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Okay, I'm just kidding.

I'll still be your friend if you dislike baseball.  If you hate baseball, then there's a possibility...  But I'm told that I'm fair and that I'm a nice guy!

So here we are again.  Back to the old groove.  The baseball season is on its way. 

The Boston Red Sox will have their home opener this Monday at Fenway Park vs. the American League Champions, Tampa Bay Rays.  This will be the first time the team opened their season at home in 7 or so years.  That's a long time, ya know?  It will be the Sox ace Beckett vs. Shields.  I cannot wait to start screaming at the T.V. screen (and oh, you didn't know I was that passionate about my good ol' Sox?!?).  You know that my blog would stink if I don't mention my Sox!

Hey, I have to mention the team I coach too!  Today was my baseball league's tryouts at the city's high school.  According to registrations and my 2008 Roster, only 2 players are coming back this year... you know how much that stinks?  It's ridiculous.  That means I have to pick up 11 new players.  That means I might end up picking up rookies for my team.  That's not too bad actually... When I first coached my Babe Ruth team, I had a bunch of rookies.  At the very end of the season, we won the city championship!  So I'm looking forward to this new challenge.

Tomorrow, I will be attending the Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and College (**takes a deep breath**) Brunch and the Omicron Delta Kappa Induction ceremony.  I'm happy to say that my community service and my good grades helped me get inducted into these two student organizations. 

I'm sorry that my blog is lacking punch today.  I'll blog more about my induction day and about clinicals next week. 

- Christian
It was difficult...

It was difficult to watch that last out.  There was a man on first base and there was already two outs.  That meant the Sox had one chance to redeem themselves.  But that didn't happen.  There was a grounder to second, and with three steps, the Red Sox Dream was over.  When I saw that happen, my heart dropped to the ground...

It was difficult to sink in that last play a half an hour after it actually happened.  Why did it happen like that?  The Sox came back from behind 3-1 with a destiny to win, but the Rays stopped it from happening.  So what now?  The Sox are back in Boston empty handed.  The World Series have already started and the score is 2-0 Phillies. 

So what now?  It's all over right?  Time to curl yourself in a ball and hide on a corner somewhere?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!

For those who still have their heads down from the Sox elimination, you should be ashamed!!! 100% ashamed with yourself!!!  The Sox did not lose because they beat themselves up!  No the Sox lost fair and square.  They lost to an obvious better playing baseball team.  Look at the Rays during the season.  They stayed on top for quite awhile.  They went from a 9 year last place team to the 2008 AL Champions.  You can't say that these guys "stunk" (not using that other word).  And you can't say the Red Sox "stunk" too.  The Sox showed us something very very important.  You never ever ever should quit when you are down.  Never say die.  Never give up faith.  Never give up on something that is good.  After getting blasted by the Rays in Game 4, the Sox fought back from a 7-0 Rays score to win 8-7 in Game 6.  It is now considered the greatest single-game comeback in MLB postseason history.   Then they won the next game.  That should at least give you a hint for that life lesson right there.  Even when your heart is breaking oh so slowly, it doesn't mean its over.  There's still a little bit of heart left, and that little bit of heart is enough to change everything over.  Even when the Sox lost Game 7, my heart for the Sox didn't break at all.   It was hard to see another team celebrating the win, but my respect for the Sox grew after their major comeback to tie the series.  I'm never going to forget that.  Personally, I was going through a rough time during that series.  When the Sox were losing, I was losing my battle with conflicts.  Their comeback in Game 5 shed some light in me, telling me there's no way I'm giving up.  Even when the Sox lost, I feel more confident with a stronger wall. 

So thank you Red Sox for making us believe again, in ourselves, in the team, and life.  This season was one heck of a ride.  No one should never forget this one. 

One last time until Spring Training (in 4 months),

LET'S GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!

