The students wrapped things up on week 4, after three security tours, and many cultural tours the students had a great background in the Culture of Macau and Hong Kong , as well as security principles of major companies. 

W4 1 Group shot.jpg
Right: Group Shots of Students. Sean Murphy and

W4 2 UML students making  friends.jpg
Left: Victoria Saraphina and
Kelly with Carthy.

W4 3 Students tour old city.jpg
RIght: Students Hanging out in the Old CIty.

w4 Sunset UM.jpg
Right: Sunset over Macau

Students has a very enriching experience and were able to make friendships and relationships unique to a trip like this. Most of the students kept in touch over the internet or Facbook.

After the Hong Kong trip students went back into the classroom. Students received a meal plan ahead of time, and the cafeteria also had a great selection of American Food. Right around this time the students were getting eager to get home. Week 3 had a lot of classroom time. The Security tour for the students this week, was at the Disney Land Resortís Security Center. Students were shown examples of techniques such as CPET, or Community Protection by Environmental Design. People might not notice the security features of the park, and that is done on purpose. Some of the students were able to ride some of the rides.  Students were also able to see the Buddhists Monks at the Lantau Island Monastery. Over the weekend students were allowed to go to Hong Kong Island over the weekend to meet with friends.

W3 1 Classroom.jpg
Left:Students during Classroom Rime

W3 2 Dinsey tour.jpg
Right: Entrance of Disney, Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Disney is just like magic Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando Florida.

W3 3 Students at Lantau.jpg
Left: Giant Buddah Statue at Lantau Island. Courtesy Kelly McArthy

W3 4 Panda.jpg
Right: Panda Bear in Macau Panda Park.

W3 5 Lobby of grand Lisboa.jpg
Right: Grand Lisboa Lobby

W3 6 Dim sum.jpg

Right: Professor Saravara Eating Dim Sum with His Son.

Not your American Chinese food No Chicken Fingers here.

W3 7 Temple.jpg
Right: Professor Saravara sitting next to his Zodiac Sign the Monkey.

Students went to temples and were able to see different religious background, and different ides of Buddhism.

    Edited By Bill Granfield
    Starting on Sunday in the second week the students took a tour of the old city of Macau including an almond cookie factory.   Professor Saravara wanted to emphasize fresh local food, including almond cookies, and shark fin soup.  The tour for this week was the HSBC bank in Hong Kong. The students were given a lecture and tour by Professor Saravara friend's Stanley. The lecture was on protest management, a unique opportunity for the students.  Students were then allowed to stay in Hong Kong for the weekend if they wanted too.

W2 1 Student tour almond cookie bakery.jpgLeft: Students at the Almond Factory

W2 2 Shark Fin.jpgRight: Fresh Fish Market, Shark Fin soup.

W2 3 HSBC Lecture.jpgLeft: HSBC Bank Lecture on Protest Managment

W2 4 View from HSBC of HK.jpg
Right: View From on top of the HSBC Building

W2 6 BBQ with Doug.jpg
Left: Professor Saravara's Friend Doug and Family.

W2 7 Ocean Park.jpg
Above: Ocean Park Hong Kongs "Sea World"

W2 8 Ocean park me and Michelle.jpgAbove: Professor Sarava and His Wife Michelle

W2 9 Meeting with CityU.jpgLeft: Outside City University In Hong Kong

Edited by Bill Granfield  
 The trip started off at Logan Airport out of Boston. One of the major challenges was to choose the best airline and route. Professor Saravara's background and experience allowed him to choose the best and most convenient route.  The best flight was a layover in Chicago, and then a slightly shorter route over the North Pole which provided less turbulence.

W1 1 747 in hk small.jpg
The route included a 747 which is a very reliable plane which has been in service for years.Professor Saravara teaches his classes that attention to detail is important, and he was sure to check seat size, cabin size, and even the seat layout.  Some of the students where seasoned flyers and some werenít. Professor Saravara had to be prepared for that and anything that might come at him. A complete orientation was held prior to the flight. 

W1 2 Student arrival tour.jpg
After the class landed they took a short ferry to the island, and the students were able to get settle into their dorms and then went out for dinner as a group. On the first day students took a tour of the university, and Sanado square, and the St. Paul ruins.

W1 3 Group shot Senato Square.jpg
Left: Group Shot of Students and Professor Saravara at Senado Square

W1 5 St Paul Ruins.jpg
Right: St. Paul's Ruins

During this week class also started, Professor Saravara paired the students up with University of Macau Counterparts, which after a short lecture, they worked together on projects.  The first tour of the week was at the Venetian Casino, one of the largest Casinos in Macau.

W1 6 Classroom 1.jpg

Left: Professor Saravara Teaching.

W1 7 Kids at Venitian casino.jpg

The Students were able to view one of the control centers, in the casino Guided by Matt Forbes.

Right: Professor Saravara's Daughter and Son

W1 8 Still actor Venitian.jpg

Left: A  "Still Actor" in the Venetian Casino
Edited by Bill Granfield
During the Summer of 2011, Professor Stephen Saravara and 12 students from the Criminology Department took an enriching trip to the Island of Macau. The trip itself was one of the first, and largest trips overseas at UMass Lowell. The primary purpose of the trip was to be able to offer students an affordable way to go overseas, to give students a class that offered 6 credits, could benefit the student that had a security or law enforcement interest and finally to provide a culturally enriching  experience for the students. Professor Saravara had lots of support from the Criminology department in setting up the trip.  
    In all twenty students from the University of Macau, and twelve Umass Lowell Students met over the summer in what would turn out to be a very enriching experience. Another trip is planned for this summer and might possibly  be open to Sociology Majors and possibly all students. The core theme of the class was asset protection,which was then broken down to vulnerability assessments and approaches.  Students were assigned a buddy from Umass and one from the University of Macau creating groups to take students around. One day every week  for four weeks, Professor Saravara and the students were taken on a field trip in which they given a behind the scenes tour of security at larger companies.

W2 5 Group Shot HSBC.jpg

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