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                Well, Iím back at UML!  Iím all moved in and a new semester has begun.  The first week of classes went smoothly.  Labs start this upcoming week so thatís when my homework will start to pick up a little.  Itís been great to see all of my friends around campus again too!  Itís great just to hang out before all the real work for the semester begins, which will probably be very soon. 

                All of my friends are starting to talk about rooms for next year.  We are trying to decide between the ICC or to try and get a suite, although the suite would be hard to get since everyone want one.  We have some time to decide though.  Weíll see how this works out.

                Coming back to school for the new semester has been everything I thought it would be pplus more!  Talk to you soon!

Well, tomorrow is move-in day part 2.  Tomorrow is the first day for student to move into the residence halls for the spring semester.  Originally, the halls were not going to open until Sunday, but because of the huge hockey game tomorrow night (against Boston College), the school is allowing students to move in a day early.  Unfortunately, Iím working all day until 4, but I will be moving in immediately after work.  I canít wait to see all my friends again!  (And for the great hockey game too!)


The first week of classes is always interesting and exciting.  Everything is new.  Teachers, classmates, material, etc.  I really think I will enjoy my schedule very much this semester.  My favorite part could be the fact that I do not have any classes on Friday afternoons! (Iím actually done by 11!)  Last semester on Fridays, I had a lab that sometimes didnít end until 4:30.  Letís just say that it wasnít one of my favorite experiences of my first semester.  I canít wait for the new semester to start!


            Moving into the residence halls this semester will be completely different from last semester.  Last semester, all incoming freshman, including me, were complete strangers to the school.  We had very few, if any friends, and some might say it was kind of scary.  Now, we all have already made great friendships that will last a lifetime.  I can honestly say I will never forget my first semester of freshman year, and I am looking forward to the rest of my career here at UML.


            Well, thatís all I have to say for now.  I guess I should start packingÖor find another way to procrastinate!

                Well, there is only 1 week of vacation left! I canít believe it! I feel like it just started.  This vacation has been a good one though.  I was able to work and see some old friends.  But I am definitely ready to go back to school. 

                Last week I was all excited about football playoffs and the Patriots.  Iím still watching all the games, but I am still disappointed in those Pats.  Only 3 weeks until the Super Bowl!

                My friends and I were trying to plan a trip to the Cape just so we could get together outside the Lowell area for a change of scenery, but this winter storm made us change plans.  Now we are just going to hang out at someoneís house.  It will still be really fun though to see college friends again!

                Nothing really exciting happened this vacation, but it was still pretty fun.  Only 1 week until I move back in!


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                Vacation has been going pretty well.  It has been great seeing old friends from high school again.  I am learning that there is a big difference between college-life and home-life.  You have a whole new set of rules, including cleaning your room and hereís the one that will affect the most amount of people: a curfew.  In college, everyone is accustomed to just hanging out all night and going back to your dorm room/apartment whenever you felt like it.  Now, I have to be home by a certain time.  I got to see some friends I met from college earlier today.  This is why I love Umass Lowell.  Many of the students are from local towns and it is pretty easy to make plans.  And after seeing my friends again, I am looking forward to going back in two weeks!

                Another thing on my mind is the Patriots.  I still think they can have made a run without Welker, but it will be tough.  I think the Pats will win tomorrow, but next week the real challenge will begin.  Go Pats!

                I hope everyoneís vacation and winter season is going as great as mine.  Talk to you all soon!


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                Hello everybody!

                I hope all of you had a great holiday season and new years!  Mine were awesome! I got to see family and friends.  And the best part might be that I still have 3 weeks of vacation left!  My vacation is going very well too.  I was able to get my job and Iím able to work about 25 hours a week so that is keeping my busy.  And Iím still able to see friends and relax too! 

                Finals are over!  I got all my grades back already and I am very pleased with them.  I still canít believe my first semester is already over.  I feel like I just started. 

                Although I am enjoying vacation, I do miss college.  I miss all my college friends and activities.  Plus at college, I donít have a curfew.  Luckily all of my friends live relatively close, so we are planning to get together soon.

                Iím sorry that I havenít written in almost two weeks.  I have been so busy with the holidays and finals.  I promise Iíll write again soon!

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