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Driving to and from UMass Lowell was a major part of my college life.  I drove from Malden, MA to Lowell, MA everyday for all of my four years at UML.  The drive from my hometown to the university was a good 40 - 50 minutes, depending on the times that I'm driving (ie. driving 8am vs. 1pm), traffic, and the routes I took.  Planning out my drive was very important for me as a commuter student.  I wanted to avoid night driving, hitting traffic, getting caught up with construction crews on Route 3, and so on.  I also wanted to get home right away so I have enough time to study, do papers, and other school-related stuff. 

All commuters were like this, especially those who live 20+ miles away from UMass Lowell.  Because of our strict planning to get out of Lowell to beat rush hour and our limited time in UML, we all felt that we weren't part of the UML Community.  I bet a lot of commuters felt like this.  The problem with commuters is our lack of discovery, involvement, and spirit.  I first realized this when I got involved with Alpha Lambda Delta in my sophomore year.  To make the most of the college experience, I felt that I have to get involved with what was offered, from sporting events, joining clubs, getting involved with an organization, helping out a professor, or even just plain hanging out in the university with residents and other commuters.  My friends and I have realized that if we get involved in some kind of way, we would finally feel like we're part of the community.  Last year, I started going to hockey games... and now I wish I started watching them when I was a freshmen!  The Riverhawks are an excellent Division 1 hockey team.  Their games are super exciting and... hey, they're nasty!! (And when I say "nasty" that means THE TEAM IS WICKED GOOD).  Also, I started to get involved with Omicron Delta Kappa.  One event I helped out in was "Trick or Treating for the Troops."  That was a blast!  Plus, I get to dress up as a handsome and adventurous Indiana Jones (hehe).  I started to get involved with what was offered and I finally felt like home.

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I regret not spending more time at UMass Lowell.  I wish I was more involved with the community and the organizations I was part of.  I wish I was at more sporting events so I can support our Riverhawk teams.  I finally felt like I was part of UML community at the end of senior year... do not make the same mistake of being a late bloomer.

Get involved as soon as possible!! 
Trust me, those 4 years will fly by faster than you can blink...

Christian Tiongson
UML Alumni, EP '09

Feel free to comment my blog!  If you leave questions, I will answer them!

How does it feel to have the last day of classes canceled due to "one of the worst ice storms on record?"

Don't answer, because I'll answer it for you!!!!

It is grrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeatttttttttt!!!!!!!!  Oh man, you have no idea!  My presentation and in-class final was canceled!!  And it's the last day of classes!!!!  All I have left is finals and I'm all set for 2008!  Wooohooo!!

Okay, maybe it wasn't completely great since approximately 500,000 from the Worcester and Merrimack Valley Region lost power.  And you know what stinks even more?  Most of those poor souls won't get their electricity restored until Monday at the earliest.  So that means that there is no lights, no heat, rotten food in the refrigerator, and other negative effects.   My buddy from Worcester told me that since his power won't be restored for the whole weekend, he has to stay over his sister's house until further notice.  I heard it was terrible in the Worcester area.

He sent me a picture of his street during the storm:


Nasty picture, huh?  It looks like it snowed a little, but it's not snow - it's just tons and tons of ice that just piled on top of each other from the heavy rains and the sleet.  With that extra weight, tree branches, power lines, poles, and other stuff fell straight to the ground.  On top of that mess is the black ice.  I just read an article off and one woman died from sliding off black ice.  Her truck dove head on into the Charles River... Thank God I didn't drive around last night when the temperatures dropped below freezing.  I got reports from people at UML that electricity around the city is still pretty much dead too - internet services are down too.  (It makes me wonder if you'll be able to read this blog today).

Okay, this blog is getting a bit depressing (and it's time to bring out the cookies! - it's a Health Care Systems class inside joke)!   Let's talk about a more positive ice event! 

Back tracking five days (December 8) before the ice storm, Omicron Delta Kappa (the Leadership Honor Society) went to the Boston Bruins hockey game vs. the Tampa Bay Lightning.  It is one of our first social events for the organization.  About 20 members, faculty, and their friends headed to Boston to watch the RED HOT Eastern Conference leader Bruins rough up the Lightning 5-3.  I honestly think in the first 10 minutes of the game, the Boston Bruins jumped on top 3-0, giving the fans a show!!! 

I actually recorded the most exciting point of the game through the Flip Camera I borrowed from UML.  Before I drop the link, here is the description:  The bruins are already up with a power play 5 vs. 4.  After failing to score in the first few seconds of the power play, one of the Lightnings were penalized for holding giving the Bruins a 5 vs. 3 man advantage.  In this video, big man Zdeno Chara fires one of his hardest slap shots for the power play goal.  Fun times!

