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For the past few days, I have been thinking about my final HawkTalk post for UMass Lowell.  Many questions, such as "What should I say?" and "How should I say it?" filled my head.  With these questions, other thoughts and flashbacks floated in my mind.  I thought about the main purpose of this blog, and my purpose in life.  I thought about my four tremendous years at UMass Lowell and my future.  I thought about my family, my friends, my colleagues, my baseball players, and others who I have interacted with.  I thought about the world we live in - all the good and all the bad.  All of this floated in my head like a crib's hanging mobile.  I'm like the infant lying there, still new to the world around me, looking over the bright objects floating above my head; all I had to do is grab one thing.  So, what should I write about?  What should I grab from this mobile that continues to spin around in a rhythmic matter?

Last night I looked at my mirror and saw a different person.  Who is that person? Who was he four years ago?  Was he a person who was just fresh out of high school?  A naive young man who wanted a girlfriend, has a lot of friends, and just hangs out a lot?  A person who wants a job and make a lot of money?  A person who doesn't know what to do with his life?  A person with no purpose?   I can tell you this:  he was all of that before and now he is someone else.  This person I see in the mirror wants to make a difference in the world, someone who wants to change people's lives for the better, a person who can make goals and aim higher to achieve them.  This person has a set of skills with a vast and vivid knowledge that continues to grow, a gentleman-type of professionalism, and a drive to live that cannot be destroyed.  This person has a caring and loving heart that is bigger than he knows and a personality that will build bridges, not walls.  This person has a purpose in life.  Humbly, this person is me, Christian.

And who should I thank for helping me become a better person and a worthy "top-of-the-line" contributor to society?  I have to thank the University of Massachusetts Lowell, my alma mater.  I have to thank my professors, their teacher aides, the deans, the Chancellor and the administration, the rest of the staff, my blog supervisor, and my blog co-workers.  Most of all, I have to thank my friends and my classmates, who stuck by me through the thick and thin.  Everyone here at the UMass Lowell has taught me many things from the topics set within my major to essential lessons about life.  They have taught me that knowledge does not end at the last page of the textbook; everything around you is a "teachable moment" and a life-worthy learning experience.  With these lessons, I took on UMass Lowell's challenge.  They challenged me to be the best that I can be.  They challenged me to work hard to reach my goals, and to fight in what I believe in.  They challenged me to make a change and to make a difference in the world that we live in.  I can be I am proud to say that I took on the challenge and succeeded; now I'm an UMass Lowell alumnus.   

So can you take on the challenge?  Can you change the person that you are now?  Can you make positive changes?  Can you make a difference?  If you are up for the challenge, UMass Lowell is your answer to overcome that challenge "plus ultra."  You "Gotta Be Here," plain and simple.  This is where dreams are made and met, and where life truly begins.  I can honestly tell you that I am happy with my decision to go to UMass Lowell four years ago.  It was one of the best decisions in my life and I hope it is yours too.

Now I leave you all with this quote:

"We know the future will outlast all of us, but I believe that all of us will live on in the future we make."
- Ted Kennedy (1962-2009)

See you later and thank you,
Christian T.
UML Exercise Physiology Class of 2009



Before I talk about UML's relationship with social networks, I would like to inform you all that this will be one of my last UML blog posts.  For those who have been following my posts, I graduated from UML on May 2009.  With graduation behind me and my plans of taking a year off from school, I decided to end my UML blog posts.  This will allow a current student to take my place.  This does not mean I'm going to be away from UML.  Going to graduate school in UML is still a go, even if my plans of going to back to school this fall died.  Right now, I plan to head back next Fall (2010).  If all goes well, I may be able to blog again for UML.

Thank you all for following my blog posts!  It's been a pleasure blogging for the university!

(Now to my blog post...)


You can say that UMass Lowell has an extraordinary relationship with social networks and other similar "we-can-reach-you" technology.  Their relationship is pretty simple and romantic: UML gives it's spouse up-to-date news about the university and the social network gives back by sharing it to its millions of users.  How simple is that relationship?  It's perfect. 

For those who have not noticed yet, UMass Lowell is everywhere internet-technology-wise.  Umass Lowell has its own Facebook, Twitter, email system, text message system, blogs, and even a Youtube!  UML uses these communication facets so they can easily reach their students without using the good ol' email system (yes I said old).  I've recently added UML's facebook page and Twitter, and I can definitely say that it's a great way to read what's going on in the university since my eyes are glued on those two sites. Youtube is also a fun way to see what's going on in the University.  Most of the time, UML video-cams their events, such as meetings and sports.  Also, tons of student projects (class-runned or privately done) are also showcased on that website.  What's pretty cool about that is the posting of UML's 2009 Commencement videos!  You should look for me in the School of Health Environment video! 

