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                Iím sorry I havenít written a post in awhile.  School has been crazy!  Every week is filled with exams, quizzes, papers, lab reports, and that doesnít include having some sort of social life. 

                This weather is awesome!  I would say sunny and mid 60s in late April would be a win.  I can only hope that it stays around for awhile.  (Please? It would be great if mother nature could cooperateÖ)  Unfortunately I heard it will rain over the weekend, but hopefully this great weather returns next week!

                April is flying by!  I canít believe it is April 22.  I have less than 3 weeks of classes left and then my freshman year is over!  I canít believe it!  I feel like I just moved in last week.  I canít believed I moved into Lowell almost 8 months ago!  Although school has been a blast, summer will be just as fun!

                In an earlier post, I mentioned me and my friends applied for a Your Space Group.  This group would guarantee us rooms at the coveted ICC in downtown Lowell.  At the ICC, we have larger rooms, larger beds, plus our own bathroom.  We had an interview yesterday and it went very well.  It sounded like we got one of the open slots! (They are accepting between 5-7 groups for the year)

                Well, thatís all for now.  I hope you are all having a great spring!  Iíll update you all on the Your Space Group and Spring Carnival next week!  Talk to you soon!

                Happy Easter Weekend!

                I canít believe it is finally Easter.  This semester is going by wicked fast.  In 6 or 7 weeks, my freshman year is done!  I feel like I just moved in last August.  This year has been a blast, but I canít wait for summer.  Who doesnít love the beach and warm weather?  I will miss my friends, but Iím sure weíll meet up throughout the summer.

                Housing selection is upon us here at UML.  My friends and I are applying for a Your Space Group.  A Your Space Group is a learning community for upper classmen.  It is for a group of friends who share a common interest.  You need 6 to 12 students to have one.  If we do get accepted as a group, then we get guaranteed housing at the ICC (Inn and Conference Center) and we will all room next to each other.  It is just about as good as having a suite.  Iíll keep you all updated on how this process goes!

                For all you current seniors reading my blogs I hope you arenít getting too stressed out with all of the college decision letters you are receiving.  If you have any questions about UMass Lowell donít be afraid to ask in the comments section! 

                I hope you all have a great Easter and I hope you all enjoy this awesome weather after that monsoon we had last week.  Talk to you soon!

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