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Steve Tello, Kurt Barringhaus, Marty Meehan, Robert Carter, Sheila Noon, Steve McCarty,1.JPG
 Steven Tello, M2D2 Associate Director; Kurt Barringhaus, UMass Medical School; Marty Meehan, Chancellor UMass Lowell; Robert Caret, President Elect UMass System; Sheila Noone and Stephen McCarthy, M2D2 Co-directors.

Stephen McCarthy, M2D2 Director.JPG    Stephen McCarthy, M2D2 Director

Robert Caret, Umass President.JPG     Robert Caret, President Elect University of Massachusetts

Marty Meehan, Umass Lowell Chancellor (2).JPG    Marty Meehan, UMass Lowell Chancellor

Umass President Carter, Umass Lowell Chancellor Meehan, Steven McCarthy, M2D2 Director, Dean Ting.JPG    Robert Caret, President Elect University of Massachusetts;  Marty Meehan, UMass Lowell Chancellor; Stephen McCarthy, M2D2 Director, John Ting, Dean of Engineering

Steve Tello, Steve McCarty, Patricia McCafferty, Jacqueline Moloney, Renae Lias-Claffey,John Ting.JPGSteven Tello, M2D2 Associate Director,  and Stephen McCarthy, M2D2 Director, Patricia McCafferty, Vice Chancellor of University Relations, Jacqueline Moloney, Executive Vice Chancellor, Renae Lias-Claffey, M2D2 and Government Relations Director, John Ting, Dean of Engineering.

Sheila Noone_Jim McNamara_Jill Murthi_Rajnish Kaushik_Gayathri Srinivasan.JPG    Sheila Noone, M2D2 Director, Jim McNamara, Director OTM Worcester, Jill Murthi, M2D2 an CVIP UMass Lowell,  and Rajnish Kaushik, CVIP UMass Lowell and  Gayathri Srinivasan, M2D2 and OTM Worcester

Ruth Dubey and Renae Lias-Claffey, M2D2.JPG      Ruth Dubey and Renae Lias-Claffey, M2D2

Wendy Zimbone, M2D2 and Roger Hall, Umass Lowell.JPG     Wendy Zimbone, M2D2 and Roger Hall, UMass Lowell

Satinder Rawat, Kurt Barringhaus, James McNamara and Gayathri Srinivasan, Umass Medical School.JPG    Satinder Rawat, Kurt Barringhaus, James McNamara and Gayathri Srinivasan, UMass Medical School

Amy Potts_Stream Product Development and Stephen Halem_Onstite Therapeutics.JPG   Amy Potts, Stream Product Development and Stephen Halem, Onstite Therapeutics

Anna Yaroslavsky, Umass Lowell.JPG     Anna Yaroslavsky, Associate Professor UMass Lowell

David Bertoni and Tim Moutafis_TheraTorr Medical Inc.JPG    David Bertoni and Tim Moutafis, TheraTorr Medical Inc.

Jack Rulander and Satinder Rawat.JPG    Jack Rulander and Satinder Rawat.

Jan Rimmel_ Tenthware and Jon Nugent.JPG     Jan Rimmel and Jon Nugent.

Kachen George, Director CVIP Umass Lowell, and Kathryn Carter, Dean of Management.JPG     George Kachen , Director CVIP UMass Lowell, and Kathryn Carter, Dean of Management.

Kay Doyle, Umass Lowell and Renae Lias-Claffey, M2D2 and Umass Lowell.JPG    Kay Doyle, UMass Lowell and Renae Lias-Claffey, M2D2 and UMass Lowell

Kerry Lee Andken, CVIP Umass Lowell Office.JPG      Kerry Lee Andken, CVIP UMass Lowell

Kim Ferraro and Susan Moulton_Sallop Insurance.JPG     Kim Ferraro and Susan Moulton, Sallop Insurance

Martin Sklar. Tony Raymond, Ann Fitzgerald.JPG      Martin Sklar, Tony Raymond, Ann Fitzgerald

Nan Wu and Zhai Yao.JPG    Nan Wu and Zhai Yao.