In terms of text messaging, UML's text message system is used for emergency uses only.  If you sign up for UML's text messaging system, you will be notified about school closures, delays, and other emergencies.  I find this system EXTREMELY handy, especially those who are commuters.  Instead of waking really early in the morning to see if school is canceled on T.V., you can simply wait for a text message that says its canceled.  The system is fast and easy.  What's also cool about this is the email and phone call options.  You can receive email or phone call updates if text messages aren't your cup of tea.

Now, how do you get these services?  The following information is a quick run through to get yourself updated! 

Here is how you can get UML as a "Fan" on Facebook.

- Log-in to your Facebook account or make one! 
- Simply type in "UMass Lowell" in the Facebook search bar (the upper right hand corner)
- Click on the little magnifying glass.  It will take you to the "new, more useful Search page."  - On the left side, there is a menu.  Click on the orange flag that says "Pages." 
- You should see "UMass Lowell" at the very top of the middle list. 
- Click on "Become a Friend" which is right next to the picture. 
- You are UML's fan!!

Here is how you can follow UML on Twitter:
- Log-in to your Twitter account or make one!
- Click on "Find People" on the right hand corner
- On the search bar, type "UMass Lowell"
- UMass Lowell has tons of Twitter accounts based on colleges, etc.
- Click on "Follow" on any of the UML accounts (ie. UMassLowellBlogs)!
- You are following UML!

Here is how you can subscribe to UML on Youtube:

- Log-in to your Youtube / Google account or make one!
- Type in "UMass Lowell" on the search bar at the top of the page.
- Look at the very first video at the very top.  Right next to word and number of viewers (ie. 866 views), there should be a blue word that says "umasslowell."  Click on it.
- You are in UML's Youtube Page.  Click on the gold button that says "Subscribe."
- You are subscribed to UML!

To get UML Emergency Notifications, go to
To check out our UML HawkTalk blogs, click here:  UML HawkTalk!

I hope that you will subscribe, follow, become a fan, and sign up with UML!

- Christian '09

2009 Poem

It's finally a new year
And I'm ready to start over again with
A new, clean piece of lined paper.
I'm holding a "clicky" pen
That contains 4 colors
and green;
I'm not a monochromatic individual,
you know?
I like to add color to my story,
so that means I'm not
that boring person who makes
everything restricted and boring.

You know what?

Let's bring in
the watercolors,
colored pencils,
and even the crayons.
Let's make this story creative,
and worthwhile -
let's add all the mediums
into this work.

Remember, this is the
whitest piece of paper -
no dirt,
no smudges,
no flaws, nothing.

It's clean.
It's mine
and I have the ability
to create a picture
so unique
that no one will ever
recreate it. 

That is what
the new year is to me -
a work of art. 
A piece that is
so elaborate,
yet abstract -
a piece that contains
a deep meaning,
yet is so simple -
a piece that is
established through
a single first person
perspective, yet
can be viewed
through the eyes of
It's my work of art
and I'm going to
share it with you.

Here's to 2008 2009.

- Christian J. Tiongson

I still promise to continue my Winter Fun blogs - just a little break from formalized casual writing (if that makes sense).  Plus, I was in a poem making kind of mood.  Happy New Year! - CT
I was browsing through one night and I came across one of their famous "best of the best" or "top something" lists.  This weeks special was the best places to raise your kids, which labeled the best city in each state.  Curiously, I clicked on Massachusetts.  Next thing you know, the name "Malden, MA" came up.  Oh man, I started to crack up laughing.  How can my hometown be the best city to raise your kids?  Before I start typing a storm of pros and cons, here's some extra information about the selection process.

Cities were picked with at least 50,000 residents and a median family income between $40k - $100k.  Then they had to have good numbers/characteristics in the following criteria was that was listed on 

- Affordability (MAJOR PLUS!)
- School Performance
- Number of Schools
- Household Expenditures
- Crime rates
- Air quality
- Job growth
- Family income
- Museums
- Parks
- Theaters
- Diversity, etc. etc.

And with all those standards and criteria, Malden, MA manages to be the top city in the state of Massachusetts.  If you think about how the research was conducted and presented on the site, Malden, MA is actually part of the top 50 best places to raise your kids in the United States.  How crazy is that?

Here are the pros about Malden: 

- Like what the website said, Malden is very diverse.  Honestly, I don't see a majority or a minority in this city.  It seems that all the "races" are equal to each other, meaning they all have the same number.  Everyone gets along, which means there is absolutely no type of racism here. 

- School-wise, there are many schools in Malden.  The city built 5 brand new public elementary schools, have 3 high schools, and have two private elementary schools.  Plus there are many great small "schools" within the community.  If you want to learn how to play from the best musicians in the area, look for BMR Music off Salem St!!  

