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                Well, I hope you are all enjoying your summers!  After working 35 hour weeks for the first 4 weeks of summer, my hours have been cut down to the lower 20s.  Honestly, Iím ok with that, especially since I will probably become a paid tutor in the fall.  I made some money already, and now it is time to have some fun before summer is completely over.  The last couple of days I was at a friendís beach house.  It was definitely nice to spend some time at the beach with friends.  Unfortunately life eventually has to go back to normal.  I have to work on the two hottest days of the year.  Iím working tonight and tomorrow, but I guess Iíll take the trade-off between not working for a couple straight days with a beach vacation and working this weekend. 

                I am still amazed that it is already July 22.  I feel like the 4th was a couple days ago.  The summer is flying by.  Back to school stuff is already out at most stores.  In a couple weeks I have to start thinking about what I need for my room again.  Luckily, since it is my junior year and I am living in the exact same room as last year, I know exactly what to expect.  But more on this topic in upcoming blogs.

                Thatís all I have for now.  Go enjoy your summer!


                Well I hope you all had a good July Fourth!  I didnít do much and just had a cookout with friends but it was a good time.  Unfortunately, I have nothing too exciting planned coming up besides working.  Working definitely isnít a bad thing considering I have only 7 and a half weeks until move-in day. (Already??) 

                My mom got free tickets to the Red Sox game last night.  They won 6 to 4 so it ended well even if there was a rain delay.  The best part of the night may have been the fact that the Yankees lost and we are only a half game out of first.  With all the injuries the Sox have, the All Star break is definitely needed.  I donít know what Iíll do for the four off days, but at least the Sox will get healthy right?

                How does everyone feel about the heat? I, for one, love it.  People always say I was born in the wrong region of the U.S.  I could live in 85 or 90 degree heat for months at a time.  But with my major, applied mathematics, most of the jobs will be in the Boston area with engineering firms.  Itís too bad the in New England the heat doesnít last too long.

                Well, thatís all for now.  I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather!  Talk to you soon!

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