- Christian
I, Christian J. Tiongson, would like to apologize to the Boston Red Sox for losing complete faith in them, turning off the game when I thought the season was over, and totally be the opposite of a hardcore Sox fan that I am.  Last night, when I saw Dice-K give up three home runs to give the Rays the lead, I first thought, "You know what, this is so disgusting... There is no way in hell there will be a miracle comeback."  Then the runs keep on stacking... It was 7-0 when I finally turned off the T.V. and said, "Until next year." 

The whole night I tried to do homework while my baseball spirit died out.  Funny enough, a little part of me told me to turn on the T.V... just turn it on to see what's going on... I did have that tiny ounce of Red Sox faith in there.  So I turned it on.  Then I saw the Sox magic unfold on front of me.  There was the Ortiz 3-run home run that turned a 7-1 game to a 7-4 game.  Then the 2-run home run from J.D. Drew, then the game tying RBI by Coco Crisp.  When the game was tied, I wanted to cry... "WHAT DID I DO?  I DOUBTED MY SOX!!!  WHY DID I LOSE FAITH?"  The faith came back to me and next thing you know, J.D. Drew shot a ground-ruled double to bring home Youkkkkkkkkkk for the winning run. 

Do you believe in hard work, not giving up... do you believe in miracles?

After last night, I finally believed in all that. 

There is a life lesson behind this crazy rally from the Sox.  Do not give up the good things you have.  Do not give up your goal.  Do not let your guard down.  Because if you give up, there is no way you can win.  The Sox showed me this last night.  Now, I'm going to live with this in mind:  "Never say die."  Because of you let your dreams, goals, and your life die... you die as a person.  Don't let the so-called obstacles of life bring you down.  Even when the situation is bigger than what you can handle, everyone has the BIG heart to go on and be champions.

I feel like a champion today.

Thank you, Boston Red Sox. 

Go Red Sox!!!!

- Christian
Hey everyone!

I'm sorry that I haven't stuck to my temporary Sox / Student blog posts.  A lot of things happened this week which threw me off course with everything, so I'm in the catch-up phase... I also think that no one wants to read a blog about the Sox getting absolutely blasted by the Rays.

So let's start new here!! 

The Sox are down 3-1 in the ALCS. 

Doesn't that remind you about the past few ALCS with the Sox? 


Let's look at the 2004 ALCS (above).  The Yankees, who were the AL East winners were up 3-0 in the series.  During Game 3 of the that series, the Yankees demolished the Red Sox 19-8.  Obviously, you know what happened with that series!  The Sox won the next four games and went straight to the World Series to win it all!


Let's look at the 2007 ALCS (above).  The Indians, who were the AL Central winners were up 3-1 in the series.  During Game 4 of that series, the Indians shooked the Sox 4-3, leaving the Sox with the good ol' "Do or Die" situation.  The Sox won the next three games and went straight to the World Series to win it all!!!


To top off that sweet historical baseball cake, each time the Sox did that, they swept their opponents (Cardinals and Rockies) in the World Series (World Series rings above).

So can the Sox repeat their ALCS miracle run?  If you think of the chances, there is probably a smaller chance of repeating this event.  But because the Sox have tons of experience of being behind with their backs against the wall, I think the Sox definitely have the drive to reach for a World Series ticket.  Look, we have our ace Dice-K on the mound.  He gave us one of the best performances in Red Sox ALCS history.  So a win from him tonight would give the Sox the extra motivation to create a war path into the Series.  A Dice-K win would charge up Beckett for the Game 6 ace come-back (sounds like Ace Combat).  And obviously we have our young gun, Jon Lester for Game 7.

So all looks bright Red Sox Nation!  The Sox hit the panic button and now are ready to fight to the very end.  In my opinion I believe the Sox can do this.  They can surprise the Rays with a big win, and demolish them away at Tropicana Stadium.   I still have the good ol' Red Sox faith going on!  Even if it was depressing to watch the last three games, I'm not going to quit on the Sox!!!

