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                Camping this weekend was really fun!  It was great to hang out with my friends from high school for a whole weekend.  We went up to Maine along the Saco River.  We canoed for the day on Saturday, which went better than I expected considering I didnít tip over.  It did rain for some time on Friday after we arrived, but it didnít deter us from having a great time.

                Now that the trip is over, itís time to go back to work unfortunately.  Working is still going well, although I canít believe I have already been out of school for over a month.  I can only hope the rest of summer doesnít go by this fast!

                As of right now, I really donít have anything too big planned for the summer but Iím sure that will change soon!  Iíll keep you all updated!  Talk to you soon!


                Sorry I havenít blogged in a couple weeks.  This summer has actually been crazy.  I havenít spent an entire day at my own house yet.  Iím working 40 hours and 6 days a week, plus having a social life is taking up m entire summer.  It is definitely worth it though. 

                This heat wave has been pretty great.  I love the heat.  If it could be 90 degrees or more every day it would be perfect.  I went to the beach for the day yesterday and it was really fun.  Iím actually leaving for camping later today for the weekend.  Iíve been looking forward to this weekend for months so it should be pretty awesome.  Iíll be sure to let you know how it goes!

                Well, I should probably finish packing.  Iíll try and write next week!  Talk to you soon!


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                Well summer is in full swing!  Iím working almost every day and hanging out with friends nightly.  Iím definitely keeping busy, but I actually feel like summer is going by slowly.  I have only been out of school for about 2 weeks.  Also, I keep forgetting that it is only June 1st.  I keep waiting for the weather to be really nice daily.  I mean this week has been nice, but next week? Not so much.  I guess I need some patience before itís 90 degrees daily.

                Now that itís the beginning of summer, itís time to figure out the big plans of the season.  My friends and I tried to rent a beach house for a week,  but that didnít work out because we couldnít enough people who could commit this early.  My family and I are probably taking a trip in late August.  This could possibly be the last family vacation we take because my sister is 25 and Iím 21 and graduating next year.  Iím sure more things will come up, so Iíll just play it by year for the rest.

                Thatís all for now.  Try and stay busy this summer!

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