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                Iím sorry I didnít write the last couple weeks.  I had seven exams in three weeks before spring break and during spring break I honestly just forgot to write.  But Iím back!

                Now that midterms are all over, it is time to relax a little bit.  Spring break was good as usual including a lot of sleep and seeing some friends and best of all, minimal homework.  Also, march madness has started.  If you donít know, I love college basketball.  I watch a lot of it throughout the year and this is one of my favorite months of the year because of it.  And April comes after March, which clearly means spring is upon us so that could be why I like March as well.

                I just canít believe the semester is already half over.  In under 2 months Iíll be a junior.  I feel like I just attended freshman orientation a couple months ago, but soon I will be halfway through my undergraduate career.  How did that happen?

                In my next blog Iíll talk about housing since housing selection for next year is coming up.  Maybe this time I will actually talk to you soon instead of not blogging for two weeks.

                Hello again!

                Sorry I did not write last week, but it has been pretty hectic lately.  I had three exams last week and I have three more this week.  Luckily, Iím not too stressed about it.  I know that if I do the work Iíll be ok.  But anyway Iím pretty sure you donít want to read about exams.

                Iíve probably mentioned this a lot, but I am not a huge fan of winter.  This recent weather has been amazing.  My friends and I actually were able to walk around downtown today.  It was nice to be outside in just a sweatshirt and be comfortable.  Is it possible that winter is almost over?  It is funny too because every year once March 1st comes around, the weather always improves drastically.  Now only if all the snow could melt away so I can start running.  That would be awesome.

                Iím pretty sure Iíve mentioned before that I was considering doing a double concentration for my math degree.  I actually decided that Iím going to try it.  Iím adding a concentration in computer science.  Right now, I do not know much about computers, and it would be helpful to learn a little about them.  Plus I find the classes interesting so why not take more. 

                Before I go, I will give you some advice: Enjoy The Weather!  Talk to you soon!

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