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                Iím pretty sure Iím not the only one loving this weather right now.  Fifty to sixty degrees feels pretty nice right now and I actually saw a patch of grass today on campus.  Is spring possibly coming?  Well not exactly.  Unfortunately there is a chance for snow on Monday.  At least there is light at the end of the tunnel right?

                We are already almost through 4 weeks in the semester.  Can you believe it?  There is still a lot of time in the semester left, but it is already the middle of February.  Iíll be heading home for at least part of this weekend because of the long weekend.  Unfortunately I have 3 exams next week so my weekend I have to study at least a little bit over the 3 days. 

                I am also playing intramural broomball and re-joining the ultimate Frisbee team this semester.  Both have already begun and it is good to be playing some type of sport again.  For those of you who donít know, broomball is very similar to street hockey, but it is played on ice without skates.  I am hoping to begin running once the snow melts too.  This semester has gotten off on the right foot!

                Thatís all for now.  Talk to you soon!


                I think I can speak for everyone when I say that it is definitely time for spring.  Some snow is good, but having numerous snow drifts that are taller than me is getting ridiculous.  The good thing is that we actually had some melting the last couple of days and most of the sidewalks around Lowell are actually down to pavement!  Now, we can actually walk around!  But seriously, this winter needs to end soon.  The groundhog has predicted that spring will come earlyÖ

                Other than this ridiculous winter, nothing too exciting is new.  Professors are starting to give out tests and quizzes.  It is different being a math major than a biology major.  The largest difference is probably that I no longer have labs.  It is strange, especially since I actually have more free time than the last couple semesters, but honestly, I never liked labs too much.  I liked the analysis of them and the problem solving, but I never liked performing that much.  (I wonder if this led me to become an applied math majorÖ)  And I did officially change my major.  All I had to do is sign a form and that was it.  I was already going for a minor in math so I am not too far behind.  I am actually considering a double concentration, but weíll see about that.

                Well that is all for now.  Because I have more free time this semester, Iíll try to write more often.  Until next time!

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