University Trip to Macau Summer of 2011 Week One Pictures and Excerpts

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Edited by Bill Granfield  
 The trip started off at Logan Airport out of Boston. One of the major challenges was to choose the best airline and route. Professor Saravara's background and experience allowed him to choose the best and most convenient route.  The best flight was a layover in Chicago, and then a slightly shorter route over the North Pole which provided less turbulence.

W1 1 747 in hk small.jpg
The route included a 747 which is a very reliable plane which has been in service for years.Professor Saravara teaches his classes that attention to detail is important, and he was sure to check seat size, cabin size, and even the seat layout.  Some of the students where seasoned flyers and some weren’t. Professor Saravara had to be prepared for that and anything that might come at him. A complete orientation was held prior to the flight. 

W1 2 Student arrival tour.jpg
After the class landed they took a short ferry to the island, and the students were able to get settle into their dorms and then went out for dinner as a group. On the first day students took a tour of the university, and Sanado square, and the St. Paul ruins.

W1 3 Group shot Senato Square.jpg
Left: Group Shot of Students and Professor Saravara at Senado Square

W1 5 St Paul Ruins.jpg
Right: St. Paul's Ruins

During this week class also started, Professor Saravara paired the students up with University of Macau Counterparts, which after a short lecture, they worked together on projects.  The first tour of the week was at the Venetian Casino, one of the largest Casinos in Macau.

W1 6 Classroom 1.jpg

Left: Professor Saravara Teaching.

W1 7 Kids at Venitian casino.jpg

The Students were able to view one of the control centers, in the casino Guided by Matt Forbes.

Right: Professor Saravara's Daughter and Son

W1 8 Still actor Venitian.jpg

Left: A  "Still Actor" in the Venetian Casino

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