12/29-1/11 Time Reporting Information

The University was partially closed from 12/29/2013 through 1/1/2014 New Year’s Day.  Employees who did NOT work on Monday December 30th and Tuesday December 31st need to report vacation or personal time for those two days.

Thursday, January 2nd and Friday, January 3rd 2014, the University was closed due to inclement weather.  Employees who had planned time off such as vacation or personal time need to report their planned time off.  

Employees who planned to work on Thursday, January 2nd and Friday, January 3rd 2014 and did not due to the University closing should report time for University Closed (Timesheet Code is UCLSD).   

If you need more assistance on how to enter time, please see one of the available job aids:

Staff should see the following job aid:

NOTE: Non-essential personnel should put in their regularly scheduled hours (standard is 7.5) using the University Closed (UCLSD) code. Non-essential personnel do not earn comp time on a day UMass Lowell is official closed even if they work for a few hours from home or came into the office.

Police as essential employees should see the following job aid:  

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