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Hey everyone -

I have a very busy weekend ahead of me.

Tonight, I'm going to see Funny People for FREE in O'Leary. FREE MOVIE!!! If you're on campus, you should go! I didn't see the movie in the theaters, and I've heard very mixed reviews but I have nothing else to do tonight so it's my game plan. (Plus maybe I'll bring my laptop and get work done....... that's a BIG maybe though.)

Tomorrow, I'm going to a conference that will hopefully help me (and motivate me!) to get back on the Grad School ball. I have been ssssllllaaackkkkiiiinngggg! The conference is put on by NEACUHO (Northeast Association of College and University Housing Officers). It's called RD2B. I went last year and I had a blast. It's a great opportunity for me to network, hear about some programs, get my resume looked at and maybe even do a mock interview? I'm looking forward to it. (Even though I have to wake up at 6am.)

Then tomorrow night, I'm going to the hockey game. I haven't been able to go to nearly as many games as I would like this season, but tomorrow night I can go!!! UML is playing Merrimack. I'm hoping that they have some really fun entertainment between the periods. A few weeks ago they had these blow-up animal things that danced called Zooperstars. They were a RIOT! We had to leave early that game, but we stayed late enough to watch them peform twice. I think that the atmosphere of the games are really my favorite part. Seeing everyone chanting and yelling with their face paint and jerseys... you really have to go to a game to understand. (DON'T FORGET: They games are FREE to all UML students with your ID.) 

Well I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Thanks for reading,
- Sam

Movies That Rock

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Hey everyone,

So did you ever see a preview for a movie and say "I WANT TO SEE THAT!" and then just never go? Movie theaters are EXPENSIVE nowadays. Especially to students. Working on campus, you make $10 usually. A movie costs almost $11. That's a whole hour of work. Not including drinks, popcorn, jujubees, m&ms, twizzlers and any thing else that may induce a sugar rush.

Well UML recognizes that students aren't exactly rollin' in the dough, so they have a new program on the weekends here. It's a series called "Movies That Rock." Basically they show a new release that just left the theaters. It's FREE to UML students, and you can bring your own popcorn. What's better than that?!

You have to work on the weekend, THAT'S OKAY! Here's how it works. On Friday nights, you can see the movies on South Campus in O'Leary 222. On Sunday nights, you can see the movies in the Fox Common. AND on Monday nights, you can see the movies at the ICC. They always start at 8pm. 

Last weekend (to kick off my birthday weekend), my friends Dawn and Debbie and myself went to see Up! in O'Leary. I LOVEEE UP! It's so cute and funny (and sad... weird how that works). It wasn't too crowded and we got decent seats. O'Leary222 is perfect because it's set up like a movie theaters with the different levels.

So now that you know about YET ANOTHEr thing to do at UML... here are a few movies coming up in October that you should go see (FOR FREE):
Weekend starting: 10/9 - The Hangover, 10/16 - Transformers 2, 10/23 - The Ugly Truth, 10/30 - The Orphan. 

Thanks for reading,
Sam :)

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