Go Live is set for Monday, May 4th


Over the last two weeks there has been an extensive process to analyze the amount of work remaining to complete the upgrade.   Included in the readiness process was each of the UMass campuses and UITS (the President's Office organization that supports our PeopleSoft applications).  In the end, it was concluded that UMass would go-live over the first weekend in May with a scheduled go-live on Monday, May 4th.    Only Human Resouce staff will be in the system on day one and will soon be followed by all departmental timekeepers.   Later in the spring, we will open up the HR system for new self-service functionality.

Now that we know the date we will be upgrading, we will now go ahead and finalize a training schedule for our current HR system users.

Please post any questions or comments you have.  



Will student employees be able to use the employee self-service to report time?

Student Employees eventually will be using self-service to report time in the same way as all other employees. The timing of this access is still being decided as there are a couple factors the project needs to account for including:

1. UML is only piloting timekeeping self-service starting in May and it is expected to take about a year to get all departments onboard with this functionality.

2. Student security is a bit different from other employees. This is due to how UML has email addresses setup for students vs. employees. With HR Direct, UMass is authenticating using the employee email addrees. As students have a different email system, an alternative approach will need to be developed. Long term this won't be an issue as students too will eventually use their email address to autheticate into ISIS and HR -- along with already existant services such as email and wireless.

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