It's on youtube right now:

Well I hope you find warmth during this icy weekend.   Stay relaxed, focused, and mindful during this tough finals week!!!  You're almost done!!  Sprint to the finish with flying colors!!!

Good Luck With Finals,


Last night, between 8:30pm - midnight, Dice-K pitched one of the best performances in his life.  He pitched a masterful 7.0 Innings, gave up only 4 hits, did not give up any runs, walked four (which most of them occurred in the first inning), and struck out 9 batters.  To add the perfect topping to that fantastic, sweet pie, Dice-K flirted with a no-hitter into the 7th inning.  Let me say that again... he flirted with a no-hitter into the 7th.  For those who don't know what a no-hitter is... well... Dice-K did not give up any hits at all!!!!!!  All I can say is that Dice-K DOMINATED the Rays.  100%.  Absolutely.  He gave the Red Sox and the Nation the extra step towards GLORY, THE MOTHERLAND, THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

Think about it.  We have 7 more games to win and we can go around saying we have back-to-back World Champions!  But that's too far to think right now.  Today is Game 2 and the injured Josh Beckett is on the mound.  Like I said in my previous blog, the Sox are looking for a good outing from J-Beck.  He is under the dome and he's not exposed to the cold air so that's going to give him a better advantage than Game 3 of the ALDS.  The warmer air won't stiffen him up as much as the cold air did during his last outing.   Everyone has to remember this.  Josh Beckett has the potential to be ace-material like he was during the 2007 Playoffs.  We got to put our faith in him and also totally forgetting our last pitching performance.  There are no such thing as records in the playoffs.  Every round you enter, think of your 0-0 record not your 4-1 record.  It's a new slate each time you climb the ladder.  Thinking this way will let all the pressure of you.  Look at the Colorado Rockies for example.  They swept every team in the playoffs EXCEPT for the Red Sox.  I guess you can say that the pressure of staying undefeated in the playoffs destroyed their chances (plus they faced a very very very good team). 

Well there is nothing much I can say about yesterday's game other than it was a close to perfect outing for our Sox pitchers and a "clutchy" way for our hitters.  It was very enjoyable to watch.  I guess it was one of those games that was so incredible, you had to be on front of a T.V. (or there in Tampa) to really know how "perfect." It was perfect to me.   


- Christian

By the way... I'm leaving you the link to Jacoby Ellsbury's Blog on my page so you can read all his experiences, thoughts, and feelings about the playoffs!!! 
Jacoby Ellsbury's Blog:  

On Monday, the Sox shocked the Angels with their good ol' late game heroics.  This time it wasn't Big Papi or any other "vets" on the team.  The new faces took over that aspect of the game last Monday - Jed Lowrie and Jason Bay.  This shows you how strong the new faces on our team are!  We have a very balanced squad with speed, contact, power, and a great glove.  Look at Mark Kotsay.  He has the bat, the glove, and the speed.  Did you see all those fantastic plays he made on first?  Seriously, he is the most agile first baseman I've seen in awhile (and obviously Youuuukkkkkk is also very agile)! 

But Monday is now a mere memory in the back of our heads, because the Sox has an even bigger test:  The AL East Division Champion Tampa Bay Rays.  Like the Boston Celtics, the Rays were no ones last season, but are now in the Big (AL East) Show.  And I'm not saying that they're going to pull off a Celtics like playoff run!!!!!  I'm just impressed with that HUGE amounts of improvement this Rays team went through.  I give them a round of applause for trying... but it's all going to end tonight!!!!!  (... Oh there goes me being the COCKY Red Sox fan!!!)

So here are the pitchers lined up for this years ALCS:

Game 1:  @ Tampa Bay - Daisuke Matsuzaka
Game 2:  @ Tampa Bay - Josh Beckett
Game 3:  @ Boston - Jon Lester
Game 4:  @ Boston - Tim Wakefield
(Then back to the top)

I feel good about this rotation.  It's smart, strong, and very diverse. 

To make my first point, it's great that Jon Lester is not starting Game 1 of the series.  Using my EP skills, athletes need recovery, especially pitchers who threw x number of pitches.  Jon Lester pitched a terrific game on Monday.  Monday was 4 days ago.  Starters, like Jon Lester should have a good 5-7 days of rest, and according to that rotation, Jon Lester will be fully recovered for another strong outting.

