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Midterms Are Over!

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                Midterms are finally over, and as far as I know, everyone has survived.  There were some bumps in the road, but we all got through it like usual.  I think I have done pretty well so far this semester, but probably not as well as the last couple semesters.  All I can say is you win some and you lose some.  Now, Iím just hoping the work slows down for at least a week because I think everyone deserves a much needed break.

                Tutoring is still going well.  I am actually enjoying re-learning the math classes I have already taken.  It is amazing how much I have actually forgotten from Calculus I through III.  When I review the section I can usually help out anyone who comes in, but Iím obviously not perfect, so I donít know everything.  Also, since midterms are over, tutoring is starting to slow down slightly.  The only students that are coming in now are the proactive ones.  And this leads me to some advice: If you think you may have a problem, just go in for tutoring!  Once you fall behind in a class, it is very difficult to catch back up!

                Well, thatís all for now.  Iím going to try and write again soon because Iím pretty sure I missed a blog last week.  So talk to you soon!

Time is Flying

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                Can you believe we are halfway through the semester?  I literally feel like this semester just started.  I canít believe I am halfway through my 5th semester here!  In a couple months I am halfway through my junior year.  I feel like I just started my first day of classes as a freshman yesterday.  I remember being an innocent 18 year old, having few to no friends here, and anxiously awaiting the beginning of my career here at UML.  Now, I have made a bunch of friends, learning about academics (and myself), and much more.  My college experience has been a great one, but there is still time left.My only advice to any freshman or high schoolers reading this blog is to not waste time in college.  Time flies and before you know it, your 4 years will be over.  Take advantage of everything college offers, whether it is classes, clubs, or the people around you.  You only have one chance for a great college experience so donít waste it!

                I was being nostalgic today and figured I should write a blog about what I was thinking and feeling.  I hope you enjoyed!


                I finally started tutoring this week!  I am actually tutoring for about 16 hours a week, although Iím really not complaining because it keeps me busy.  The busier I am, the better I perform in school.  Itís weird, I know, but as long as I am keeping busy, I donít become lazy.  The only problem that may arise is during exam weeks, but I have an exam later today, and I didnít have a problem this week, so weíll see.  This just means that I donít see any problems arising in the future!

                I enjoy tutoring too.  I like the fact that if I have to help a student in calculus I, II or III, I am forced to look over that material again.  It is amazing all of the stuff I forget.  Because I previously learned it, most of the time it comes right back to me after reading the section.  I am glad I am working on these skills again.  As a math major, you can never have too much practice on the basics of calculus.

                Besides me finally starting tutoring, there really hasnít been too much new in my life.  Like I said, now that Iím working 16 hours a week, plus classes and homework, there hasnít been too much free time the last couple days.  Donít worry, I still set some time aside for some fun.  I mean I am a college student, so I should have some fun, right?

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