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                Sorry itís been so long between blogs.  I had two tests this week so I wanted to put all of my effort into them.  The school year has been going great so far!  I am having fun, as well as keeping up with my homework.  There is more work than last year, but I am getting into a routine and it is working quite nicely.  Living at the ICC has been great too.  I am already used to the shuttle system and it isnít a problem so donít let anyone say otherwise.  I usually only wait 10 minutes for a shuttle.  Once in awhile you may have to wait 20 minutes or more, but thatís only in the late afternoon when the traffic is atrocious in Lowell so it isnít anyoneís fault.  I canít believe it has already the last week of September.  Before you know it I will be talking about midterms and Thanksgiving!

                I really do not have much going on right now.  My friends and I will probably just go to the mall or walk around Lowell today.  And this is why I love UML.  Everything is so close.  It has a great location.  A quick drive to Nashua to the mall, or walk through Lowell and you could probably find everything you need. 

                Until next time!


                Another school year has begun and the stress has started as well.  Professors passing out syllabi and you witness the workload.  Multiply that by 4 classes plus 2 labs and stress will kick in quickly.  Usually, the workload is never as bad as it seems.  So far, it isnít too bad.  The stress of a new semester had me doubting whether to continue my minor in Math, but I decided to keep going.  I know Iíll appreciate it when I have completed the requirements! (HopefullyÖ)

                I mentioned it previously, but I absolutely love living at the ICC.  My friends and I have probably already just walked around downtown at least 3 or 4 times within the last 2 weeks.  We love trying new restaurants, going into different shops, and much more.  Today we tried a new cafť and it was actually really cool.  I advise any new student at UML to just take a walk with some friends through downtown.  It really is fun!

                On a different note, I gave blood for the first time yesterday.  Luckily, I wasnít nervous.  I had the afternoon off from classes so I figured I would do it.  It was a good experience and it feels great to help out others.  Plus, I donít know my blood type so it will be interesting to see what it is too!

                Thatís all I have for now.  Talk to you all soon!

Classes Have Begun!

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                Well, the first two days of classes are officially over.  I have had all of my lectures at least once.  The classes seem difficult (I mean who honestly thinks organic chemistry is easy), but at least they seem interesting.  I also like all of my professors, which is always a good thing! I just have to see how labs go once they start!  It is looking like a good academic year so far!

                Living at the ICC is suck a different experience, but it is awesome, especially the AC this week!  To all those living in dorms without AC II definitely feel for you.  My friends and I love everything about it, whether it is the bigger beds, living in downtown Lowell, having our own bathrooms, etc.  The only downside I can think of is trying to catch shuttles.  But honestly, it is not that big of a problem.  It is already becoming routine so I am already getting used to it.  Once it becomes routine, I wonít think anything of it.

                I hope everyoneís school year is off to a great start.  Thatís all I have to say for now, but I promise to write again soon!

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