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"Visit highlights innovative companies housed at the M2D2 Medical Device Innovation Hub!"

LOWELL - August 12, 2013 - Massachusetts Senate President Therese Murray and Lowell Senator Eileen Donoghue heard from entrepreneurs about the new medical device products they are developing when they toured M2D2's medical device innovation hub at UMass Lowell last week.


Charles Leahy presented information on his company, Vista Scientific, as did Jeff D'Agostino of 206 Ortho.  Mike Fahey and Ravi Kupparaj of InfoBionic also spoke with Senate President Murray and Senator Donoghue about their emerging medical technology.


UMass Lowell Chancellor Marty Meehan, other UMass Lowell officials and faculty, and representatives of the UMass Medical School accompanied the senators.


M2D2 is helping new medical device entrepreneurs convince venture capitalists that they too have marketable ideas and products. In fact, M2D2 can help develop products every step of the way, from proof-of-concept to commercialization. 

The innovation hub, which is nearly full with 14 clients, offers start-up companies access to M2D2's services and co-location with other emerging companies who share a path to commercialization in the medical device market. M2D2 has assisted about 100 such companies and entrepreneurs since the program kicked off in the spring of 2007. Forty of them have received substantial support.  To date M2D2 has helped its companies secure $22 million in private funds and nearly $5 million in grant funds.

M2D2 is proud to host the first-ever M2D2/Mexico Medical Device Collaboration to be held Monday, September 23, 2013from 4:00pm - 6:00pm to be held at he UMass Lowell Elisia & Mark Saab Emerging Technologies & Innovation Building.  Join us for this networking opportunity in cooperation with the Consulate General of Mexico in Boston in welcoming a contingent of medical device entrepreneurs from Mexico while networking with professional industry partners, business leaders, and dignitaries.  Registration fee $10 per person before 09/06/2013 and $20. per person after 09/06/2013.  REGISTER HERE!

And visit us at www.uml.edu/M2D2 for more information about future events and M2D2 Services.  Questions can be sent to M2D2.

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