User: "The Eggplant" on


- Christian


Last night, between 8:30pm - midnight, Dice-K pitched one of the best performances in his life.  He pitched a masterful 7.0 Innings, gave up only 4 hits, did not give up any runs, walked four (which most of them occurred in the first inning), and struck out 9 batters.  To add the perfect topping to that fantastic, sweet pie, Dice-K flirted with a no-hitter into the 7th inning.  Let me say that again... he flirted with a no-hitter into the 7th.  For those who don't know what a no-hitter is... well... Dice-K did not give up any hits at all!!!!!!  All I can say is that Dice-K DOMINATED the Rays.  100%.  Absolutely.  He gave the Red Sox and the Nation the extra step towards GLORY, THE MOTHERLAND, THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

Think about it.  We have 7 more games to win and we can go around saying we have back-to-back World Champions!  But that's too far to think right now.  Today is Game 2 and the injured Josh Beckett is on the mound.  Like I said in my previous blog, the Sox are looking for a good outing from J-Beck.  He is under the dome and he's not exposed to the cold air so that's going to give him a better advantage than Game 3 of the ALDS.  The warmer air won't stiffen him up as much as the cold air did during his last outing.   Everyone has to remember this.  Josh Beckett has the potential to be ace-material like he was during the 2007 Playoffs.  We got to put our faith in him and also totally forgetting our last pitching performance.  There are no such thing as records in the playoffs.  Every round you enter, think of your 0-0 record not your 4-1 record.  It's a new slate each time you climb the ladder.  Thinking this way will let all the pressure of you.  Look at the Colorado Rockies for example.  They swept every team in the playoffs EXCEPT for the Red Sox.  I guess you can say that the pressure of staying undefeated in the playoffs destroyed their chances (plus they faced a very very very good team). 

Well there is nothing much I can say about yesterday's game other than it was a close to perfect outing for our Sox pitchers and a "clutchy" way for our hitters.  It was very enjoyable to watch.  I guess it was one of those games that was so incredible, you had to be on front of a T.V. (or there in Tampa) to really know how "perfect." It was perfect to me.   


- Christian

By the way... I'm leaving you the link to Jacoby Ellsbury's Blog on my page so you can read all his experiences, thoughts, and feelings about the playoffs!!! 
Jacoby Ellsbury's Blog:  

On Monday, the Sox shocked the Angels with their good ol' late game heroics.  This time it wasn't Big Papi or any other "vets" on the team.  The new faces took over that aspect of the game last Monday - Jed Lowrie and Jason Bay.  This shows you how strong the new faces on our team are!  We have a very balanced squad with speed, contact, power, and a great glove.  Look at Mark Kotsay.  He has the bat, the glove, and the speed.  Did you see all those fantastic plays he made on first?  Seriously, he is the most agile first baseman I've seen in awhile (and obviously Youuuukkkkkk is also very agile)! 

But Monday is now a mere memory in the back of our heads, because the Sox has an even bigger test:  The AL East Division Champion Tampa Bay Rays.  Like the Boston Celtics, the Rays were no ones last season, but are now in the Big (AL East) Show.  And I'm not saying that they're going to pull off a Celtics like playoff run!!!!!  I'm just impressed with that HUGE amounts of improvement this Rays team went through.  I give them a round of applause for trying... but it's all going to end tonight!!!!!  (... Oh there goes me being the COCKY Red Sox fan!!!)

So here are the pitchers lined up for this years ALCS:

Game 1:  @ Tampa Bay - Daisuke Matsuzaka
Game 2:  @ Tampa Bay - Josh Beckett
Game 3:  @ Boston - Jon Lester
Game 4:  @ Boston - Tim Wakefield
(Then back to the top)

I feel good about this rotation.  It's smart, strong, and very diverse. 

To make my first point, it's great that Jon Lester is not starting Game 1 of the series.  Using my EP skills, athletes need recovery, especially pitchers who threw x number of pitches.  Jon Lester pitched a terrific game on Monday.  Monday was 4 days ago.  Starters, like Jon Lester should have a good 5-7 days of rest, and according to that rotation, Jon Lester will be fully recovered for another strong outting.

