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The final stretch...


Hey everyone,

Let me start off by saying I am one overwhelmed college senior. Classes, working and grad school stuff is really bogging me down. I wish that I could just add a few hours to every day. Or have a snow day, but mother nature isn't feeling that one right now.

So what does one do when one is stressed out beyond reason? One MAKES A PLAN! I have outlined my life over the next two weeks. I have when I am going to write my papers, continue studying for the GRE's, memorize my acting final script, mail grad school stuff AND sleep (maybe).

Time management has become a huge part of my life in college. Before college, I was fortunate to be one of those people that didn't have to study to get good grades. I was involved but no where near as involved as I am now. Basically I never had to juggle anything, it all got done and I was always in bed by 11pm (to be fair, I used to wake up at 5am).When I started working in the Honors Office when I was a freshmen, I was required to read these packets on  Time Management, Study Skills and Note Taking to become a peer advisor and to hold workshops. When I read the Time Management one, I scoffed and said that I wouldn't need to do that. Basically, finals approached and I learned I was very, very, very wrong. So I re-read the time management packet, photo copied a few the sheets and organized my life a little better. I learned that time management took a lot of work, but it was worth it when I finished work and was in bed by 1am (to be fair, I didn't have to wake up until 9).

I think that if you're one of those people coming out of high school and you coasted through senior year, hold on, because you're in for a bumpy ride. Do yourself a favor, and google time management strategies or go to the Centers for Learning and sit in on a workshop. They really are helpful.

Tonight though, I am treating myself to one last night out before I really crack down. I am going to see Brothers in the movies. Luckily for me, I bought discounted tickets at the Student Information Center ($7 tickets for the Showcase Cinemas). I don't know how I'm going to function when I'm not a UMass Lowell student. I'm definitely going to have to budget my money a little bit better without all these discounts and student prices.


Well I'm off to make a list or six... Thanks for reading!

Sam :)

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