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World Cup!

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                My summer has been pretty good so far.  Besides the usual including work and friends, there has been the World Cup.  Iíve played soccer since I was 5 years old.  I stopped playing my junior year of high school to run cross country, but my love for soccer never died.  The World Cup is one of my favorite events of all time.  I get to watch soccer every day for a month.  I must say I am having fun with it, even though the USA lost earlier today.  That definitely will not stop me from watching though!  If soccer is not your thing, then the Red Sox have been doing well, the NHL draft was this weekend, and the Patriots open up training camp in a month! 

                Iím hoping all of your summer vacations are going well and I hope all of you incoming freshman are enjoying orientation!  Can you believe July 4th is in a week?  Talk to you soon!

Mid-June Update

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                Iím so sorry I havenít written in weeks.  The weather has been so nice and I have been working a lot recently and I completely lost track.  My summer has been going very well.  You can never go wrong with going to the beach and hanging with friends!  Plus making some money on the side is always a plus.  I am going to make an effort to write every week for the rest of the summer.  I even wrote notes on my laptop so I wouldnít forget!

                Freshman orientation has begun at UML.  For all you incoming freshman who are attending them I have some advice.  Try to be outgoing.  Try and meet new people and make new friends.  Some of my current friends at UML I met at orientation.  You never know who youíll meet!  If there are ice-breaker games, be involved in them.  They may seem boring, but at least make an effort.  Lastly, try and have some fun.  Before you know it, it will be moving day!

                Thatís all I have for now!  I promise to write soon!


                Well I am in full swing summer mode!  Iím working 30 plus hours a week and hanging out with friends constantly.  Luckily I am keeping busy and the boredom bug hasnít bitten me yet.  Also, I am pretty lucky I have a job.  I know of a lot of people that canít find a job and they have applied to over 20 places!  So my advice is that anyone who currently has a job for the summer should definitely try to somehow keep it for next summer.

                Me and my friends got the your space group!  We are all living within 10 rooms at the ICC next year!  Letís just say that we are pretty excited.  Like I mentioned earlier, each your space group has a interest.  Our interest is movies and literature.  UML will give us money to run programs about our topic.  So this means that we can go out to the movies, discuss book, order pizza for a movie night, etc.  I hope you hear about our programs and come to them next semester!  They will be fun!

                Summer has been going great so far, plus there is still 3 months!  But I donít know whether that is a good thing or bad thing.  I am also definitely blogging for the summer so you will be hearing more from me in the upcoming months!  Talk to you soon!

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