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                Can you believe spring break is in less than two weeks?  I canít believe this semester is almost half over.  I think this semester is going by faster than any other.  I feel like the longer Iíve been at UML, the faster each semester goes!  Before I know it, Iíll be finished here, but letís just say Iím not ready for that yet.  Actually, I am going to apply for the plus one program here.  That way I donít have to take the GREs and it will be an easy transition into graduate school.  Plus, by getting my masterís degree in one year, I donít have to go to class nights for a couple years.  Honestly, I think going this route is much easier.  Iíll let you all know how the process goes!

                So I have been running off and on for a couple months now.  After taking a break that lasted a month, Iíve been running again.  I am hoping to stick with it this time.  The weather will hopefully be getting nicer, so maybe many ambition will remain as high as it is now.  I just feel better when I run, so maybe that will give me some incentive as well.  I also miss being in great shape as I was a year ago when I trained for the half marathon.  Weíll see how it goes!  Hopefully this lasts longer than a week or two.

                Thatís all for now!  Talk to you soon!

                Hello again!

                Sorry I didnít write last week.  Honestly, it completely slipped my mind to write.  With the project and a couple tests this week plus the long weekend last weekend I was pretty busy.  Iím free now, so here I am!  It was good to go home for a long weekend though.  It was nice to hang out and do nothing in my own home and see family. Even though I live only 20 minutes from my dorm, I really donít go home too often.   College is fun, but sometimes a weekend at home is a nice change!

The semester is going really well actually!  I love all my classes and I actually have little homework too.  (Well besides recentlyÖ)  Iím still tutoring about 17 hours a week and that is still going well too.  So there really isnít anything new in my life unfortunately.

I do love this weather though.  I really donít like winter all that much and Iím more of a summer person, so this winter is definitely my kind of winter.  I know many of you who are very disappointed in the lack of snow, but I personally could not care less!  I canít wait until spring!  I just hope the spring and summer can be as great as the winter, but we all know mother nature likes to balance things out so weíll see.

Thatís all for now!  Talk to you soon.


                Well, we are into the third week of the semester and so far its going very well.  I enjoy all of my classes and they are actually interesting.  My favorite class is probably Complex Analysis.  It is basically the calculus of complex numbers.  It may sound boring and miserable to all of you reading this, but I like it.  My least favorite is probably economics or psychology.  I donít hate the classes, but I just enjoy math so much better.  Plus, I have like 5 friends in my psychology class so overall the class wonít be too bad.

                Tutoring is still going well too.  I am tutoring about 17 hours a week all at the ICC and I have Thursdays off.  So basically, I have a pretty awesome schedule not going to lie.  Also, living at the ICC is still awesome after over a year and a half.  And this semester I am living with a friend of a couple years, so it is even better.  I probably mentioned many of this in earlier posts, but honestly I forget so sorry for any repetition. 

                Nothing out of the ordinary is happening around campus except for the surprising success of the hockey team, which I think is now in the top five if I remember correctly.  I have already been to more games this year than last year, which the reason is pretty obvious since last year they didnít play very well. 

                Thatís I have for now.  Talk to you soon!

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