Second point:  Josh Beckett in the "2-hole" is a great idea.  Now most of you would've probably beat me up for saying that, after his horrific outing during the ALDS.  Now using my EP-brain,  Josh Beckett has an injury that is most likely still nagging him.  Now think... for those who have a hurt back/side, when its really cold outside, do you get stiff? Hurt?  Feel like crap?  Well Beckett does have a back/side injury (I don't remember what he has in particular) and he did pitch in the cold 30-40 degree weather last week.  That cold weather probably got to him EVEN if he did have a proper warm-up.  In between innings he sat down inactively, which just lowers your body temperature.  Then when you're back out there on the mound, he throws in a few pitches, which clock about high 80s - 90s, and is expected to throw another good round of pitches for the opponent.  Keeping him pitching under Tropicana Field's dome for Games 2 and 6 will shield him from any type of cold weather conditions.  I HIGHLY doubt that the Rays will drop the air temp in the stadium JUST to get Beckett stiff again.  So it's a great setting for the Beckett! 

Third point: Dice-K and Wakefield are great being AWAY and against the RAYs.  Dice-K is perfect away (and I know that records don't count... but I do like to add that in)!  He and Lester showed the Sox that they are ace material.  With Dice-K's arsenal of (100000) pitches, he will be able to trick the Rays into a strikeout.  Tim Wakfield on the other hand OWNS the Rays (even if he did get racked a few times against them).  According to ESPN's Sportscenter, Wakefield has an overall 9-3 record at Tropicana Field, and an overall better winning percentage over the Rays.  That definitely gives the Sox hope for a great turnout from the oldest player on the team (I think).

I'm very confident with our team right now.  The Red Sox definitely got a chance to win a championship!!!!    You don't understand how pumped I am right now!!!!!!  I'M SO READY!!! Tonight I'm watching the game with my two great friends over their apartment.  According to them, they are hardcore Sox fans too.  So there's going to be a lot of screaming at the T.V. (aww poor television), and tons of high-fives, cheers, and other celebratory stuff!!!!

To end my blog post for today, I just want to say...

LET'S GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Christian 

September 11, 2008.

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Seven years ago, I was in Malden Catholic High School.  I was just a freshman who started the first few days of my high school career.  I was young, naive, and unaware about everything around me... until the attacks happened.  Throughout the early morning, there have been rumors going around the school that a plane crashed into the World Trade Center.  At first I didn't believe it, since seniors can make up crap about anything and make freshmen feel uncomfortable.  But then the rumors kept on going.  The whole school was talking about it.  There were students with blank faces on them, some with tears streaming from their eyes of fear.  I knew there was something wrong.  

During homeroom time, which was after my first few classes, the headmaster came on the intercom and made the painful announcement:  "America was attacked.  Two planes hit the World Trade Center and another hit the Pentagon.  There are rumors that the Chicago Sears Tower was struck..."  My heart sank to the ground.  How could this happen?  Why did this happen?  The United States of America?  We got attacked?  I thought we were impenetrable from attacks.  That whole day was torture for me... I did not know what to do... what to say... I basically just sat there and stared at the television and watched the replays of the planes hitting those two towers.  Then something hit me even harder.  One of my teacher's brothers was in the plane that flew into the towers.  It was hard to sink in... Was this the end of the world?

Going home from school was just as numbing for me.  Instead of the buzzing and loud environment of students on their way out of school, there was this eerie silence... just complete silence.  My dad looked very worried when he picked me up.  It looks like he haven't slept in days.  On the way home, we were listening to the radio for updates from the attack sites.  It was already 3pm and the towers were already long gone... collapsed.  When we got home, I went to the backyard and just stared at the sky.  I knew that one of those planes went over my house, since I live under an air route from Logan Airport in Boston.  But at that moment, the sky was silent.  No clouds, no planes, no birds, just plain blue.  There was just a deep pit in my stomach when I saw fighter jets scrambling the skies around Boston.  They were ready for any other attacks.  They were ready to protect us again.

As years passed, the pain is still felt from that horrible day... "a day which will live in infamy."  Everything around us changed.  Our lives changed.  The way life was viewed changed drastically.  As I sit here typing out this blog for all of you, I still have that awful feeling in my stomach.  I still can't believe that happened. 

Please don't forget about that day.  Remember those who lost their lives, and those who fought hard to keep us free.  Pray that something like that will never happen again...

I'll leave you one thought before I sign-off from my blog:

Where were you on that day?

God Bless America,

July 4th Weekend

Hey bloggers,

Sorry for the late blog.  As you can probably tell that I had a busy July 4th Weekend.  Usually around this time of the year, my baseball season takes a break from a tough season and when my family comes together and relax for once.  On Friday, my family and I went to Boston early and just walked around to see the festivities.  We also walked down to the Charlestown Navy Yard to see the USS Consitution sail into the Boston Harbor.  Unfortunately, when we got there, all we saw was the ship going back into its "resting grounds."  So we basically hung out around the navy yard, took some funny pictures of each other, and headed into Quincy Market to find something to bite.  After we headed to the small park near Spaulding Hospital at watch the boats flow into the Charles River for the night. 

