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                So where did the 80 degree weather go?  I understand that it is still March, but still.  I want it back because I miss it already!  Luckily, it will be here soon enough.  I canít believe April is right around the corner either.  In four days, April will be here.  Spring semester always seems to go much faster than fall semester.  It is probably because all of the breaks and long weekends in the spring.  Just look at the month of April.  We have two three day weekends, plus Easter.  And we just had spring break a couple weeks ago.  The next month is going to go by fast and then finals will be here then summer!  I canít wait!

                Well, the housing situation for next year has finally arrived as well.  Honestly, my friends and I donít know exactly where we want to live yet.  Living in a double at the ICC is pretty difficult to give up.  Unfortunately, I think suite selection takes place after room retention, so we either stay where we are or risk it and try and get a suite.  Honestly, Iím perfectly ok with staying at the ICC.  Weíll see how it goes!

                Thatís all I have for you today.  Talk to you soon!


                Well, after spring break, I am back into the swing of things.  I already have two exams this week.  I guess vacation came to a very unfortunate screeching halt.  What makes it even worse is trying to study when it is almost 80 degrees outside.  Itís pretty difficult not going to lie.  Luckily, I think I can get most of my studying done during my free time while tutoring, so it wonít be too bad.  But if you all can enjoy this weather, do it!  We are going back to the 50s next week.   I still have no complaints with this winter and March.  It could definitely be much worse, and honestly it probably couldnít much better either.

                I still canít believe itís going to be April in a week and a half.  As you all know Iím a huge summer person, so just the fact that itís going to be April very soon makes me pretty happy.  Itís almost beach season, although this has been a great beach week even though itís March.  Being at the beach all last week during spring break made me miss summer so much.  It was like a tease, but luckily summer will be here shortly!

                Thatís all for now!  Enjoy the weather!

Spring Break!

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                Well, it is the end of spring break and it has been amazing.  Currently I am driving through North Carolina coming back from a vacation to Georgia.  I went with the Ultimate team for a tournament.  I really havenít played too much due to tutoring and school work, but I found out there was an empty seat so I took advantage of it.  It was a great week of staying at the beach and playing some ultimate.  I have no regrets about deciding to go.  I didnít want to leave, but it will be nice to be home.  Plus Iím coming back to 70 or 80 degree weather, so I really canít complain.

                Now that spring break is basically over, itís back to reality.  Back to tests, quizzes, and homework.  The most important thing I probably have to do this semester is applying to grad school.  I forget if I mentioned this before, but Iím going to do the 5 year program here at UML in applied mathematics.  Iím hoping the whole application isnít too difficult.  Iíll let you know how it goes!

                Thatís all for now!  Iím actually about to fall asleep so Iíll talk to you soon!


                Well, we have reached the halfway point in the semester.  So far, Iíve been doing very well with absolutely no complaints.  I have performed well academically and have been able to have a good social life as well as adding work to the equation.  Plus, Iím in a even better mood because the weather is starting to improve too!  It is going to be in the 60s on Thursday!  This is awesome.  I canít wait until summer.  Even though this winter has been great, it still isnít summer.  I still havenít been able to hang out on a beach.  Summer will be here very soon!

                Next week is spring break and like many other college students, I will be heading south.  I will be going to a ultimate tournament in Georgia.  It is located near a beach so obviously we will be hanging out there.  Weíll be down there for a week but we only play for about 4 days so there will be a lot of time to enjoy ourselves too.  I canít wait!

                Well, thatís all for now.  Iíll talk again soon!

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