The New Semester Has Begun

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                Well, my first week as a math major has gone pretty smoothly.  So far it is everything I expected.  I am taking Computing I, which mostly an introduction to programming.  It is not a math course, but every math major is required to take 1 computing course.  I know very little about computers, which means I know nothing about programming.  So far it isnít too bad, but letís see how long that lasts.  Luckily, I only have one semester of it.  I still have to get some books, but besides that, I am fully adjusted to the new semester.  It was an easy transition from Biology to Mathematics so far.  Now all I need to do is officially change my majorÖ

                All of this snow needs to end now!  I donít mind snow, but this is getting ridiculous.  Morning classes were canceled today, which unfortunately had no effect on me because I only have 1 class on Thursdays and it is at 2.  But I shouldnít complain with that schedule!  But back to the snow.  I am sick of it.  I am kind of missing spring and summer right about now.  Only a couple of more weeks until good weather is back though!  Well, I might be trying to think optimistically, but hopefully it will be soon!

                Thatís all I have to say for now.  Iím going to try and write more often this semester than last.  Especially since I have no labs and I have much more free time.  Talk to you soon!

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