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Thanksgiving Break

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                Well Thanksgiving was awesome! It was great to see family and friends again, but I am looking forward to going back to school tomorrow.  Being at home is fun, but being at college is fun too.  There is only two weeks of classes left until Christmas/winter break!  This semester went by really fast.  My freshman year is already almost halfway done!  This break came at a perfect time.  It was great to catch up on some sleep too.  Now Iím all rested up for the next three weeks!

                Sorry for the short update but Iíll talk to you soon!

                Only 9 days left until Thanksgiving!  I am so excited for Thanksgiving! I am so ready to eat and watch football all day and not worry about classes or homework.  Donít get me wrong, college is amazing, but going home for 4 days and seeing high school friends again will be fun too. (And did I mention the no homework thing?)  Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday.  How can you not love a holiday that is revolved around eating?  Unfortunately, we do have classes the day before Thanksgiving, but luckily Iím out early enough to go to my Alumni Cross Country Race at my high school.  It is a good time and a way to see all my cross country friends again.  I am so ready for Thanksgiving weekend!

                Also, I registered for classes for next semester.  The best part is that I have no 8 AM classes and no more labs on Friday afternoons!  And Iím done before noon on Fridays! Iím so glad registering for classes is all done and now I can stop thinking about it.  Registering for classes is really easy.  All you have to do is type in the class number on ISIS, intercampus student information system, for the class you want to take.  Thatís it.  And all the upperclassmen are there for you if you have questions about ISIS and classes, etc.  Everything can be confusing the first time you do it, so luckily my first time registering for classes here went by smoothly!

                Well, thatís all I got to say for now!  And if I do not write again before Thanksgiving, I want to wish you all a happy and safe holiday!

                Hello again!

                This week is going to be awesome!   It is almost 70 degrees out and I have almost no homework! Plus there are no classes tomorrow!  It feels just like spring though.  Everyone is outside walking around, playing catch, or if you are like me, running or throwing a Frisbee around.  I just wish this weather would last!  This weather makes me wonder why I didnít go to school in the south, but then I realize I could never leave New England.

                The hockey team had a good weekend.  They tied Vermont on Friday and beat UNH on Sunday.  According to some rankings, they are in the top five in the country!  Unfortunately, there are no home games this weekend, but they are having a great season so far!

                This semester is going by really fast!  If I counted correctly, I have less than 5 weeks of classes until finals.  But that just means one thing: the holidays are coming!  Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday.  How can you resist turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, potatoes, and more?  Plus, having four days with no classes is good too.  Only 2 more weeks! 

                Well this blog included a little bit of everything.  Iíll write again soon!


            Iím sorry this entry wonít be too long.  This week has been pretty busy.  I had a Biology Lab report due on Monday, a Chemistry test today, an English paper due tomorrow, and a Calculus test on Monday.  Surprisingly, Iím not too stressed out about it.  I understand that it is a lot of work, but I know I can handle it.  I am really excited for Veterans Day next Wednesday because that just means I have no classes on Wednesday and no labs all week!  Iím going to have so much free time and it will feel so good to be done with all this work!

            Sorry this is so short, but I need to get back to writing this paper.  I promise Iíll make it up to you all soon!

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