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Hey everyone,

If you're a frequent reader of my blog, you know that this is MY FAVORITE time of the semester. It is time to meet with advisors and begin registering for classes.

Basically, right about now, everyone is starting to feel "blah" after the midterm rush and ready to be done with their current classes. The new-ness and exciting-ness is just gone. BUT a wonderful website listed as the "Registrar's Office" posts a very exciting thing... A NEW SCHEDULE!

If you're a first semester freshmen or a 2nd to last semester senior, you should be meeting with your advisor listed on ISIS. They will come in handy with helping plan your future career here or filing your DIG form (see below.).

Otherwise, most departments do "Group Advising" sessions and you get to go when it is most convenient for you and meet different advisors and professors. I always signed up for group advising with a different professor to get to hear their different stories and opinions on classes. That's how I met one of my FAVORITE psychology professors.

Fast forward to last week sometime...

Here I am, looking through the registrar's website and realizing that I've taken A LOT of these classes. Then I had a sad realization. Next semester is my last semester here at UML. This is my last time looking through classes and finding that one perfect slot with my favorite professor. Then I realized it was time to file my DIG form. A DIG form is a "Declaration of Intent to Graduate" and basically you write all of your classes and where they fit into your requirements and electives. It is incredibly scary, but incredibly relieving to see that I'm only 6 classes away from graduating in May 2010.

*shudders* well now that I feel incredibly old... I'm going to wash my dentures... and by that I mean work on some politics reading.

Thanks for reading,
Sam :)

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