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                How has everybodyís summer been?  I hope you are all enjoying it because tomorrow is August!  Where did July go?  Like all summers have gone, June went by slow then July flew by!  August will probably follow suit and before you know it, school will be starting.  Iím beginning to think about school supplies and supplies for my dorm room.  There is only 4 weeks until move in day!

                In other news, I registered for the Lowell Sun Half Marathon in October.  In one of my first posts on the website, I mentioned I ran cross country in high school.  My love for running hasnít died yet and I actually got the ambition to register.  I am already in the middle of training.  I think Iíll definitely be ready in a couple months.  I am hoping to run a marathon soon too!

                Well, thatís all there is to say for now.  More on moving back to school coming up soon!  I hope you are all enjoying your summer!


                Well it is that time of the week again.  It is time for my weekly update.  Honestly there really is not much to tell this week.  I worked over 35 hours this week so unfortunately my social week took a little bit of a hit, but the paycheck will make it all worth it.  The warm weather helped my pool water hit 90 degrees.  Honestly, that is way too hot.  It was not even refreshing anymore.  I wish I had some vacations to talk about, but unfortunately I have none planned.

                I work in retail and I noticed that the ďBack to SchoolĒ stuff is already going on.  Then I realized thatI move back to Lowell in 6 weeks.  Before we all know it, school will be upon us.  School is definitely fun, but letís not wish away the summer just yet!  There is still plenty of beach time! 

                Thatís all I really have to say for now.  I will definitely talk to you all soon!


                Tomorrow the World Cup ends.  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I love soccer.  Iím sad to see it go, but it was fun.  The US team had a good run too.  Iíll miss waking up to soccer practically every day.  Iím sure some of you enjoyed it as well.  If you are a sports fan like me, Iím sure you are looking forward to NFL teams opening up training camps in a couple weeks, plus continuing to watch the Red Sox as well. 

                The weather has been amazing.  Ninety degrees and sunny almost every day.  I think it is pretty safe to assume that pools and beaches are being used often this summer.  Itís a lot better than last summer when it rained almost every day in June. 

                Before you know it, Iíll be talking about going back to school, packing, moving in, etc.  I miss school, but I enjoy summer as well, so I do not want to wish the summer away too soon.  But thatís all I have to share for now.  Talk to you soon and enjoy the weather!

July Fourth!

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                Itís already July 4th weekend.  Can you believe it?  Iíve been on summer vacation for over a month!  I must say though that I miss college life.  I miss being able to walk down the hall and seeing all of my friends.  Although college life is really busy, itís a lot of fun.  Does this mean Iím actually looking forward to school and we arenít even a week into July?

                The weather next week is going to be awesome!  Ninety degrees and sunny.  Letís just say I am definitely hitting up the beach and pool next week.  Itís too bad that this whole working thing gets in the way of fun, but I guess we all need money.  (I guess Iíd rather be complaining about having a job then not being able to find oneÖ)  Enjoy the weather!

                Thatís all I have for now.  I hope you all have a wonderful July 4th!  Talk to you soon!

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