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                There are only 2 days of classes left! Can you believe it?  Because I certainly canít.  This semester went by extremely fast.  It still blows my mind we are talking about finals week.  Speaking of finals week, I luckily only have 2 finals.  Unfortunately, they are on the 20th and 21st.  I should finish all of my work that is due by Monday, so I will have about 10 days of no school work before my first final.  This can only hurt my ambition to do work.  I wish my 2 finals were the 14th and 15th just so I could be done.  At this point, I just want to be home for the holidays.  I am tired of schoolwork, and Iíve even noticed that professors are tired of teaching.  We all need a break, so if winter break could come faster it would be pretty awesome.

                Christmas is only 17 days away!  I am pretty excited for it.  As you get older, you realize Christmas is never about presents.  I am looking forward to eating food and spending time with friends and family.  This is why I love thanksgiving so much.  Itís just about having fun, without trying to please everyone with a present.  Iíll probably talk more about this later, so Iíll save for all for the time being.

                Thatís all for now!  Hopefully I can get my work done and have a nice, long break until my finals week officially begins.  Talk to you soon!

December Is Here!

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                Well itís that time of year again!  Itís the end of the semester, which means a ton of homework, finals, and little sleep.  Luckily, classes only meet for another 7 days.  (Iím not counting down or anythingÖ)  I think Iíll do well in all of my classes except one of them.  Iím trying my best, so, honestly, Iím not too worried about my grade in the end.  Plus itís only one class.  If it becomes a trend, then Iíll worry about it.  To be honest, this is probably the most stressed Iíve been at college so far.  Itíll be a bumpy ride, but like every year, Iíll get through it.

                Thanksgiving was pretty fun though!  It was good to get away from school for a couple days and see some family and old friends.  Plus it was a good break before a couple not so fun weeks coming up.  Iím sure you all enjoyed yours as well!  Everyone came to my house for the holiday, so I had leftovers for a couple days.  It was pretty great, Iím not going to lie.  Turkey sandwiches and pumpkin pie for the whole weekend.  Honestly, would anyone complain?

                Well, thatís all for now.  I hope you all enjoy the beginning of the Christmas season, and Iíll write as often as I can!  Talk to you soon!

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