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                Finals are over and summer has begun!  I canít believe I have been done for about 10 days.  But I am already in summer mode.  I am already forgetting what day of the week it is and hanging out with friends daily.  Unfortunately, I start work again on Sunday and then the fun is over.  Well partly.  I guess you do need money if you want to do stuff right?

                Iím sorry I didnít write last week.  Between packing and unpacking, catching up on sleep, and the excitement of summer kind of distracted me.  It does feel good to not be studying.  But I do honestly miss it a little bit.  I miss just walking down the hall and hanging out with friends.  The most amazing thing is that before you know it, it will be late August and Iíll be moving back in!

                Thatís all for now! Talk to you soon!

Finals Week

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                Well, the dreaded finals week is upon us.  Tomorrow is the last day of classes and then finals get underway.  I have a final on Thursday, a final on Friday, and two finals on Monday.  Personally, I donít think my schedule is that bad.  Unfortunately, my two hardest finals are the two that are on Monday.  Iím still in shock that 8 days from right now, Iíll be home for a little over 3 months.  I feel like summer vacation has officially snuck up on me.  But I think the bigger surprise is that my undergraduate career is just about half over. 

                I received an e-mail from ResLife saying all of the auto-allocations have been completed.  I did retain my current room at the ICC, but this e-mail was sent to all UML students.  This means that all housing assignments have been completed.  So if you did sign up for housing, you can check out the housing gateway on the ResLifeís website.  The credentials to log in are your ISIS name and password. 

                Well, I guess it is time to say goodbye for now.  I should probably get back to studying aka try to find another way to procrastinateÖ

                Hello again!

                Iím so sorry I havenít been able to write.  The last couple weeks have been so hectic between exams, housing, spring weekend, and the fact that finals are coming up.  The semester is just going be too quickly and Iím just trying to keep up.  But now, luckily, I should be done exams until finals start.  Surprisingly, I think the last couple weeks of classes are more stressful than finals week because at least with finals, you know you are almost done.  I still canít believe that Iím actually moving back home 2 weeks from today.  Spring semester usually goes by faster than fall semester, but this semester flew by so fast.  I literally feel like it was just Christmas break, and now it is already May and Iím getting ready for finals.  What happened??

                I am actually looking forward to moving back home.  It will be good to see friends from high school and to have a less stress and to not be doing schoolwork.  But I can pretty much guarantee by June Iíll want to move back in.  Iíve already come to see the ICC as my home away from home.  It will actually be weird sleeping in my own bed.  It is amazing that I consider my room at the ICC as home more than my actual home.  Nothing replaces your home, obviously, but what Iím saying is that Iíll miss being at school for the next couple months.

                Thatís all I have to say for now.  Iíll try to write again before finals start next Wednesday.  Wish me luck!

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