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                Here we are on Saturday August 11, which is only 3 weeks until freshman move to UML for the semester.  This summer went by way too fast.  I had a lot of fun and wish it would never end.  Unfortunately, everything must come to an end eventually.  I am looking forward to another academic year, which I think I already talked about last week.  I guess all I can do is just to enjoy the last couple weeks of summer.

                I really donít have too much planned for the rest of the summer.  One of my friends turns 21 this weekend, but until I move in, thatís basically the only big event on my agenda.  Besides that, itís just the usual summer activities, which there is nothing bad about that by the way.  Maybe something else will come up.  My family and I were going to take a trip to Florida before the summer ended, but we are going in late December instead.  More on that later.

                Thatís all for now.  Talk to you soon.


                Well, August is here which means one thing: the fall semester is quickly approaching.  Honestly, Iím ready for it.  This summer has been fun and all, but a new semester wonít be all bad.  New classes are always interesting, as well as meeting new people.  Plus, moving into an apartment will be a new experience as well. 

                Whenever I think of august, I always think of summer ending.  Although it can be somewhat depressing, there is still another month of summer left.  Iím more disappointed in the nice weather ending than a new semester coming.  I am more of a summer person than winter person.  Although fall and winter do have their good points, like football, hockey, and good food, like apple pie and obviously Thanksgiving.  I guess all you can do is think of the positives.

                Thatís all I have for now.  Talk to you soon!

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