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                Itís amazing that in less than 3 weeks, Iíll be home for Christmas!  But that just means one thing: Finals Week.  Luckily, Iím not too stressed.  After today I actually only have two more classes for the semester.  And I only have 1 paper and 2 finals.  It actually isnít too bad this semester.  I have a week before my paper is due and my first final is next Friday night, so I actually have some free time.  (Which honestly shouldnít happen this time of year, but I definitely wonít complain)  The countdown to Christmas/vacation has begun!

                Now that Iím switching from Biology to Math, I have no more labs.  I finished my last lab report ever, and Iím attending my lab period of my life.  I kind of have mixed feelings.  I definitely want to be a math major, but I may miss labs.  I definitely wonít miss all the work, but labs are a love/hate relationship.  But most likely, I wonít miss labs at all, but it is always sad to see something end.

                Well, thatís all I have to say for now.  Talk to you all soon!


                Only 1 week of classes left of the semester!  I canít believe it.  I feel like I just moved in a couple weeks ago.  Now, Iím getting ready for finals and Iíll soon be packing for winter break.  I already called about my job and Iím already being scheduled for hours.  Winter break is a great time to work, see family and friends, and relaxing.  Only a couple more weeks!

                Intramural indoor soccer is over.  We lost in the second round of the playoffs, but it was still fun to play soccer again.  And Iím thinking of rejoining the Frisbee team in the spring.  I realized that I missed playing this semester and I want to get back into it.  Iíll let you know what I do!

                Sorry for the short post, but itís been really busy lately considering itís the end of the semester.  Plus there isnít much new around campus because it is getting close to finals, which means homework levels increase greatly.  I promise Iíll write again soon though!

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