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Hey Everyone,

How are you? I hope that you and your families had a great Thanksgiving! (And a GREAT Black-Friday & Cyber-Monday!)

So the other day I almost did something that I've taught almost every freshman and transfer that came through Orientation NOT to do. I almost dropped a class because I wanted to add a different one in the Spring. So I logged onto ISIS and I had all the numbers ready to go and I clicked the "Drop Classes" link. Then I highlighted the right class.. THEN I realized that I was commiting an ISIS no-no (not really, it will let you do it, it just isn't smart). So then I quickly quicked the "Swap Classes" link and entered in the class number I wanted to add next to the one I wanted to switch it with. THIS is a much smarter idea. If you change classes under the "Swap" function, you won't get dropped from your first class until you get into the second. It is always a safer thing to do. What if you dropped one class and your new class was full?! And then someone took your spot in your first class?!? Now you're doomed (well kind of). So basically, on ISIS, you never want to DROP a class if you have intentions of adding another one. Got it?! Don't forget it! It's handy information.


On another note, I delivered all of my Letters of Recommendation packets to people that agreed to write them. I provided them with tons of information (probably too much) including my resume and personal statement draft. I never understood why people asked for so much, but I realized that they need all of that information to write about you in a more well-rounded way. If my supervisor didn't know that I had a 3.59 GPA, she couldn't write how I balance my academics and my job. Same if my professors know that I do well in class, but don't know how much work I do around campus. It helps them fill in the gaps about what they don't know.

I'm also almost done filling out the applications themselves, which means this process is almost done.




On the note, Thank you for reading...

Sam :)

Hey everyone -

I have a very busy weekend ahead of me.

Tonight, I'm going to see Funny People for FREE in O'Leary. FREE MOVIE!!! If you're on campus, you should go! I didn't see the movie in the theaters, and I've heard very mixed reviews but I have nothing else to do tonight so it's my game plan. (Plus maybe I'll bring my laptop and get work done....... that's a BIG maybe though.)

Tomorrow, I'm going to a conference that will hopefully help me (and motivate me!) to get back on the Grad School ball. I have been ssssllllaaackkkkiiiinngggg! The conference is put on by NEACUHO (Northeast Association of College and University Housing Officers). It's called RD2B. I went last year and I had a blast. It's a great opportunity for me to network, hear about some programs, get my resume looked at and maybe even do a mock interview? I'm looking forward to it. (Even though I have to wake up at 6am.)

Then tomorrow night, I'm going to the hockey game. I haven't been able to go to nearly as many games as I would like this season, but tomorrow night I can go!!! UML is playing Merrimack. I'm hoping that they have some really fun entertainment between the periods. A few weeks ago they had these blow-up animal things that danced called Zooperstars. They were a RIOT! We had to leave early that game, but we stayed late enough to watch them peform twice. I think that the atmosphere of the games are really my favorite part. Seeing everyone chanting and yelling with their face paint and jerseys... you really have to go to a game to understand. (DON'T FORGET: They games are FREE to all UML students with your ID.) 

Well I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Thanks for reading,
- Sam


Hey everyone,

I hope that you're all having a great week before Thanksgiving. I'm sad. I'm missing the snow we should be getting! Not even little flurries, I want like 2' of snow! That would be SO cool right now. Plus, who doesn't love a snow day or 2? I mean, comeee on... It's NOVEMBER... not May! Enough with the warm weather. Phew.. okay... There's that rant.

On another note, I went to UML's Off-Broadway Players show on Thursday night. For those of you who don't know, Off-Broadway Players are the theater troupe at Umass Lowell. They are great! On Thursday nights, It's student night and students get in for $1 with their ID. (Seriously, we save so much money because of that little piece of plastic.) Their latest show was Rumors by Neil Simon. It's a comedy and it lived up to it's genre because it most certainly had the whole audience laughing. Their set was also INCREDIBLE! It was two stories and it looked like a real house! I had a great time and I hope that everyone else that went had a great time.

Grad school update: The GRE practice books and stuff are starting to scare me. What if I don't do well? I'm cutting it close with my priority deadlines as it is. I mean, almost all the schools are rolling applications (should be a term you first year students/high school seniors are familiar with) but I want to get it in early. Also, my goal is to finish my personal statement on Sunday so I can get it to my Professor's so they can write my recommendations.

Sorry I've been so boring lately, I promise I'll spice it up soon!

Thanks for reading,
Sam :)

Hey everyone -


I've narrowed my choice down to three schools and they are all in Massachusetts. I know that seems crazy because I was so convinced about going to NC but because of family things and a few serious discussions with my mother, I've decided that for grad school I'm going to stay local, then if I choose to go away, then I should try then.

