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GRE's are D-O-N-E

Hey everyone,

One step closer to Grad School! GRE's are done! I'm satisfied with my scores (even though my top school doesn't require them!) and I have to thank mostly. was sent to me by one of my supervisors and it was heaven sent! It gives you questions from each type of question they ask in both the verbal and the quantitative THEN (here's the best part) it tells you why your answer is right or wrong. This was perfect for the math because it refreshed my memory on a lot of things I forgot. It also let you go back and figure out the right answer once you were prompted. Then it calculated what percentile you would be in (compared to others that use their website). I have to say, the books are handy but this website just made it seem a lot more real. If you're taking the GRE's give it a shot.

The only thing that the website didn't really help prep for was the essays. I had done some further research on what the essays looked like and how much time was given to write them. I got to choose between two prompts for one of my essays and I felt really confident about my writing so *fingers crossed*. 

The cool thing about the GRE's are you can send your results to 4 schools for free (normally $80) so I sent my results to my schools and that's one more thing done and over with.

So now that GRE's are done. I'm 1 final paper, 1 acting presentation and 1 final exam away from winter break. 

- Sam

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