10/22/10 Message from Payroll Manager on Direct Deposit

Most offices in the University will be closed on Friday November 26, the day after Thanksgiving.  Included among the offices that are not expected to be open is the Bursarís Office as well as many departmental offices. Since November 26 is a payday, individuals planning on picking up their check on Friday will have to wait until Monday November 29 when offices re-open to get your check or advice. 


The solution for this, of course is to sign up for Direct Deposit. Doing so will guarantee that your salary will be in your bank account on Friday morning.  This will eliminate the need to pick up a check, deposit it in your account and wait for the money to be available; not to mention the problem of lost or stolen checks.  And while we are encouraging those individuals not on direct deposit to do so to avoid a problem on November 26, doing so now will avoid any issues that may occur on December 24, as well as any payday Friday when the University may close due to inclement weather.  Check and advices are printed in Shrewsbury, MA and then are driven by courier. Simply, direct deposit is a safe and efficient way for employees to get paid. 


Any employee who is currently active in the HR Direct system can go on line and sign up for direct deposit. HR Direct can be accessed at any time from any computer that has internet access.  To sign up go to http://www.uml.edu/hrdirect.  Attached is a User Guide for enrolling in direct deposit.  If any person has difficulty with using the self-service option to sign up, please have them contact the Payroll office and we can walk them through the process.


Because the single largest group of individuals not using direct deposit is our student employees, we are asking all managers to make all of their employees, and especially their students, aware of the Thanksgiving holiday and ask them to sign up as soon as possible.  If they enroll on line by 10/25/10 the check processing for 10/29 will validate their bank account numbers.  This is called a prenote process.  If the account numbers that they entered are valid their salary will be direct deposited to their account for the 11/12 check.  If they enroll after 10/25 the first direct deposit will be for the 11/26 check.


Please give the user guide to any employee who may need assistance.  The user guide is also available on the HR Direct website.



Thank You,

Theresa McDonald

Manager of Payroll Services






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