Second point:  Josh Beckett in the "2-hole" is a great idea.  Now most of you would've probably beat me up for saying that, after his horrific outing during the ALDS.  Now using my EP-brain,  Josh Beckett has an injury that is most likely still nagging him.  Now think... for those who have a hurt back/side, when its really cold outside, do you get stiff? Hurt?  Feel like crap?  Well Beckett does have a back/side injury (I don't remember what he has in particular) and he did pitch in the cold 30-40 degree weather last week.  That cold weather probably got to him EVEN if he did have a proper warm-up.  In between innings he sat down inactively, which just lowers your body temperature.  Then when you're back out there on the mound, he throws in a few pitches, which clock about high 80s - 90s, and is expected to throw another good round of pitches for the opponent.  Keeping him pitching under Tropicana Field's dome for Games 2 and 6 will shield him from any type of cold weather conditions.  I HIGHLY doubt that the Rays will drop the air temp in the stadium JUST to get Beckett stiff again.  So it's a great setting for the Beckett! 

Third point: Dice-K and Wakefield are great being AWAY and against the RAYs.  Dice-K is perfect away (and I know that records don't count... but I do like to add that in)!  He and Lester showed the Sox that they are ace material.  With Dice-K's arsenal of (100000) pitches, he will be able to trick the Rays into a strikeout.  Tim Wakfield on the other hand OWNS the Rays (even if he did get racked a few times against them).  According to ESPN's Sportscenter, Wakefield has an overall 9-3 record at Tropicana Field, and an overall better winning percentage over the Rays.  That definitely gives the Sox hope for a great turnout from the oldest player on the team (I think).

I'm very confident with our team right now.  The Red Sox definitely got a chance to win a championship!!!!    You don't understand how pumped I am right now!!!!!!  I'M SO READY!!! Tonight I'm watching the game with my two great friends over their apartment.  According to them, they are hardcore Sox fans too.  So there's going to be a lot of screaming at the T.V. (aww poor television), and tons of high-fives, cheers, and other celebratory stuff!!!!

To end my blog post for today, I just want to say...

LET'S GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Christian 


That was some pretty suspenseful and intense game of baseball!!  The L.A. Angels and Boston Red Sox were basically battling out with two causes:  The Sox are fighting to advance to the American League Championship Series and the Angels are fighting a sweep and trip home with thoughts of next year.  And what a fight it was!

I felt bad for my good friend, Kristin who won tickets to the game last night.  She basically sat through a very tense game in the freezing cold and watched them lose.  Poor Kris!  I'm happy to say that she still felt good after the game because, like me, WE LOVE THE RED SOX!!  Hey, at least she get to see her favorite player  future husband, Jacoby Ellsbury, make history last night;  he is the first hitter in history to have 3 RBIs in a one single.  Boys, that's the reason why you run hard when you have 2 outs under your belts!!!!!!!!!!! 

The Angels were being patient at the plate and taking advantage of Beckett's mishaps and defensive mistakes.  They keep their cool the whole game and held tight to that 4-4 tie for a good 6 innings (from the 5th to the 12th inning).  Angels pitching was dominating last night;  they were 100% different than Games 1 and 2!  They kept the Sox in check with "sure-out" pitches and got out of jams without any problems.  And I'm not saying the Sox bullpen wasn't great.  They also showed their strengths throughout the whole "tied" span of the game, but the Angels got the best of the Sox in the 12th inning against Javier Lopez.

To be absolutely honest with you, I didn't like Lopez falling into that relieving spot in the 12th.  I'm not saying that because he allowed the game-winning Angel's run.  It seems like everytime I watched Lopez pitch (except for a good 1 or 2 times), he either gets racked (gives up tons of hits and runs), or walks a bunch of people.  Maybe it was just me...  Also I believe in the whole concept that submarine pitchers are easier to hit than overhead/ three-fourths / sidearm pitchers. 

