are the better team.  Our record is 7 - 5 and we are currently tied in second place with the 2007 City Series winners.  We have two more games left in the season, and those two teams are fighting for our spot in the playoffs.  There has been a lot of criticism this season from parents and coaches about our shot to reach the championship.  They would look at us say we don't have potential.  But you know what?  I don't listen to anything negative about us.  I always think positive, and you all should too.  I can tell you for a fact that our next two games will be challenging, but we have to stick together and keep our heads in there.  We have to band as a team, because like what everyone says, "There is no I in team."  Do not, I repeat, do not, look into your opponents eyes from the bottom up... look at them at the same level or even greater.  We are not the underdogs.  I do not believe in "underdogs."  The Boston Red Sox were underdogs, the Boston Celtics were named underdogs against the experienced Lakers, and the Patriots were looked down upon during their first Super Bowl this decade.  Do not give up hope.  Stay strong.  I know we are tied in second, and the 3rd, 4th, and 5th place team are tied in 3rd.  But we can overcome this.  Standings is just all math.  But the will to fight to the end doesn't involve numbers.  You all have what it takes to win the City Series.  Let's go out there and show them, who is ONE."

This is what I want to tell my baseball team before they head into a crucial baseball game tomorrow.  If we win, we have a bigger chance to keep our second seed spot for the playoffs.  If we lose, we will end up in 5th place.  Second to fifth is a big jump.  I don't want to see my kids fall that hard.  I can tell they are nervous.  Heck, I was nervous when I faced a tight race for a playoff spot when I played baseball.  I just have to hype up the kids and tell them there is nothing to be afraid of.  If we lose, we lose.  Everyone falls once in awhile, but no one falls to the abyss.  You can fall, pick yourself up, and bring yourself to the next level. 

That is why I love coaching.  Telling these kids that there is a lesson greater than the game itself about life. 

- Coach Christian (1 championship in 2 years)

First Day


Today was the first day at my new job at Hallmark Gold Crown Card store in the Square One Mall.  This is actually my first time in any job in a week, because my old job at Kohl's didn't give me any hours for my last two weeks... oh well, it seems that I'm at a better place.  My new job is definitely different than the large department store atmosphere.  Instead of focusing on cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning in my store, my new job is more focused on a set way of customer service and getting as many sales and Gold Crown card members as possible.  It is a bit intimidating but this can't be as bad as taking a hard college class.  I'm still trying to find a physical therapy aide job or anything that relates to it.  Generally a PT aide job brings in more money and is closer to my major.  So you can still say I'm still in the job hunt, but not as strong since I'm away from my old job!  Orientation wasn't too bad today; there were a few exercises that were very time consuming, but it did help me get used to the store and started to get me interacting with my other coworkers (I forgot their names already haha). 

Deep down, I was a bit nervous though - a new set of coworkers, bosses, location, atmosphere, and customers.  It is still away from what I want for the summer too.  The first day of everything is always a bit nervewhacking or uncomfortable for everyone.  So I'm not letting this get me down.  I should be happy that I got a job, because the jobless rate is increasing with the bad economy.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll get a full-time physical therapy aide job or something like that, or even a better paying job?  Let's see what the summer brings.  All I know now is that I still don't have enough money to pay for my CSCS Certification exam... I haven't studied anything either... hmm.

Tomorrow I have a makeup game with our "green team" rival.  If my baseball team (Dukes) win tomorrow's game, we will be in second place and have a three game winning streak!!  I'm looking forward to another weekend full of baseball!!!

- Christian

Addicted to Baseball

Like what my friend said, baseball is like an art.  There are many different approaches to the painting (the game), different techniques and styles (ways of hitting, fielding, running, etc), and only one can paint that picture (a pitcher throwing the ball, a fielder catching a pop fly, a hitter hitting the ball). During your time thinking of what to do to paint that picture, you can feel the silence of the air while the pitcher takes a deep breath against the lonely blue sky above, as the sun slowly yet steadily sets on the horizon.  If you just sit there on the bench, listen and hear the silence, you definitely know you are in a world only a few can understand.  Everything is perfect - the diamond's 90ft outline, the athletic positions of the players, the stoic faces of the coaches, the umpire's stance before the pitch and the batter's focus and understanding of the situation, the picture.  Sure, perfection in many people's sense may mean an error-less, flaw-less situation or setting.  There are sure times when errors occur in baseball or players falter because of injuries or soreness.  But the way the game is played, the way a team stays focused for that ball that was hit, or the stride you take towards the hit - it just makes the game so enjoyable and worthwhile - just like perfection.  I bet I'm not making any sense at all.  Maybe you don't have the same love for baseball, the same feel for it, and the same respect to all its dimensions.  A good movie to watch to understand this feeling or to get you to understand what baseball means to me is The Field of Dreams.  This movie makes grown men cry - unfortunately I did not cry but I was moved from it.

