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September Wrap Up!

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                So here I am listening to the Beatles in my dorm room while relaxing and having a cup of coffee.  Naturally, I figured it would be a nice time to write my weekly blog.  My classes are going well and I actually have my first in-class exam today.  And yes it is really September 28th and I just had my first in-class exam.  Itís pretty great.  Iíve had a quiz or two, but those donít count.  I am still loving all of my classes and have no complaints. 

                Iím still shocked how fast September went by considering Saturday is October 1st.  It has been a great month.  The Patriots have been playing well, except last Sunday, but Iíll save my venting for a different time.  The Red Sox season may or may not end today.  With one game left, they are tied with Tampa Bay for the wild card.  Again, Iíll save my venting for a different time.  But weíll see how tonight goes! 

                And I just looked outside and realized how nice it was.  I think I may have to go for a run later today, but weíll see if I get any ambition.  So before I leave you, I just hope you all enjoy our last precious moments before fall weather really kicks in!

Fall Has Come Again

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                It is officially fall!  Summer officially ended on the 21st, so that means, unfortunately, we are in the last stretch of good weather.  Before you know it, winter will be upon us.  But until that happens, letís enjoy the next couple months.  The two best parts of fall are football and the food. Iím a 20 year old guy so itís always about the food.  Pumpkin coffee, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and apple cider and much more.  Plus, the amazing pumpkin donuts and pumpkin muffins are back at Dunkins!  And although a ways away, we have thanksgiving to end fall and start winter.  Time to enjoy!

                Everyone seems to be in the swing of things here on campus.  Homework, quizzes and tests are being taken daily, but luckily I have no stress yet.  Letís see how long that lasts though.  I will be starting my tutoring job soon too.  I should be finishing my orientation soon and will begin to help students with calculus.  Unfortunately, I have nothing too exciting to fill you all in on.  Maybe next week will be better?

                Thatís all Iím going to say for now.  I hope the month of September was a good one!

                Hello again!

                The first couple weeks of classes have gone smoothly with no unexpected surprises.  I enjoy all of my classes and all my professors seem nice.  My schedule is actually pretty awesome too.  I am done classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday by noon and I have a five hour break on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Can real life be this good?  Iím not looking forward to working 9 to 5 every dayÖ

                I also talked to CLASS and I will be a tutor for this semester.  Iíll mostly be teaching the Calculus series, but possibly some Biology or Computing as well.  On most weeks Iíll be working about 11 hours.  I love math, so Iíll enjoy it and I donít see any problems arising in the future!

                I started running again!  For the last two weeks, I have ran 3 or 4 days a week.  Running just makes me feel better.  Since I have class at 9, I have usually been waking up at 7 and running before class even starts.  This actually helps me be more alert for class, instead of the days where I just roll out of bed and go to class.  Unlike last year, I will not be running the half-marathon in Lowell, but if I can keep this up, I may have to try and find a good long distance race in the spring, and run the Lowell half marathon or full marathon next year, but thatís a ways away.

                Thatís all I have for now.  I hope everything is going well for everybody!

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