Metrics on Student Self-Service Time Reporting Process (Updated 2/15)

We have completed the second pay period that uses self-service for student time reporting AND manager approval.   Overall, this transition has been met with much success. Here are some numbers...

Last Pay Period (1/16 - 1/29)

  • 737 students logged into HR Direct
  • 925 students reported time during pay period
  • Manager approved 95% of student reported time in HR Direct

This Pay Period (1/30 - 2/12)

  • 1137 students logged into HR Direct
  • 1177 students have reported time
    • 85% of this time was done via student self-service
    • 15% done by timekeepers or managers to correct or update student time
  • Managers approved 95% of student time  -- over 1100 job records approved!


The Human Resource office actively monitors student time approval on "Approval Monday".   Managers have until midnight to complete approvals, but are reminded throughout the day via email of any outstanding time needing approval.  

  approval metrics.jpg   



While the numbers to indicate good success, there is always room for improvement.  If you have any ideas or suggestions please share them with us at .




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