After our day in Boston, we headed back home, had our annual BBQ and played extreme musical chairs with my younger cousins and siblings.  That was really funny.  I actually have a video of us fighting for the chairs, but I don't have any time to post it up.  Another tradition we have is watching the "Flyover."  Around 7-8pm every year, a group of fighter jets (this time it was 2 F-15s) would set up their flight formation over my area before the big flyover over the Esplanade.   Funny enough, this is usually the indicator that I should leave for Boston so I can get a good spot to watch the fireworks.   This year, unfortunately,  my watching spot is no longer available to the public - the Longfellow Bridge.  I guess that the bridge is falling apart or something and its no longer safe for anything (except for the MBTA Trains) to get on.  It stunk, because I didn't find a great spot for the fireworks; all I got was trees and smoke from the fireworks.  Oh well, I got to re-watch it on!

On Saturday, I worked my final shift at Kohl's Department Store.  It was a fun last time, because I didn't really do anything, ha ha.  I've heard that more employees have quit the between the last time I've worked (2 weeks ago) and yesterday, and inventory was going to start this Monday... so I guess I left at the right time!

Today, I'm working again, but in my new job at Hallmark.  I'm pretty happy that I got more hours this week, because I need the money!!  My baseball team is going to start playing again also; we have 3 more games left. 

So I'm thinking this is going to be a long week.  See you all later!

- Christian
I remember when I was a little kid at the old apartment in Malden, MA, sitting on my family's old couch next to my dad, while watching a Boston Red Sox game.  It was back then when Scott Cooper was the shortstop for the Sox.  Just sitting there, my dad reminds me of when they last had a championship, which was 1918 at that time.  As I grew older, I've seen our local teams take that extra step towards their ultimate goal, but failed either in the first round of their post season play or not making a spot at all during the regular season.  That was during the 1990s when everything was so simple for my young self, when the Toronto Blue Jays were back to back 1993 and 1994 MLB World Champions, and when the Sox had Nomar Garciaparra.  It seemed like Boston was trying to expose itself to the world as a city with at least one championship team.  But it seemed to fail behind in the 1990s.

I was in the Philippines visiting family when the New Year's Eve countdown was ticking away for the new millennium.  Before the clock ticked to midnight, I felt that the old was dying off, and a fresh new beginning was about to happen for all of us, especially for Boston's sports teams.  While we were facing a new beginning, a major horrific event happened that changed the world today.  On September 11, 2001, terrorists flew 4 planes as weapons of destruction - killing thousands of people.  With the world, especially the United States on the edge, the sports world tried to continue with their seasons.  But one team went beyond their expectations - the New England Patriots.  Riding with the American colors (red, white, and blue), the Patriots become America's team during the 2002 Super Bowl vs. the Rams.  With Patriotism in its highest point, it felt right that the Patriots won their first championship. 

That was the start.  In 2004, the Patriots earned another ring and trophy to their trophy self, while the Boston Red Sox showed their pride and strength with their first World Series Championship in 86 years.  In 2005, the Patriots again added another championship under their belts.  In 2007, the Boston Red Sox won their second World Series title in 4 years, and now the Boston Celtics are World Champions for first time in 22 years. 

What does that tell you about our Boston teams?  With a total of 6 world championships in 7 years, the strong sense of hope began to emerge.  Our teams showed that through the thick and thin, there is a way to reach your goal. There will be sacrifices, heartaches, and downfalls during the process.  These negative consequences should not bring down your mind, heart, and soul - these should help you become stronger.  Like I said many blogs ago, there are no obstacles.  Look at the Boston Celtics for example.  Last season, there were the worst team in the NBA with a total of 20 (or maybe less) wins.  Paul "The Truth" Pierce still kept his head up through the season and the rebuilding process (the addition of Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett).  He had hope for the future, especially when many people (like sports critics) believed that it might take a long time for the team to build chemistry and become a championship caliber team.  Look at them now; they are on top of the world with their 17th championship win - the most in NBA history. 

The Boston Red Sox also showed this sense of hope.  Down three games to none, the Boston Red Sox came back against the New York Yankees to beat them in four consecutive games for the American League Championship.  This hope and motivation helped them sweep the St. Louis Cardinals for the World Championship.

I can go on with examples but it is pretty evident -  without hope, there is no chance for survival in this tough world.  If there is no positive outlook, you might live a depressing life.  Hope gave our teams championships.  Hope can give you your own championship - graduating college, getting a new job, having your own family, etc.   Don't give up.

Stay hopeful, be hopeful, and you will succeed.

- Christian


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