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                Sorry itís been awhile!  Honestly, I canít even remember the last post I wrote or when I submitted.  Iím sorry for the long wait!  With all the tutoring I do and the hectic exam schedule recently, I have fallen behind on my blogs.  Iíll try and do better in the future.

                But more importantly, Thanksgiving is next week!  I canít wait to eat and watch football all day and not think about math for a change! I mean, donít get me wrong, I love math, but I kind of want a couple days without it.  Itís funny though, every year immediately after Halloween is over, we all count down the days until Thanksgiving break.  And trust me after midterms are over and right before finals is a perfect time for an extra long weekend.  So is it Thanksgiving yet?

                I am definitely doing the 5 year bachelorís/masterís program here at UML, which means Iím here for an extra year!  I am honestly pretty excited because, letís just say, college life is better than the real world.  Hopefully I will fill out my application soon, but as long as it is in by the end of my junior year, which is this May, Iíll be all set.  Iíll update you all more on how it all goes!

                Well, thatís all for now.  Next weekís blog is going to be all about Thanksgiving and food!  Talk to you soon!

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