Randin Ralston.JPG     Randin Ralston

Shiva Subhashini Pakalapati and Alan Rux.JPG    Shiva Subhashini Pakalapati and Alan Rux

Stephen Halem, Steven McCarthy, Robert Thompson,Ed Ellis, Scott Gillis.JPG     Stephen Halem, Stephen McCarthy, Robert Thompson,Ed Ellis, Scott Gillis.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Steven Tello, M2D2 Director, John Ting, Dean of Engineering, David Comeau, President of Albright Tech.JPG    Steven Tello, M2D2 Associate Director, John Ting, Dean of Engineering, David Comeau,  President of Albright Tech.

Timothy Looney_Creganna Tactx Medical and John Fontana, Nanocoeur.JPG     Timothy Looney, Creganna Tactx Medical and John Fontana, Nanocoeur.

Where & When

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center

Wannalancit Mills Building, 2nd Floor

600 Suffolk Street

Lowell, MA  01854

M2D2 in cooperation with The City of Lowell Small Business Week are proud to announce the preview of the new and exciting Incubator and office space of the Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center (M2D2). 

We are planning a special, pre-opening celebration of our newly renovated, Medical Device Incubator & Office space of the new M2D2 facility on the second floor of Wannalancit Mill.

Summary of New Facility

  • 9000 square feet on the 2nd floor of the Wannalancit Mill
  • 6 wet laboratory suites
  • Two office suites
  • Large office space area
  • Board room
  • Reception area
  • Break Room

Please join us on May 18, 2011 and come help us celebrate this exciting time with networking opportunities, a reception with refreshments and posters of Medical Devices and technology of several Medical Device start-up Companies that have and are currently being assisted by M2D2.

Early Admission: $20.00

After May 13, 2011: $25.00   

Registration requests can be emailed to or you can register by phone by  contacting Ruth Dubey at 978-934-3499 or online at Registration fee payable by credit card (please note all credit cards processed by Paypal), cash or check; Please make check payable to: “M2D2”. Only cash and checks will be accepted onsite! 


5:00 - 8:00 PM Networking Reception and Poster Session

List of Posters


5G Medical, Ergonomic Scalpel Handle Design for Accurate Incision, Ray Dunn

Agali Technologies, VigilCare Nick Gildred

Seign LLC, Ajjolos, System For Passive Stretching, Larry Casha

Aura MedSystems, Photochemical Wound Closure, Mark Peters

CMB Science, Electrospun Silk Material Systems for Wound Healing, Scott Wharram

Novita Therapeutics,  A Novel Approach to Capitalizing Startup Companies, Howard Loree,II

MedicaMetrix Inc., ProstaGlove, Christopher LaFarge

MoMelan Technologies, A New Paradigm in Skin Grafting, Samir Sabir

Nano BPS, Optical Fiber Blood Pressure Sensor For Coronary Artery Disease: Blockage Evaluation and Localization, Xingwei Wang

NanoCoeur, The Next-Next-Next Generation of Coronary Stent, John Fontana MD

Orthopedic Load Sensor, Load Sensing Nail for Determining Rates of Fracture Healing, Jack Wixted

Oz Technologies, An Expandable/Contractible Pessary For Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Oz Harmanli

Source Production, Brachytherapy Delivery System for Treatment of Lung Cancer, John Munro, III

TheraTorr, Novel Mattress Concept for Pressure Ulcers, Tim Moutafis

UMass Medical School, US Patent 7,906,076:  Method and apparatus for biopsy sample processing, Andy Fischer

Vasotech, PowerStent® Drug Eluting Stent System, Tim Wu

Vista Scientific, LLC, Topical Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Systems, Charles Leahy



For more information please contact us at: or 978-934-3465

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