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                Well, move in day went very well.  I Ďm all unpacked and I already feel like Iím home again.  I did meet my new roommate and he is all settled in as well.  He is really nice and we share many of the same activities too.  My friends and I already walked around downtown and ate at a local cafť.  It is like we never left!  In fact, I feel like I just moved out of the ICC about 2 weeks ago. This summer seemed to go by really fast.  I enjoyed summer greatly, but it does feel nice to be back in Lowell.   Itís going to be a good year!

                My hectic couple weeks are almost over.  Moving in was stressful, but thatís all done.  I already went on my family vacation to the cape, which was pretty fun by the way.  All thatís left is first days of classes and helping my sister move to her new apartment in Brookline. 

                I am hoping all you freshman are enjoying all the opening week activities.  Iíll leave you with this advice: attend as many events as possible and meet new people.  The friends you make this week may just become life-long friends.  You never know!  

Waiting for Irene

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                As I am writing this blog, freshmen are enjoying their first night in college.  They are all meeting new friends and enjoying a new and different lifestyle.  If it wasnít for hurricane Irene, upperclassmen would be moving tomorrow.  Unfortunately, but probably for the better, upperclassmen move in has been postponed until Monday.  The weather on Monday will be sunny and in the 70s or 80s which is much better than the heavy rain and 40 mph or higher winds tomorrow. 

                For such an exciting time it is too bad an unfortunate turn of events has occurred.  My roommate is unable to live on campus anymore for personal reasons.  He let Reslife know officially this past week, but I have heard nothing from Reslife about my situation.  I am in a double at the ICC so I will assume I will be assigned a random roommate, but I have heard nothing.  I will be moving in on Monday not knowing whether or not I even have a roommate.  It has now been a couple days since my old roommate has told Reslife and they havenít even told me my old roommate isnít living on campus anymore.  I know everything will work out for the best and I am not worried at all, but it would still be nice to know my situation before I moved in.

                Thatís all for now.  Stay safe during Irene and Iíll blog again this week updating my living situation! Talk to you soon!


                Today is my last day working for the summer!  I feel like I just started!  I even made a back to school list to go shopping.  I mentioned in an earlier blog that summer seems to go by extremely fast after July 4th.  Well, Iím pretty sure that was true this year.  I move back in 12 days? Really?  Iím ready emotionally, but am I ready packing wise?  Not at all.

                The weather the last couple days has been a downer.  I would have loved my last couple weeks of summer to be warm and sunny, but instead I get high 60s/low 70s and rain.  Has fall come early?  Knowing New England, probably not.  Iím expecting in a week or two to have 90 degree weather because in this region you have to expect the unexpected. 

                Thatís all I have for now!  Next weekís blog will be about finishing up summer and making last minute preparations for school!  And hopefully the weather on the Cape is good!  Talk to you soon!


                Can you believe it is already August 13th?  I have completely lost track of time lately.  Between finding books for school, finishing up work for the summer,  trying to figure out what I need for school, plus hanging out with friends have distracted me lately from blogging.  But Iím here now!

                I move back to Lowell two weeks from tomorrow.  Didnít I just I just finish finals?  I am looking forward to going back but I will miss summer.  Iíll definitely miss the beach and warm weather but with a new semester comes new adventures.  I am looking forward to tutoring this semester and even looking forward to my classes a little bit (What? Did I really just say that?). 

                In the next couple weeks I am taking a family trip to the Cape for a couple days, moving back to school, and helping my sister move into her new apartment.  Oh and classes and tutoring somehow have to be involved.  The next month is going to fly for me!

                Thatís all I have for now.  Hopefully Iíll talk to you soon!

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