- Sports-wise, Malden has the best recreational and high school programs in the nation.  Malden Babe Ruth continues to offer young players a low registration fee with the best competitive baseball league in the state.  Malden Pop Warner A Squad was so good that they went to the Super Bowl of Pop Warner in Disney's World of Sports Facility in Florida.  It was also aired on ESPN.  Malden High School and Malden Catholic continues to build high caliber sports teams in the Greater Boston League and Catholic Conference respectively... heck I can go on and on about sports! 

- Accessibility is probably the most well known factor.  Malden has two "Orange Line" MBTA subway stops and one commuter rail stop.  Malden is near and is surrounded by major highways:  I-93, Rt. 1, Rt 128 (I-95).  Boston is literally a good 10-15 minutes drive away, so accessing major historical points, entertainment, and sporting events is no problem.  Shopping centers are scattered around Malden also. 

I can go on and on about the great stuff about Malden.

Here are the cons (which actually came up first when I started laughing):

- I think the crime rate here is high with the increasing levels of gang activity, drug trades, and other stupid stuff that goes on during the day and night.  Malden is located near some crime-ridden cities, and it seems that more criminals from other places come here to do their stupid stuff, like drug trades, gang stuff, or stealing products from Stop and Shop. The police are working their butts off trying to get criminals off the street, but crime continues to happen (not their faults).  Honestly, I would not walk by myself in Malden in the early evening to late night hours.  I don't want to get jumped.

- The MCAS scores for Malden increased just a little, but wasn't enough to make Malden Public Schools look like the best of the best.  The program is so obsessed with the MCAS that the majority of the teaching staff only focuses on that test, and not learning outside of it.  Malden is trying its best to promote the arts and increasing their quality of education, but putting their 100% effort on the MCAS lags from actual learning.

- Pot Holes:  Seriously, Malden has some pretty bad roads.  Many major roads still haven't been repaved or totally reconstructed, which is actually hurting the commute.  I've noticed more construction activity during the summer, but I still think Malden needs to fix their roads so the commute would be less bumpy.

- Malden Square??????  Seriously, that square is completely littered with dumb dollar stores.  What happened to the "golden age" when Malden Square was always busy?  If you stepped on the Main St. / Pleasant St. "T" intersection and looked into the square, I bet you would've thrown up at the site of it.  The area just looks so gray... the concrete road doesn't make it look better.  I don't know, maybe it's just me, but Malden Square is sooo boring.  It is true that Malden is trying to improve the square so the "Golden Age" would return again, but right now, it looks like its not happening.  The only three major changes I've seen is the construction of a new apartment building, the new building for the Department of Education, and a new Senior Citizen Community building.  Other than that, the ugliest looking city hall is still sitting on the middle of Pleasant St, which continues to detour traffic since the 1950s (or even later).

Again, I can also go on for the cons.

So in conclusion, I was a bit surprised that Malden was the best place to raise their kids.  I just had a conversation with my dad about this shocking finding, and he just had the total opposite reaction.  He told me that Malden was very good to our family.  My siblings and I never had a problem living here and had the best education from Malden.  And look at us now, I'm a senior in college, my sister is a junior in college, my younger brother is a freshmen also in college, and my youngest brother is a junior in high school.  So, my dad thinks that we got the best out of Malden, from sports to education.

So hats off to Malden, MA for being the best city to raise your children!


Hello everyone,

Just stopping by to say "hello" and hoping you all are having an awesome week.  Next week is Spring Break and I'm pretty excited about it.  It's a big money saver when it comes to food/gas money! 

The topic of the day is the UML Recreational Center in East Campus.  The "Rec Center" is a pretty new facility which opened a few years ago, most possibly before I was a freshman here.  The "Rec Center" is an awesome place to workout, get a massage, play pool, racketball, basketball, and of course many other great activities.  This is definitely the "crown jewel" of residential/commuter life in UML.  The workout equipment is state of the art, with tons of open space to do any type of resistance training exercises.  There is also another level where you can work on your cardiovascular health with treadmills, rower, cycles and even a oval elevated track!  There are also extra rooms where you can do some dance practice (ie. my girlfriend practiced her dance she choreographed by herself for her church).   Whew, there are so many other things to mention!

The rec. center is easily accessible in East Campus.  You can't miss it!  If you're on a different campus, you can either take the shuttle to East Campus, or drive and park at the new parking garage next to LeLacheur Park (Home of UML Riverhawk Baseball and the Double A (AA) Red Sox affiliate, Lowell Spinners). 

Oh yeah, don't forget.  Working out at the Rec Center is totally free!  Come and go as many times as you want!

Yep.  So that's about it about the Rec Center.  I can't emphasize enough that exercise should be a definite part of your life.  When you are down in the dumps, exercise can revive your spirits, and heck, it is healthy for you!  


By the way, I still have some effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)... look it up, haha.

Healing (go away DOMS!)

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