5/4/10 - Frequently Asked Questions on Employee Self-Service

Can I change my work phone number or email address? 


Your work phone number and email address are maintained by your Human Resources department. If there is an error, please contact Human Resources to correct it at 978-934-3560 or HR@UML.edu . Use HR Direct to add or update your personal phone numbers or email addresses.


If I have not entered a mailing address, where will the University send my mail?


Your mail will be sent to your home address unless you have specifically provided a mailing address to your Human Resources department or by using HR Direct Self Service.


How can I change personal information that is read-only on the Personal Summary page? 


Contact your Human Resources department at 978-934-3560 or HR@UML.edu  if your Employee Information is incorrect.


I am a Student Employee.  If I change my address information in HR Direct, will it automatically change in the iSiS Student Application?


No, there is no automated synchronization process between the applications at this time.  You should continue to update your address in both applications.


If I have updated my information on the Personal Information Summary page, do I also need to update the individual page links: Update Email, Update Phone, Update Home and Mailing Addresses?


No.  You need only update your information on either the Personal Information Summary page or the individual pages. The updates will be displayed on all pages.


What if my permanent address is not in the USA?


Please contact your Human Resources department at 978-934-3560 or HR@UML.edu to update your address information if your permanent address is not in the USA.  Additionally, you may need to contact the International Student?s Office within the University, since not all systems share data.

I made a change on my W-4 and M-4, but did not see the change reflected on my next paycheck.


Due to timing, W-4 and M-4 changes may not be reflected in your next paycheck.  Updated tax information may take two pay periods to take effect.

Why do I have to select "balance" as a deposit type for my direct deposit request?


If you are enrolling in direct deposit for the first time, the first account you create must have a "Deposit Type" of "Balance".  You can then create additional accounts as necessary.  The "Balance" account will receive 100% of your funds if no other accounts are created.


If I choose the "Do not print copy of my pay advice" option on the Pay Statement Print Option page, can I change my mind later and request a paycheck?


No, once this option is selected it cannot be reversed.


Why is the "Deposit Order Number" for my balance account "999"?


The "Deposit Order" field is used when you are depositing to more than one account.  For example, if you?re depositing 50% in a checking account and 20% in a savings account, the checking account would have a "Deposit Order" of "1" and the savings account a deposit order of "2", and so on for additional accounts.  The account to which your remaining pay, or balance, is deposited into is assigned the "Deposit Order" of "999".


When Updating W-4 information, how will I determine my Personal Allowances?


On the W-4 Tax Information page, you can click the "Click here to access W-4 form instructions and worksheet link".  You can print the form and use the "Personal Allowances Worksheet" section to determine your number of allowed exemptions.


What is a W-2C?


When a correction to your W-2 is required, a W-2C is issued.


Can I update my state and federal tax withholding if I am a non-resident alien.


No.  Non-resident alien employees must contact their campus HR/Payroll department to change their state and federal tax information.

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