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                Well you know how I mentioned I wanted to start running again?  That hasnít exactly happened yet.  Unfortunately Iíve been working a lot lately.  Today is actually my first day off since last Tuesday.  With all of this work I havenít been able to hang out with friends or watch the Red Sox too often.  What is summer without these two activities?  It was great to sit in bed today and watch the Red Sox for once!  The Sox have been a little off lately, but at least they won today. 

                Does anybody have any good plans for the Fourth of July weekend?  Iím just going up to Maine to see family for a couple days.  Surprisingly, I donít have work for the weekend.  It will be good to have a couple days off and see family.  And the possibility of having a beach day is a plus.  I am working on the fourth, but Iíll get time and a half since it is a holiday so I think I can manage.  My parents also got free tickets to the Red Sox for a game next week so my family will be heading into Boston for a day. 

                Thatís all I have for now.  I hope you all have a good July Fourth!


                This summer has been pretty good so far.  Lately, Iíve been working almost 40 hours a week, so itís been tiring.  This has kept me really busy and only today I realized how quickly time has flown.  I looked at a calendar today and realized it was June 25th already.  I canít believe it has been over a month since finals ended.  Itís unreal.  Weíll be moving back to Lowell in two months.  I mean think about it: July 4th is in a week.  After July 4th, summer flies by, well at least for me anyway.  Itís funny though because before college I was always disappointed that school was coming again, but now, when the end of summer approaches, I am almost looking forward to school again.  Iíll go more into this topic later since it is still June, but before you blink, it will be August!

                And Iím sure you all know this by now, but the Bruins have won the Cup!  Iím a huge Bruins fan, so as you can guess, I am having a good month.  It was a fun ride.  When game 7 was over, I started thinking back about the season and thinking just how long it is.  The regular season started last October.  I was still a Biology major back then and the postseason started in April.  That was shortly after midterms for the semester.  I say it a lot in these blogs, but time really does go by fast. 

                Iíll be sure to write again soon!


                Well, I have officially been on vacation for over two weeks and it has been everything I expected: A continuous cycle of sleep, work, and friends.  Iíve already gotten sunburned twice, but that probably isnít a good thing.  I have already been to the beach and hung out by the pool a lot.  I think it is safe to say this summer has been pretty good so far.

                I am also starting to run again.  I do a ton of running in the summer because I have a lot of free time.  I would love to be able to do another half marathon in the fall and maybe even a marathon soon too!  But I guess weíll see how my training goes in the next couple weeks.

                Thatís all for now.  Unfortunately there isnít too much to update on since it is summer, but since it is summer, you never know what can happen next.  Until next time! 

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