Here's my theory of submarine pitchers:  Most of the time, submarine pitchers throw a fast ball that drops.  This drop is usually caused by the arm motion of the pitcher, the way the pitcher holds it, and the release of that pitch.  All those factors would cause the ball to have an extra spin.  Plus (using physics), the pitch is more likely to go against gravity in a diagonal path, like a very lean geometrical right angle (even if gravity wouldn't have as much of an effect than air resistance, the spin of the ball, and the release point).  This would cause the ball to drop in like a batting practice pitch that is going a good 90mph.  Usually when hitters see that predictable drop, their eyes light up, and they turn on it (or in lame man's terms, they hit the ball really hard).  That's what I thought about when the Angels scored that final run to win the game.  And don't get me wrong!  I don't hate submarine pitchers!  They are awesome pitchers who give that extra spice to the pitching pen/rotation.  I just believe that since the Angels are one dangerous group of hitters, I would've went with the over the umbilical Paul Byrd. 

Jon Lester No Hitter.jpg
Photo from South Carolina Sox Fan Blog

But the past is the past, and today's game is a new game!  We have our Game 1 hero Jon Lester on the mound and the Sox will use all that frustrations and vent it against the Angels!  I'm not worried about last night's game, because I have faith in the Sox!!  We can do it!  We have the talent, the speed, the hitters, and the drive to win another championship!


- Coach Christian Tiongson

BAY.jpg / AP

Who said that Jason Bay was a horrible replacement for Manny Ramirez?  Who said that he'll have the first game jitters?  Who said that the Red Sox will lose some home run power when Manny left? 

Well, if you said those stuff about Jason Bay, you mind as well wear a "Kick Me Sign" behind your back. 

The Red Sox showed the world that they don't give up deep into the game.  The Sox stunned the L.A. Angels with dramatic fashion, 4-1. The Sox didn't seemed like a broken down, injured prone team last night.  J.D. Drew and Mike Lowell "defensively" contributed to the Sox win, although they did not produce any runs or hits last night, which I think is fine with me.  Let me explain:  When was the last time those two had a real hardcore Red Sox game?  And when I say Red Sox game, I don't mean a minor league triple AAA game.  When was the last time they were under the pressure of the nation's eye?  I think they just needed to be broken into their normal baseball lifestyle.  Sure, J.D. Drew and Mike Lowell are "healthy" enough to be on the ALDS roster, but its still pretty obvious that the veterans are still hurting from their injuries.  Despite an offensive "Silent Night," they still were there to back up Lester in one of the young pitcher's greatest performances ever. 

Most of you would've said that Lester didn't pitch his greatest game last night;  he gave up 6 hits and 1 run in his 7.0 inning outing.  But playoff-wise, the rest of his stats are phenomeon!  Okay, let's add in the 1 run he only gave up in 7 innings... his ERA was 0.00 last night, he had 7 strikeouts, and only gave up 1 walk.  That is definitely ace-caliber material right there.  Like what Terry Francona, who is the Sox manager, and the rest of the media have said, Jon Lester is growing before our eyes.  He went from being a "kid" in the clubhouse to Red Sox Nation's future ace.  With all the stuff he went through, he definitely showed the world that he is stronger than any other pitcher in the league.  There is no doubt about that.  Lester has a bright future ahead of him, and nothing... absolutely nothing will stop him!

There were tons of great plays last night like Ellsbury's diving catch to save a base hit, Jon Lester's striking out the side, Papelbon's strong close, Youk's heads-up play in shallow right field to throw up "Vlad Glad," and of course the great Jason Bay hitting a two-run homerun to give the Sox the deciding lead.  Oh man, last night was definitely a game to put in the books!  That game gave me a great feeling about this year.  It felt like old times from the yelling, the high fives, listening to the radio when I wasn't home, wearing my Red Sox gear in World Series fashion, and having my eyes glued to my wide screen T.V. in my family room.  Oh it just felt sooooooo good inside! 