As I sit here listening to the crickets outside, dusting off the baseball dirt from Maplewood Park, I just sit here amazed on how much I have given to the league and its players.  I still can't believe I've been coaching for six seasons already - 3 in Little League and 3 in Babe Ruth with one championship under my belt.  And now I'm still here strong and willing.  Now I volunteered to coach a great group of 14 to 15 year old kids who are probably the best in Babe Ruth.  Even if I chose to coach this team, I still feel honored for being their coach.  This 24 Hour Tournament I'm part of is one event of many for the 50th Anniversary for Malden Babe Ruth.  It is basically a set of games that the players can play for free and showcase their talent to the public.  There are no winners or losers.  We are basically raising money for the Jimmy Fund.

Then after that game I have two choices.  I can either go to Lynn and watch the North Shore Navigators play the Team USA Baseball squad or play a coach's softball game around 5:30pm.  So many choices, so little time. 

I'm growing tired and I promised one of my regular season players that I will watch his 3am game, which is part of that same tournament.  I will leave you with this remarkable speech Terrence Mann gave near the end of Field of Dreams -

"Ray, people will come Ray. They'll come to Iowa for reasons they can't even fathom. They'll turn up your driveway not knowing for sure why they're doing it. They'll arrive at your door as innocent as children, longing for the past. Of course, we won't mind if you look around, you'll say. It's only $20 per person. They'll pass over the money without even thinking about it: for it is money they have and peace they lack. And they'll walk out to the bleachers; sit in shirtsleeves on a perfect afternoon. They'll find they have reserved seats somewhere along one of the baselines, where they sat when they were children and cheered their heroes. And they'll watch the game and it'll be as if they dipped themselves in magic waters. The memories will be so thick they'll have to brush them away from their faces. People will come Ray. The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it's a part of our past, Ray. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again. Oh... people will come Ray. People will most definitely come" (

- Coach Christian

If you want to come support the Jimmy Fund and watch the baseball game that I will coach, you can come down to Pine Banks Park (Kezer Field) at the Malden/Melrose, MA line around 9am June 14, 2008.  It is right on Main St. near the MBTA Oak Grove Station.  My younger brother who plays for the Malden Marlins will play the final game of the tournament around 3pm the same day.  I hope to see you there!

I woke up worried about one of my pitchers for my youth baseball team.  At the top of the first inning he said his shoulder was hurting and his medial aspect of his throwing elbow was getting numb.  I took him out of the game right away and he was sent to the hospital after the game when the pain grew worse.  I just found out a few minutes ago that he tore his rotator cuff.  Tearing a rotator cuff is a pitcher's nightmare, especially for a young teen like him.  I (freaking) had mixed emotions - sad and angry.  I was sad that one of our veteran players was out for the season for an injury that was preventable, and I was angry at myself for letting him pitch.  I knew he pitched last Friday and he had 2 good days of rest.  I could tell he wasn't in the game at all because of the pain.  Instead of being a real coach and taking a step back to see who else we could pitch, I just threw him in there because I had trust in him.  I actually had another pitcher scheduled for that day, but he wasn't there.  We were lacking pitchers because another pitcher was also not there and our "ace" was not available to pitch due to a muscular strength and endurance repetition maximum exercise test.  I went straight to my now-injured pitcher because he did very well the last game.... I'M SO MAD AT MYSELF!! 

Well all I could do now is find another player in the player pool and revamp our defense because he was also a pither...  If I had the ability to do anything with my team, I would want to tryouts to be held months before the season starts so I can aleast do some condition for my players.  I also want a pitcher count rule to be in effect.  Dang... I was a pitch counter supporter and I didn't give him enough rest...  I even read many articles from Exercise Physiology II about pitch counts. 

I just got another phone call and he might get surgery... wow can things get any better?

- Time to do something thinking...



P.S. I promise to write a blog about gas prices this week.

Hello everyone,

Sorry for not blogging last Friday.  I was very busy with many things on mind.  I finally earned my certification for Babe Ruth Baseball.  In other words, I am now an "official" youth baseball coach.  That means I can coach an all-star team for Division I.  Importantly, this certification is lifetime, so I don't have to take the certification exam again.  The certification test wasn't hard at all, but you really have to know the game of baseball to pass.  So that was one of the biggest and positive moments of my weekend. 

