One Day of Classes Left!

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                Well, we are down to the last day of classes and finals.  Honestly, most my work is already finished.  All thatís left for me is two finals and one take home final.  Plus, I have practice finals for my two scheduled finals, so studying wonít even be that bad.  Both of those finals are actually next Tuesday and Wednesday, so I have a week off between classes and exams.  Because of all my free time, Iím actually tutoring for 30 hours this week.  Since all of my friends will most likely be studying, I figured I should be productive as well. 

                I canít believe summer vacation starts in a week and a half.  This semester went by so fast.  It seems like every semester goes by even faster than the previous one.  This summer will be a good one though.  This is probably my last summer not working full time, so I better make it count!

                 I think I mentioned it in an earlier post, but me and my friends are living in an on campus apartment next year.  We are going to try and cancel our meal plans in order to save some money.  Iíll be sure to keep you all updated about this whole process as the summer and next semester unfold.  Honestly, there just isnít too much to say about it at the moment.

                Thatís all for now!  Talk to you all soon!

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