One game down!  Two to go!  Then off to the ALCS!!!!


During this time of the year, the leaves on the trees around you change colors from a sunny green to an array of oranges, yellows, and reds.  The air seems cooler and your breath is visible against the setting sun around 6 p.m. in the evening.  The stars at night seem to shine more as the crisp cool air wraps around your body like a blanket.  This is the time of the year when you decide to put on your heat in the car to keep yourself from getting goosebumps and the "shivers." 

Do you know what this reminds me of?

It reminds me of baseball, the end of the long season, and the start of a new beginning where records don't count, where heroes are born, and when a champion is crowned.  Fall reminds me of the MLB Playoffs. 

While apple picking, football, and pumpkin carving are floating around my mind, baseball still dominates those plans, thoughts, and ideas.  A lot of people think I'm crazy that I'm still holding on to baseball even when the season is close to its end.  I just love the sport a lot and this time of year is the "Prime Time" of the baseball world.  This is when the world's greatest baseball teams compete for the ultimate prize - the MLB World Championship.  All of this excitement for the Red Sox reminds me of the 2004 and 2007 baseball season when the Sox took it all and showed the world that they are the best of the best.  Oh man, I remember those long nights in my family room watching every game of the playoffs wearing my Sox cap, my Red Sox jersey, and my Red Sox PJs.  I was literally on the edge of my seat watching with suspense, anxiety, and joy.  Seriously, I enjoyed every moment of it.  That's what baseball is all about - bringing your family and friends together to cheer on your home team, boo at the opposing team, and praying for a win.  And I'm a huge Red Sox fan.  Heck, I'm a huge baseball fan.  Some people look at me and say that I'm a quiet, conservative person who doesn't have what it takes to yell... Ha!  When it comes to baseball, I'm probably the loudest and most rowdiest person out there!  Every out, every homerun, every run, every pitch, I go all out!  I remember last year when Papelbon was partying it up with the AL Championship Trophy.  My brothers and I did a dang Irish Jig and just danced and shouting the night away.  Man!  Just imagine us going all "Papel!"  You have no idea!  Funny enough I don't drink so no one can say that I was drunk during the playoffs!! 

So this year, I'm looking forward to a huge run for the Red Sox, more dancing for me, and more celebrations!  Be prepared for more Red Sox blogs!! 

LET'S GO!!!!!!!!


- Quiet and Conservative,

Well, you can finally say that Manny is gone.  It's now all "post-Manny."  We also lost Craig Hansen and Brandon Moss.  All we got from the trade is Jason Bay from the Pirates.  I can tell you this, he is not a Manny Ramirez.  So that can mean both good or bad.  For "Good,"  Bay will be hustling down the baselines all the time.  He also will play a better outfield.  I think he won't make a fuss in the clubhouse either.  The "Bad" is that Bay can't hit like Manny Ramirez.  He also probably can't entertain us that much like Manny. 

I was listening through my iPod and I found a song that matches this situation.  The name of the song is "I'm Gonna Find Another You" by John Mayer.  I'm going to tweak the lyrics a little to make this song for Manny and not a lover, ha ha.


It's really over
You made your stand
You got us crying.
It was your plan
But when our loneliness is through,
We're gonna find another you

You take your sweaters
You take your time
You might have your reasons, but you will never have our rhymes
Sox gonna swing their way away from the blues
We're gonna find another you

When you were our slugger, No one else would do
If I'm forced to find another, I hope he doesn't act like you.
Yeah and he's nicer too, yeah.

So go on Manny
Make your little get away
My Sox pride will keep me company
And you just gave yours all away
Now I'm gonna dress myself for two
One's for me and one's for someone new
I'm gonna do somethings you wouldn't let me do
Oh we're gonna find another you

It's funny how that song just fits right in.  The Sox said that they have to let that trade go, put it in their pockets and forget about it.  It's time to start with a new player and a new approach.  The Bay Era has begun!

