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This Calendar of Pay Dates (pdf) includes the pay period begin and end dates, pay dates and HR paperwork deadline dates.  This is the date that completed paperwork must be in the Human Resources office in order to ensure processing and payment for the corresponding pay date. 

Per the Payroll Office, the first pay date for new faculty beginning in Fall 2012 will be paid is Friday,  September 14th.    This is predicated on the assumption that the Payroll Office has received all required paperwork prior to the payroll deadline of 8/31/2012.

Timely hiring for the new academic year - In order to ensure that temporary employees (adjunct faculty, hourly staff, students, etc.) in your department are processed and paid in a timely manner, please complete and submit to Payroll the Personnel Action Form (PAF) for new and returning employees for the 2012 fall semester as soon as possible.  The Personnel Action Form along with instructions and information on how new hires can electronically complete and submit new hire employment paperwork can be found at

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