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                I thought I needed a break from studying so I decided to give you all a quick update.  As of right now, only 3 finals stand in the way between me and winter break!  I canít wait!  Luckily Iím not stressed out.

                I called my work today and I will be able to start working again next week.  I think working is definitely a must during winter break.  You are so busy in college that when you go home, you get bored really fast.  I realized that during Thanksgiving break and it was only 4 days!  But that doesnít mean that Iím not looking forward to a 5 week vacation. 

                Besides studying for finals, there really isnít anything too interesting happening on campus.  Iím sorry for the real quick update.  Iíll make up for it next week when finals are done and then Christmas will only be days away!  Hope you are all are having a fun and safe holiday season so far!


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                It finally snowed!  Now it finally feels like the Christmas season!

                Anyway, this has been a pretty busy week or two.  I did end up going to UNH to see some high school friends which was awesome.  I also went to the UML vs. UNH hockey game on Friday night at UNH too, but Lowell lost.  That is what I love about Lowell.  I can go see some friends at almost any local college.  Itís great!  And here at UML, the semester is winding down which means one thing: exams, assignments, and then finals.  Iím not stressed out so Iím feeling pretty good though!

                But back to what everyone cares about: snow.  I actually love snow.  So far, I donít even mind walking to class in the snow.  Although this afternoon trying to jump over puddles 6 inches deep was an adventure.  Now, it finally feels like winter and the holiday season.  Speaking of holiday season, winter break is coming really fast.  I go home in about 12 days.  My first semester of college is almost over!  I canít believe it!

                I hope you are all enjoying the snow like all of us here at UML. (Although a snow day would have been awesomeÖ)  And donít forget, less than 16 more days for Christmas shopping!  Wow, I guess I should get started on the whole shopping thingÖ

                The semester is winding down.  Teachers are talking about finals.  Every teacher is giving assignments.  And Christmas is coming. (Only about 3 weeks of shopping left!)  Letís just say itís going to be a very busy next couple weeks.

                I think I am going up to UNH this weekend to see some friends from high school and it is a good way to escape from the workload since it is the end of the semester and before finals.  Plus, UML is playing at UNH in hockey, so I am going to try and see the game.  And hopefully Iíll be able to have bragging rights for the rest of the night. 

                If you want to get involved then I highly suggest intramurals.  They are really fun.  We just got a bunch of us together and started an indoor soccer team.  Half of the team never played soccer before, but it was still fun.  We did somehow win a playoff game though!  And it was great to play soccer.  I love soccer but I havenít played for two years!

                I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season so far!  Talk to you all soon!

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