- Christian

Manny said that he was tired of Boston.  Manny said that he'll be okay with a trade.  Manny doesn't like how the front office is handling his contract.  Manny said that the Red Sox doesn't deserve him at all.  Manny this... Manny that.  It's just Manny being Manny again.

Manny, I really hope you stumble upon this blog post one day.  This message is for Mr. Manny Rameriz of the Boston Red Sox.


Dear Mr. Rameriz,

My name is Christian Tiongson and I've been a life long Red Sox fan.  The past few months, I've seen the conflict between you and the Boston Red Sox grow everyday into this large and nasty weed in the middle of the ballpark.  It has gotten to a point that the weed is strangling everyone in Red Sox Nation.  You are probably sick of hearing the fans boo at you, because of the comments you have said to the media, such as "I tired of the Red Sox and the Red Sox are tired of me" or "I'm okay with a trade" and other stuff like that.  We all know how you are Manny.  That is the why we have the saying "Manny Being Manny."  You are who you are.  You are a laid back individual who just let things pass, yet you are a great ballplayer and an obvious future hall of famer. 

Think about it Manny.  Through the 7 years you've been with the Red Sox, how many World Series championships we got?  The answer is 2.  And are you are a big factor in our championship wins?  Of course!  You were the World Series MVP for 2004.  You gave us the game winning home run against the L.A. Angels against one of the game's greatest closers.  Heck, there are tons of other accomplishments, like your 500th homerun... your nasty plays off the Monster.  You are a big contributor to the team.  And now you want out?  I know the front office has some problems and there are other internal "clubhouse" problems but why do you want to leave us hanging?  "Us" meaning the Red Sox and it's nation.  

I want to tell you that no one can replace you as the Sox's 3rd spot hitter.  No one.  Not even Jason Bay or 3 prospect's combined.  You give us those clutch hits, those "bombs" over the fence, and those weird plays (like the over the head catch and jumping the fence to give a Sox fan a high five).  Dude, you keep us on the edge of our seats.  You are very entertaining.  You just make this game fun for us to watch.  If the trade comes down to your decision to go or not, I hope you don't go.  We're going to lose a valuable player and a large part of Red Sox Nation.  We're going to lose the face of the team.  It's like losing a family member or part of a puzzle.  Think about the memories and what your fans are going to think.  I think we will be a lot happier if you stayed, kept your head in the game, no more media conferences about how much you hate the Sox or anything. 

What is baseball to you?  Is it money?  Is it the love of the game?  Is it just to please the please the fans.  Remember the first time you held a baseball or your first baseball game.  Seriously baseball now is all just money, fame, and other less important stuff.  What happened to just playing baseball to the greatest team in baseball?  What happened to the love of the game?  Manny, I know you have problems with contracts or anything, but can you put it aside and look at the game on front of you?  It's the game that brought you to Boston.  It's the game that gave us our first championship in 86 years.  It's the game that brought us our second championship in 3 years. 

I really hope you do stay Mr. Rameriz.  Actually I really hope you retire as a Red Sox (but that's a stretch).  I can't imagine you with a Marlins or Pirates uniform.  I hope this message helps you decide if the decision is up to you around the 4pm deadline time.

- Christian J. Tiongson


I will blog about what comes out of this trade situation.  Even if this message was sent to Manny, I still have a feeling that the Sox will trade him.  I think they had enough.

Waiting anxiously for 4pm,

- Christian

I remember when I was a little kid at the old apartment in Malden, MA, sitting on my family's old couch next to my dad, while watching a Boston Red Sox game.  It was back then when Scott Cooper was the shortstop for the Sox.  Just sitting there, my dad reminds me of when they last had a championship, which was 1918 at that time.  As I grew older, I've seen our local teams take that extra step towards their ultimate goal, but failed either in the first round of their post season play or not making a spot at all during the regular season.  That was during the 1990s when everything was so simple for my young self, when the Toronto Blue Jays were back to back 1993 and 1994 MLB World Champions, and when the Sox had Nomar Garciaparra.  It seemed like Boston was trying to expose itself to the world as a city with at least one championship team.  But it seemed to fail behind in the 1990s.