Also, last week I registered for the GRE's. Basically they are like the SAT's for grad school, but way harder. I'm scheduled to take them in December. I've been prepping here and there since the summer. I recently received a new practice book, DVD and book about the test. I'm hoping they help a little bit. I only want to take the GRE's once.

I've also filled out some of the applications and outlined my personal statement. Basically, a personal statement is an essay about what you want to do and why. I feel really comfortable with where I want to go with it, but I've been putting off writing it. I NEED TO GET THAT DONE. Haha.

I have also confirmed three people to write recommendations for me. Two professors and one of my supervisors. I'm really excited they all agreed and I think that over the past 3 and a half years they have gotten to know me the best.

Okay, so on a less stressful note (meaning this has NOTHING to do with Grad School), I am taking my brother to a comedy show tomorrow night. (If he somehow finds this blog in the next 24 hours, you can bet I'm going to be mad. I've kept this a secret for MONTHS) So if you remember last year, the comedian Mike Birbiglia came to UML. HE WAS A RIOT. He joked about everything from freshmen living at the Radisson to his brother and their relationship. So fast forward to the beginning of the summer when I found out he was on tour (!!!!!!!!). I ordered the tickets on the spot. My brother wants to be a comedian so I knew he would enjoy it, and VOILA easy birthday gift. 

Well, I'm super excited to head home for the first time in almost a month and I'm sure my family is too... So I'm going to start packing (and by packing, I mean throwing my laundry into a basket.. and hoping it all fits)

Grad School Update

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Hey everyone,

So the other day, I went to relax and watch TV and I realized that I have less than 4 months to apply to 5 graduate schools. So of course, I started to panic and get EXTREMELY nervous. So I began the process.
For new readers, I'm looking at Grad School programs for Higher Ed Administration / College Student Development / Higher Ed and Student Affairs. Basically, I want to work in a college or university starting off in either Residence Life or Orientation and eventually I would love to be a Dean of Students somewhere. I love the college atmosphere and if this is what I can do for the rest of my life, why not?!

I went to each school's website and found their Graduate School applications and learned about each process. Most of the processes are online. Everything can be submitted on their websites including Professor recommendations. This makes life IMMENSELY easier for everyone. I can work on bits and pieces of the application here and there as I have a few spare minutes. This is a relief.

I also began asking Professors and Supervisors for recommendations. So far, everyone I asked has said yes with no hesitation. That makes me very happy and eager. I know that my Professors AND Supervisors know that I'm an extremely hard-worker and that I'm very motivated.

I've also started putting Open House dates in my calendar. I was supposed to go to North Carolina to check out schools in August but I got promoted and I started training ASAP, so my mother and I rescheduled. We're going to go the first week in January to check out schools down south. (If you're a frequent reader, you're aware that my mother wasn't always fond of the idea of me looking at Grad Schools SEVERAL states away.) I've done virtual tours of the schools and spoke to students at some of them, and so far so good!

So like I may have said this before, I'm the first person in my family to go to college, so Grad School is foreign territory here... so If any readers have ANY tips or tricks, please comment with them! Every little bit will help.

Thanks for reading,
Sam :)

Grad School Update

Hey everyone,

So I've been INSANELY busy lately with class work. It is definitely CRUNCH TIME! Finals are right around the corner. My craziness is winding down now though. I am one paper and one exam away from summer.

Summer approaching means ORIENTATION is right around the corner as well. YAY! If you're an incoming freshman, a parent of an incoming freshman or a transfer student, make sure you sign up for Orientation at!

(Insert awkward transition from Orientation to Grad School... HERE)

So, lately i've been thinking a lot about Grad School again. I'm starting to ask professors for recommendations (I figure give them the whole summer to work on it), I'm checking out application fees and GRE (the SAT's of college) dates. It's getting more and more real. I can't wait!

I'm also waiting for my mom to let me know which days she got off in August so we can fly to NC to check out schools. I have to call and set up tours and meetings with the university and the department themselves.

I've gotten a lot of my family to come to terms with the fact that I might be leaving for a year or two. They know i'm looking at schools locally, but ideally i'm ready for a new adventure. My little brother is the newest fighter on me staying local. Figures, my mom accepts it and my brother starts saying I'm not allowed to go. (He's 11.. it's almost cute!) We'll have to wait and see how that goes though.

Ankle update: One more week in the cast! I go back for an x-ray on the 15th and if all looks well, then YAY no more cast. Which means for finals week I will be cast-less. I'm looking forward to being able to walk around (a lot) and swim (a lot) for the summer.

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