I would like to congratulate my bother, Gerald Tiongson, and his fellow classmates of the Malden High School Class of 2008 for graduating today!  After tons of papers, examinations, and "high school drama" the Malden High senior class can finally exhale and enjoy their summer before hitting the books in college, or hit the floor at work!  The only thing "bad" about graduation today is the hot weather - hot, humid, and hazy.  So basically the whole day I had to sit on metal (and hot) bleachers under the hot blazing sun.  I started to get dizzy, had a headache, and an upset stomach during the ceremony, but I wanted to stick around to support my brothers and his friends.  At the end of the ceremony, I had pictures with some of my old buddies from high school, my brother's friends, and my family, went home and took and nice refreshing shower.  My family and I went to Applebee's in Saugus right after and had a great time!!  Like many of the people there at graduation, my family complained about the heat.  Jokingly, I told my parents that my high school graduation was indoors and most likely my college graduation will be indoors at the Tsongas Arena; they were glad!

Unfortunately, my weekend was dimmed by my job.  My job (won't reveal the name of the place) messed up my schedule for the 100th time (exaggerated number)!!  Instead of working 20-30 hours this week, I'm only working 8!!!!  I was very aggravated with their lack of management and lack of attention to my availability for this week.  They know that I am a college student who is struggling to raise money for college and other bills.  It honestly seems like they don't care about their workers.  My former managers, and most of my co-workers have quit because of stupid management moves and other things.  I'm definitely looking for another job, but I've heard from the media that the jobless rate is increasing, which isn't good at my part.  Overall, if I don't have enough money, I can't drive to places, like the ballfield, and can't save up for college texts and the CSCS certification exam.  Sometimes I just want to scream at them!!! (But I'm a nice guy!)

Well that's what is up with my weekend.  My next blog will about gas prices again - its more of an update of what I saw and other tips and hints!!


Have you ever found yourself driving around looking for the lowest regular gas price?  Have you ever driven up to a gas station, look at the regular gas price, and say certain phrases such as, "You got to be serious?!" or "Well, there goes my paycheck" or other expletive group of words that I can't dare to put in this blog post (and get fired)?  Well, I bet most of you feel the tension at the pump, especially those who have a high volume tank, or a gas-eating SUV.  Even with a fuel efficient car, it seems like I use more gas looking around for a "cheap" gas station.  There is a way where you can save gas without even hoping into your good ol' automobile.  I've noticed a rise in gas price websites in the past few years.  The following websites helped me find the "cheapest" gas prices in a particular area: gas price check - gas prices based on driver feedback

AAA (Triple A) Gas Price Finder

Here is an interesting link.  If you are (still) planning to take a roadtrip to another part of the country, AAA created a road trip fuel cost calculator.  Included in this calculator is your starting city, your destination, and your vehicle information.  This is a helpful calculator that will help you determine how much money you will need to keep your car on the road (and be less stressed-out).  Obviously, with the variable gas prices, your total cost also varies.  

Here is the link for that:


With internet research, you can find ways to save up on gas without searching the city for the "cheapest" gas prices.  Like I said, this approach to saving money has helped me beat out the pump.  This is my theory if you take this approach.  If you head to one of those websites and find a "good" gas station, you will save some gas since you haven't left your house yet.  Since you haven't left your house and hopped into your car, you are also being "green" by of course saving gas, and reducing the release of more carbon dioxide/monoxide or other harmful gases.  With less harmful gases, there will be less pollution.  Okay, okay, that may be a stretch, but I believe that by being smart at the pump and spending less time worrying and searching for the least inexpensive regular gas price, you will survive the year.  Any little change in your routine (such as less joyriding), your pockets will be a bit fuller than before, and like I said, less harmful gases will be extracted.  So yeah, it's like saving the world little at a time. 

Throughout the semester I will continue to give tips and particular websites that I find helpful for my trips to Lowell.  Next week, I will talk about car maintanence and how important it is to "keep up" with vehicle appointments. 


In a side note, I'm planning to take a 3-hr online course this weekend so I can be a certified Babe Ruth coach.  This means that I can coach an all-star team and actually be a "real" baseball coach.  Fun stuff.  My baseball team is doing good, but not as good as I thought the team would.  Our record is 3-3 and we are still in the race to make it to the Malden Babe Ruth Playoffs.  If all goes well, we should be able to dominate. 

I hope all is well for everyone!  Have a good day, stay safe, and take it easy!


- Coach Christian Tiongson

Coach Christian Tiongson  
Casey Hobart Photography 2008

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