I was in the Philippines visiting family when the New Year's Eve countdown was ticking away for the new millennium.  Before the clock ticked to midnight, I felt that the old was dying off, and a fresh new beginning was about to happen for all of us, especially for Boston's sports teams.  While we were facing a new beginning, a major horrific event happened that changed the world today.  On September 11, 2001, terrorists flew 4 planes as weapons of destruction - killing thousands of people.  With the world, especially the United States on the edge, the sports world tried to continue with their seasons.  But one team went beyond their expectations - the New England Patriots.  Riding with the American colors (red, white, and blue), the Patriots become America's team during the 2002 Super Bowl vs. the Rams.  With Patriotism in its highest point, it felt right that the Patriots won their first championship. 

That was the start.  In 2004, the Patriots earned another ring and trophy to their trophy self, while the Boston Red Sox showed their pride and strength with their first World Series Championship in 86 years.  In 2005, the Patriots again added another championship under their belts.  In 2007, the Boston Red Sox won their second World Series title in 4 years, and now the Boston Celtics are World Champions for first time in 22 years. 

What does that tell you about our Boston teams?  With a total of 6 world championships in 7 years, the strong sense of hope began to emerge.  Our teams showed that through the thick and thin, there is a way to reach your goal. There will be sacrifices, heartaches, and downfalls during the process.  These negative consequences should not bring down your mind, heart, and soul - these should help you become stronger.  Like I said many blogs ago, there are no obstacles.  Look at the Boston Celtics for example.  Last season, there were the worst team in the NBA with a total of 20 (or maybe less) wins.  Paul "The Truth" Pierce still kept his head up through the season and the rebuilding process (the addition of Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett).  He had hope for the future, especially when many people (like sports critics) believed that it might take a long time for the team to build chemistry and become a championship caliber team.  Look at them now; they are on top of the world with their 17th championship win - the most in NBA history. 

The Boston Red Sox also showed this sense of hope.  Down three games to none, the Boston Red Sox came back against the New York Yankees to beat them in four consecutive games for the American League Championship.  This hope and motivation helped them sweep the St. Louis Cardinals for the World Championship.

I can go on with examples but it is pretty evident -  without hope, there is no chance for survival in this tough world.  If there is no positive outlook, you might live a depressing life.  Hope gave our teams championships.  Hope can give you your own championship - graduating college, getting a new job, having your own family, etc.   Don't give up.

Stay hopeful, be hopeful, and you will succeed.

- Christian


Hey everyone!

Just checking in to say hello!  Today is the Red Sox Home Opener at Fenway Park!!  Exciting stuff!  Of course, I'm decked out in my Red Sox stuff (my authentic game used Boston Red Sox cap with the 2008 World Series patch on it and my Josh Beckett t-shirt)!  I've been longing to watch the game on the T.V. with the Fenway faithful in the background... It was definitely a long road trip for them!  Actually, I listened to the news today and found out it was the longest road trip in franchise history.  I'm looking forward to see most UML students wearing their Red Sox gear! 

With the opening day, I have my baseball team's first practice.  I'm happy to say that most of my players from last year are returning.  We have three new fresh arms that can help us go for the trophy again.  I'm excited, and I'm hoping this baseball season is the best I've ever had. 

Hmmm... how can I get myself to study for Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships, and Exercise Physiology II?  This is going to be an interesting day.

Off topic, if any of you have any questions about the UML life, especially the commuter life, or anything else, feel free to email me, or leave a comment.  The comment link should be right next to the title of this blog post.


Well time to do some actual school work before I go baseball crazy today,

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