11/20/09 - New Time Reporting Policy for Salaried Employees


The Human Resource office has revised the policy regarding the reporting of time.  Henceforth, salaried employees are only required to report exceptions to their scheduled time for each pay period.   Time does not need to be recorded every week.  

An employee who has no exceptions in a pay period does not need to do any HR Direct data entry.  In fact, you do not need to login unless you have exceptions to report.

Exceptions include vacation, sick, personal, bereavement, jury duty, and a few others.  

A Holiday is an unscheduled day and therefore not an exception -- no data entry is required.

Employees should be accurately reporting their time by the established deadlines for each pay period.  The normal system deadline is the Sunday prior to Pay Day at 5:00 p.m..   Accurate reporting of time is a responsiblity of both the employee and manager.   


If you have exceptions to report, say 3 hours sick on one day, do you have to enter regular time for all of the other days, or does the system just require entry for the day of the exception?


You only need to enter the REG hours for the single day that you took the 3 hours sick time. All other days in that pay period can be left untouched.

The system just requires you to account for all scheduled hours in a day. Once you enter partial time on one day, you need to account for the full day.

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