University Trip to Macau Summer of 2011 Week 3 Pictures and Excerpts

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After the Hong Kong trip students went back into the classroom. Students received a meal plan ahead of time, and the cafeteria also had a great selection of American Food. Right around this time the students were getting eager to get home. Week 3 had a lot of classroom time. The Security tour for the students this week, was at the Disney Land Resortís Security Center. Students were shown examples of techniques such as CPET, or Community Protection by Environmental Design. People might not notice the security features of the park, and that is done on purpose. Some of the students were able to ride some of the rides.  Students were also able to see the Buddhists Monks at the Lantau Island Monastery. Over the weekend students were allowed to go to Hong Kong Island over the weekend to meet with friends.

W3 1 Classroom.jpg
Left:Students during Classroom Rime

W3 2 Dinsey tour.jpg
Right: Entrance of Disney, Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Disney is just like magic Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando Florida.

W3 3 Students at Lantau.jpg
Left: Giant Buddah Statue at Lantau Island. Courtesy Kelly McArthy

W3 4 Panda.jpg
Right: Panda Bear in Macau Panda Park.

W3 5 Lobby of grand Lisboa.jpg
Right: Grand Lisboa Lobby

W3 6 Dim sum.jpg

Right: Professor Saravara Eating Dim Sum with His Son.

Not your American Chinese food No Chicken Fingers here.

W3 7 Temple.jpg
Right: Professor Saravara sitting next to his Zodiac Sign the Monkey.

Students went to temples and were able to see different religious background, and different ides of Buddhism.

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