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                Well the first week of classes is finally over!  So far, I thoroughly enjoy all of my classes.  I like all of my professors and I think the classes will be interesting.  Also, I donít think Iíll have too much homework either which is always a good thing.  Even though itís the first week of classes Iíve even been productive too.  I actually got a head start on homework due next week plus I got my tutoring schedule for the semester all worked out as well!  Now I can only hope to continue this effort throughout the semester.

                As you may or may not know I am a math major with a concentration in applied mathematics.  I am thinking of adding a second concentration called business applications.  I think it is just a degree in math pus economics I and II.  I already took economics I so I am currently taking economics II.  I figured it would be a good idea to do this because a background in business is never a bad thing.  The more diversified you are, the better applicant you will be when you graduate.  I donít like economics too much, but it is probably a good thing to learn.

                Well, thatís all for now.  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, letís see if I can continue posting weekly!

                Hello again!

                Well it is the last week of winter break.  Can you believe it?  I am looking forward to going back to school, but itís the whole classes thing Iím not looking forward to.  I have ordered my books off of Amazon already and I have begun receiving them so the fact that classes do start next week is unfortunately a reality.  I am looking forward to the new semester though.  I do enjoy studying new topics so letís hope for a good academic semester!

                I have even begun packing!  I do have to make a Target trip to pick up some small things like notebooks and pencils and other things.  I donít know if I mentioned it, but I am moving into a new room to live with my friend.  I am living on the same floor at the ICC as before, but just a different roommate obviously.  I am pretty sure I mentioned that the friend I was supposed to live with this year realized he couldnít only a couple days before the Fall semester so I got a random person.  He was nice, but I would just rather live with a friend of a couple years.

                I should probably start packing again.  Iíll talk to you next week!


                Well it is now over a week into the new year and I am actually writing another blog!  So I am keeping that end of my new yearís resolution, but I havenít begun running yet.  Honestly, I am using the cold weather as an excuse, but, to me anyway, I donít think it is at all.  Hopefully I will start running soon!

                Since it is winter break and itís the middle of January, there really isnít too much to update on.  Although, I am very happy we havenít seen too much snow yet.  I can handle cold pretty well, but I really hate snow.  I just hate driving in it.  Itís so annoying!  I like summer way more than winter.  Give me sitting on a beach over skiing any day!  Maybe spring will come early?

                I really donít have anything else on my mind right now so I guess Iíll end the blog here.  Hopefully I can keep up with blogging weekly!  Iíll talk to you soon!

Happy New Year!

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                Sorry for the lack of updates recently.  Between finals and the holidays I honestly just forgot to update, but I am back and I will be blogging for the upcoming semester!  I can only hope it was as good as the last!

                My holiday season went very well!  I was able to see family and friends and it was a great time.  I did nothing special for Christmas besides going to family gathering so nothing out of the ordinary, but it was still fun and I have no complaints.  Unfortunately, I worked on New Yearís Eve, so, naturally, I didnít have too much fun there.  I hope 2012 starts better than 2011 ended for me! 

                I just canít believe it is already 2012.  And with a new year comes everyoneís New Yearís resolution.  Mine is about running, like many of my posts here.  I need to get back into it because I do honestly miss it.  Plus, Iím getting out of shape so I need to start exercising, so starting to run again makes too much sense to not do it.  Now letís see if I can get this ball rolling.

                Thatís all for now!  I will try to write as often as I can in this new year.  Maybe this should be my new yearís resolutionÖ

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