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Finals & Closing :)

Hey everyone,

Sorry I didn't write last week, life was more than a little crazy. Finals preparation definitely got the best of me. I had papers due, projects, portfolios etc.. Then I had my only final exam on Saturday. Needless to say, this week has been a LOT better.

Now it's the saddest time of the year. Everyone is moving out and moving on. :( My residents have started moving out and some are transferring. It's always terribly sad. I wish them all the best of luck on all their future endeavors and I'm so glad I got to meet them all and help part of their growth into mature college students.

Now is also the most EXCITING time of year. Orientation starts on FRIDAY! We have our retreat, two weeks of training then we get to meet all of you FANTASTIC incoming students and your families. If you haven't registered for orientation, PLEASE go do that. The website is
ORIENTATION ! It is going to basically your intro to college. You'll meet people in your major, some advisors, and your Orientation Leader. Your OL is going to be your go-to person while you're learning about UML. They'll give you tours, teach you the ropes and make you feel a lot more comfortable with the university.

Well this week is really bittersweet, and now I need to go check my ISIS for my grades.

Thanks for reading,
Sam :)

Grad School Update

Hey everyone,

So I've been INSANELY busy lately with class work. It is definitely CRUNCH TIME! Finals are right around the corner. My craziness is winding down now though. I am one paper and one exam away from summer.

Summer approaching means ORIENTATION is right around the corner as well. YAY! If you're an incoming freshman, a parent of an incoming freshman or a transfer student, make sure you sign up for Orientation at!

(Insert awkward transition from Orientation to Grad School... HERE)

So, lately i've been thinking a lot about Grad School again. I'm starting to ask professors for recommendations (I figure give them the whole summer to work on it), I'm checking out application fees and GRE (the SAT's of college) dates. It's getting more and more real. I can't wait!

I'm also waiting for my mom to let me know which days she got off in August so we can fly to NC to check out schools. I have to call and set up tours and meetings with the university and the department themselves.

I've gotten a lot of my family to come to terms with the fact that I might be leaving for a year or two. They know i'm looking at schools locally, but ideally i'm ready for a new adventure. My little brother is the newest fighter on me staying local. Figures, my mom accepts it and my brother starts saying I'm not allowed to go. (He's 11.. it's almost cute!) We'll have to wait and see how that goes though.

Ankle update: One more week in the cast! I go back for an x-ray on the 15th and if all looks well, then YAY no more cast. Which means for finals week I will be cast-less. I'm looking forward to being able to walk around (a lot) and swim (a lot) for the summer.

O2K9 :)

Hey everyone,

So if you're a frequent reader, you're aware that I'm an RA. What you might not remember though, is that i'm an OL, or Orientation Leader. Well I got re-hired as an OL in November, but the last week in February was Orientation Leader Selection for new hires. Well, Orientation got a record number of applicants, 54!! That's crazy! 

Selection weekend is just that, a weekend full of interviews. First day was a group interview. It is really just a day full of games and fun activities where you can showcase your personality. Second day is a formal interview with a senior staff member. Letters are available a few days later saying if you got hired as an OL, an alternate or not.

If you're a true reader and read my blog last year, you'll remember that I got an alternate spot. An alternate spot means that you were awesome but there just aren't enough spots to hire you right away. Last year we all got hired onto the OL staff. I remember getting the e-mail saying "do you want to be an OL this summer?" and I SCREAMED and jumped around with excitement.

As much as I love being an RA, being an OL is the greatest job. Basically you get paid to have fun and be a big goofball all summer. You get to yell and dance and be in skits (and sometimes we even get to Karaoke). You also get to work with some of the greatest people around. After being an OL this summer, my decision to go into College Student Development or Higher Ed was pretty much confirmed. I remember thinking "I can do this forever, like I can make this my career?!" and I was sold. Who doesn't want to have fun for the rest of their life?!

So if you're an incoming student or the parent of an incoming student, I will see you at Orientation this summer. Bring a smile and some energy, because it will definitely be a great experience. You'll learn some things, make friends and pick classes for the fall (and a whole lot more that is TOP SECRET and you just have to wait for the summer to find out!)

Thanks for reading,

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